Jobless – Chapter 51

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Electives① The Three Selections

“The next lesson would be electives, but have you make your decision on what to take?”


Immediately after the Pharmaceutics lesson, Eri asked me such a question.

Even if you ask me what electives to take,


“Sorry. What electives?”


I returned the question with a question.

And then, Raphie appeared in front of us with a ~Pyoko~,


“Allow Raphie to explain for Mars-san’s sake! Electives are lessons that are selected!”


She gave the literal meaning of the words.(TL: The original word is Selection lessons rather than Electives, so Raphie was saying it like Selection lessons are lessons that are selected… So.. you know…)

But Raphie, I can understand that if it’s that much.

What I wanted to know is,


“Blacksmithing and Alchemy. From these two lessons, you can choose to receive lessons on one of them. Both Blacksmithing and Alchemy lessons do equipment manufacturing. Though the difference is whether we are using tools or magic to make them.”


An definite explanation like what Eri has made just now.


“No matter what I choose, it’s a lesson on manufacturing, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Elisha-saーーI meant, Elisa-san. You forgot one more choice”


As if to prick at Eri’s explanation, Raphie interrupted.

One more?


“Yep. The choice of not choosing any of them.”


In other words, skip lessons?

I wonder if Raphie is one of those that skip school. (TL: Here the actual translated words were Skipping School Demon, but it sounds atrociously weird so I change to a more normal sounding sentence.)


“Yep. As said by Raphie-san, there is also the choice of not choosing.”



Elisa agreed to an unexpected thing.


“The instructor’s policy for Blacksmithing is that people that can’t pour their souls into the equipment should not choose them, while for Alchemy, those that can’t treat their equipment as disposables should not choose them. That’s how it’s been decided.”


I see.

That’s why people who doesn’t choose either exists.


“Both lessons have opposite policies, don’t they?”

“But, I kinda understand the meaning of those words.”



In Blacksmithing, just the production of one equipment would require long period of processing.

That is not something you can do half-heartedly.

That’s to the extent of saying that the job requires one to pour in their souls.

In Alchemy, equipment are formed by putting in magic power in the materials.

If you get used to it, the time taken to form them are negligible.

But if the magic power contained in the materials wears off, the materials will return to its normal self.

Certainly, it’s not for someone who has attachment to their equipment.


“By the way, in the case of not choosing anything, it will be self-training.”

“Self-training? Is it fine to just what you want to?”

“Yep. You can return to the dormitory and rest your body, and it’s also fine to go to the Battle Drill Room for basic training――”


Interrupting, Raphie suddenly stuck herself to me closely.


“It’s also fine to go on a date with Raphie, you know!”


She said that while showing her upturned eyes. (TL: This upturned eyes things is starting to take a toll on me.)


“Ra, Raphie-san! Dating is not training, right?”

“That’s not true. It’s a splendid training curriculum. Didn’t you know that it’s mental training when man and woman date?”

“Eh, is that true?”


Eri, don’t get deceived by that.

No matter what you think about it, it’s Raphie’s lie.


“While putting the date aside, what did both of you chose?”


If it goes on like that, Eri seems like she is going to believe Raphie’s lie, so I interrupted the conversation.


“I chose Blacksmithing. I don’t intend to master Blacksmithing but I can calm myself when I hit the metal. Though I wouldn’t say disciplining my spirit. ”


As it’s Eri who aims to be a knight, she might be particular about swords too.

I did think she didn’t choose Blacksmithing casually.


“Raphie chose self-training, right?”

“Actually, Raphie also chose Blacksmithing.”


An unexpected answer was returned.

You are telling me Raphie who looks totally uninterested in equipment chose blacksmithing?

Just that with that, it was quite shocking.


“I am making cute accessories. Raphie is quite particular when it comes to accessories.”


If it’s like that, I can understand.

Even from her atmosphere, she has the feeling of someone who likes cute stuff.

As when it comes to Blacksmithing, I can relate only to weapons and armor, but as long as it’s something that can be attached to the body, you can make it, I guess.

Since both of them chose blacksmithing, I guess I should choose Blacksmithing as well?

But I am not so particular about equipment that I will pour in spirit into it.

Nor do I have any merit for choosing Alchemy.

I have already learnt Alchemy after all.

In the case of not choosing, it will be self-training……


“Even if you choose any of the two, you can also take a break and switch it to self-training once in a while. I believe you can choose according to your preferences for this lesson.”


Likely seeing that I was troubled with my thoughts, Eri gave such an advice.


“Anyway, the instructor-in-charge for Blacksmithing is the Dwarf, Instructor Dodruka Drun and the instructor-in-charge for Alchemy is the Dark Elf, Instructor Listhy Lilifur.”


Raphie said that.

As I have never taken lessons from either, I am kind of interested in what kind of lessons they would have.



“I will got with self-training.”

“I see. I got it.”


Eri accepted my decision while,


“Eh…. then Raphie too…. ah but, I am still in the middle of making the brooch….. Mars-san, just because Raphie isn’t around, she must not go fooling around, okay!” (TL: Something girls that say this makes me want to reply “Don’t worry. I would do it in front of you if I have to.”.)


While being troubled, it seems that Raphie also decided to go for the Blacksmithing lessons.

As soon as I saw both of them off the classroom,




Sail called out to me.


“What’s up?”

“Did you decided to do self-training?”

“Ah. Sail too?”

“Yeah. So…. hey, if it’s fine with you, would you join me with my training in the Battle Drill room?”

“Do you want to train together?” was what Sail seems to be inviting me to.


It’s the rare invitation after all.


“Why not. But, are we able to use the Battle Drill room at this time?”

“During electives, those who chose self-training are also high in numbers. That’s why the Battle Drill room is opened with Instructor Lania attached.”


Even though it’s self-training, you are telling me that there is an instructor.

And plus, it’s Lania.

If she called out to me, I should take note not to call her without honorifics.

For now, let’s move before the chime rings, shall we?

Though there is also the fact that I was listening to the explanations of the lessons, I was taking way too much time in the classroom.

It should be about time for the lesson to start too.


“That’s true.”


Leaving the classroom, Sail and I head towards the Battle Drill room.

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