Jobless – Chapter 49

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Meeting with Cosette




Raphie raised a confused voice.

What, the murderous ginseng sandwich disappeared from Raphie’s hand.

I looked in the direction at something that went to the side.


“….a mouse?”


The mouse-like creature is stuffing its mouth with the dangerous sandwich on the lawn.

Plus, it’s eating it deliciously.


“He, hey! That was made for Mars-san, you know!”


Though Raphie was furious at the mouse, I am really relief from the bottom of my heart.

Because of it, I could live longer.

This mouse is without doubt the Messiah. (TL: For someone who wipe off 10 goblin at one go….)


“Uh,Uhmm… Excuse me!.”


From the back came a voice of a girl.

Raphie and I faced the direction of the voice and,


“A, Uhm.. I am sorry. That creature, is my pet so…..”


It was an elf girl that came running over, while apologizing.

Smaller than the small stature Raphie, she seems to be rather timid, and was cowering. (TL: Loli No. 2…..)


“P, Pet? Not a familiar?”


Raphie asked the girl.

That voice was more of bewilderment over anger.


“Ye, yes”

“…though there isn’t a rule to raise a pet…. I didn’t expect that there would be someone that raised a mouse.”

“It, it’s not a mouse! It’s a hamster!”


A surprisingly clear manner of speaking.

As if the small creature just now that was cowering was a lie.


“It’s almost the same, isn’t it? Or rather, your pet ate Raphie’s personal food, you know! How do you plan to take responsibility?”


It seems like the anger of having the ginseng sandwich eaten had not subside.


“Th, that, I am really sorry.”


The girl lowered her head.

At that instance, her green twin-tail was swinging, ~Fura fura~.


“Look, come and apologize properly, Pur.”


As the girl said, the hamster called Pur also lowered its head.

Does it understand human’s words.

Perhaps, it is quite smart.

Having a person and a creature lowered their heads, I can see that Raphie’s anger is subsiding.


“Let me ask of you too, Raphie. Would you forgive them?”


Raphie’s anger is natural.

After all, the food she made with utmost effort was taken away.

But, because of that, it’s also the truth that my life was saved.

This is most likely the time for me to return the favor to this hamster.


“Muu…. Since Mars-san says that, it can’t be helped. Listen well, be thankful to the lenient Raphie and the great Mars-san.”


Even though it’s not like the words are truly transmitted, the hamster gave what seems to be a salute smartly.

Hey Hamster, it’s not like I am great, you got that.


“You as well, if you plan to raise a pet, you have to make sure to discipline it well.”


Towards Raphie’s admonishment-like statement, the elf girl obediently nodded.


“I am really sorry. Usually, it does not take the food from people. For some reason, it ran off with great vigor today, and I did not have the time to stop it.”


A modest girl.

I could see she is really reflecting herself from Raphie’s words.


“It’s fine if you understand.”


Seeing her state, I think Raphie’s anger has not completely subsided.


“Perhaps Raphie’s sandwich looks delicious to the extent of being dangerous.”


To my words, the hamster looks as if it’s nodding in reply.


“Is that true?”


This time, it’s Raphie who is asking and the hamster seems to be nodding its head.

Furthermore, bowing its head, it seems to be expressing its thanks.


“Pur, was it so delicious?”


When the elf girl squatted down, the hamster jump onto her side, and as if whispering to her ear, it squeaked.


“So much!?”


The girl admiringly said,


“It said that even if every bliss of the world gather, it is no match for that sandwich.” (TL:……)


She translated the words of the hamster.


“Fumu. It seems to be a hamster that knows flavour.”


Raphie who finds it natural to be praised.

That cooking actually has its taste, recognized by even a hamster.


“However, that was made with a special sauce that only Raphie’s family passed down for generations. Normally, that can only be eaten by the partner of Raphie. Since that has been eaten, you should truly reflect and appreciate it.”


I didn’t know that that was such a special cooking

Could it be that the rabbitfolk used that cooking to threaten and force a marriage? No, I must be thinking too much.

Even for Raphie, such a rudeーー


“After becoming a partner, you can’t eat it for some reason, so Mars-san should enjoy it while you still can.” (TL: Why does it feel like Mars fainted not due to the taste of the food, but his instinct making the food mentally disgusting, like trying to eat something when you are atrociously nervous.)


The angelic smile now seems to be one of a devil.


“I didn’t know it was so precious. I wonder if I am able to compensate it?”


Towards the elf girl who is truly worried,


“No, since you seem to have reflected plentiful, it’s fine.”


Showing a gently smile,


“I have not introduced myself, haven’t I? Raphie is Raphie Rabi. I am in the second year course.”


Raphie named herself.


“This person here is Raphie’s partner ――”

“Though not her partner, I am in the second year course, Mars Ruina.”


I introduced myself, interrupting Raphie’s words.

And then, the girl nervously started talking in confusion,


“A, ah…I didn’t know you were upper-classmen, I am really sorry for my impoliteness. U, uhmm, Cosette Sarua of the first year course. In regards to the matter just now, I am really sorry.”


Seems like she’s our underclassmen.

Because of that, she seems to be acting quite formal.


“You are Cosette-san. Not just the institute, as we might meet in the dormitory as well, at that time, do treat me favorably.” (TL: I wanted to translate “please” in this statement, but from an upperclassmen POV, I thought it might not be appropriate so I took it out.)

“Y, Yes! Thank you very much. Raphie-senpai, please do take care of me.” (TL: I will use upperclassmen for the noun itself, but use ‘senpai’ when referring to the person.)


Fawning, Cosette lowered her head multiple times.

During that period, her twin tail swung in tufts.

Though meek looking, she seems like a really polite and serious child.

But, if that’s the case, a question remained.


“Hey, Cosette. Can I ask something?”

“…..yes. What is it?”


With a dubious expression, Cosette looked at me.

Perhaps she didn’t notice.


“Is it fine not going for lessons?”



~Pokan~ Cosette opened her small mouth.


“Well, the bell has already rang, so the afternoon lesson has started.”

“Eh? N, no way? But senpais also..”

“We are prepared to be late to get lovey dovey.”


No, we are not getting lovey dovey.

At the very least, Raphie was nursing me who lost my consciousness.

That’s the extent of my recognition.


“E, th, then――”

“If you plan to take your lesson, it’s better if you quickly returned. Though you are definitely late.”

“Wa, wawawawawa――”


Cosette ran away from the courtyard in a rush.

Before going off, she bowed towards us. What manners.


“I guess we shall go as well.”

“Ehh~… Why don’t we have a talk with just the two of us?”


Behaving like a spoiled child, she said that while showing upturned eyes.


“At least take the afternoon lessons. If you couldn’t acquire the grades, we can no longer be together, you know. Are you fine with that? I still wish to be with Raphie though.”


I conveyed what I truly thought.


“…..S, seriously, Mars-san really….”


And then for some reason, Raphie loosen her mouth,


“Then, I can’t skip out, can I?”


A tender smile floated on her face.

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