Jobless – Chapter 50

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Lesson on Pharmaceutics


As it’s confirmed that we are late, Raphie and I entered the classroom stealthily.

Though I should say it’s natural, the hobbit instructor in-charge of the lesson just smiled wryly without pursuing further, and continued the lesson as it is.


“Did something happen since you are late?”


Immediately after taking my seat, Eri asked that,


“I was saved by the Messiah hamster when I was close to death.”


When I conveyed the truth as it is,


“Did you see such a dream?”


It was thought as something that happen in the dream.

Well, normally a hamster wouldn’t save a person so Eri’s reaction is natural I guess.


“Anyway Eri, what’s the current lesson?”


I changed the subject.


“It’s Pharmaceutics now. The in-charge is Instructor Sumina Krot”


Before I asked, She also tell me the name of the instructor.

I guess she anticipated that I didn’t know.

Taking out the pharmaceutics book, I put my sights on the Instructor Sumina.

She looks like a gently female hobbit instructor.

Having drooping eyes, her appearance gives the impression of gentleness.

Having short uniformed light brownish hair, though she doesn’t look like a young boy, I could mysteriously feel the tolerance of an female adult.

(Her tolerance is the exact opposite on how she looks…….)

Even if hobbits grow up, they are a small stature race that can only reach the size of a human child.

Having longer span than humans, their appearance also change mildly even when they age.


As they are skillful with their hands, they are really good at disabling trap but due to their small stature, their weakness is their weak strength.

To compensate that, they are good at scuffling due to their lightweight to move fast and also having various other strong points that can supplement to their weakness.

That is the trait of the race, Hobbit.


“Please do memorise the production process of the High Potion.”



I totally didn’t listen to the lesson.

(Okay, in regards to the production of High Potion…..)

Verifying from the content page, I flipped to that page.

It seems that the pharmaceutics book records the compounding of the medicine.

#High Potion#

– Medicinal Grass x5
– Essence of Life Herb
– Glass Bottle
– Water
Compounding Process
Put in the Medicinal Grass into the glass bottle

Put water into the glass bottle, and wait for the seething medicinal grass to dissolve

Mixed in the Essence of Life Herb

Wait for it to cool down.


This is the basics workflow written on the pharmaceutics book.

Time required from seething to mixing in the essences of the herb seems to also depends on the atmospheric temperature and humidity of the day, and it’s extremely difficult to ascertain those.

Without letting the heat cool down rapidly, the success of compounding is easier to acquire if one wait for the normal room temperature to slowly cool it down.

That’s what was written.

Even with the knowledge, it doesn’t seem easy to process it.


“In the lesson tomorrow, let’s compound the Higher Potion in practice.”


Sumina said that.

As I have never compounded anything before, it will be my first tomorrow.

It’s more convenient to buy the different medicines compared to compounding them.

Even if we have gathered all the materials, compounding would not necessarily be successful.

As the materials used in the failed compounding would be a minus, it’s more efficient to buy completed medicines, if you think of the risk.

Though it’s expensive so it’s difficult to buy too much, its effects are immediate and you just have to drink it, so its merit is to be able to use easier in the midst of battle.

As health and magic power, and even statuses, can be recovered, it is a must for adventurers going into the dungeon, and if one can make it themselves, the merit is big.

If you can compound it yourself, even against the guild or general shops, you can easily do business as well.

Though I heard that the guild only have herbalists in name, if there are lessons like this in this institute, there might be some adventurers that improve themselves in the skills of a herbalist, might be thinking of entering the guild.

As evidence, a portion of the students are seriously straining their ears to Sumina’s words.

Though it could also be that Sumina’s lesson was simply interesting.

After all, Sumina aren’t writing from the books, but talking about her knowledge from her experiences unregretfully.

For example, the method to differentiate between herbs and poisons.

Mixing in materials that will raise the effects of the potion during compounding.

Which regions’ forest allow you acquire certain medicinal grasses or herbs.

All are information that are beneficial for us.

Though I ended up falling asleep during the plain Magical Science, Sumina’s lesson is truly interesting as I have no prior knowledge to Pharmaceutics.


“As you pulled out a medicinal grass that you have not seen before, there are times when it turned out to be a Mandrake. You guys know it, right? A Mandrake?”


At times, she might softened the class by using her failure episode unrelated to the lesson,


“Those that screams when you pull them out?“

“Yes. I almost died that time but I was saved by the elf adventurer who were together that time and cast Silent. Everyone should not go around pulling out grasses at random, you got it.”


She deepened the exchange with the students like this.

And by the time I realized, the bell rang and,


“Now then, please do revise what was done today. It might appear in your exams, okay?”


From start to end, the lesson proceeded calmly, and it came to an end just like that.

Sumina Krot is a very charming instructor and good talker.

That’s the kind of impression that is engraved in me.

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