Jobless – Chapter 48

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Raphie’s Specially Made Bento②

I can feel a soft fluffy sensation on my head.

It is warm and feel really comfortable.

It was a comfort that you wish to leave your body to forever.

It feels like the hazy conscious is being pulled and sucked away.

What was I doing just now?

I thought of that casually.

If I opened my eyes, I would be able to find out, but my instinct is rejecting it.

I should just leave my body to this warmth as it is.

That’s what my instinct is appealing for.

But――Kan, Kan.

I could hear the ring of the bell.

I feel as if that was telling me to open my eyes.


“Ah, I guess the break time has ended.”


I could hear such a voice.


“Though it is regretful, I guess not waking him up would be bad as expected.”


Swaying, my body was shaken.

It was a gentle action.


“Mars-san, please wake up.”


Along that voice, my head was stroked this time round and,




My conscious started to return gradually, and slowly, I opened my eyes.

And then, there was――


“Are you awake?”


Before my eyes was Raphie.

Looking at me, she is making a smile.




I turn my head to the left to verify the surroundings.

I could see the maintained flowerbed and lawn.

After verifying that, I face the front again.


“How’s the sleeping sensation of Raphie’s lap pillow?”


Being asked that, I finally realized.

The soft sensation on the head, and the hard sensation on the back.

It seems like I was sleeping.

Taking Raphie’s lap as a substitute for a pillow.


“To the point I would like to ask again.”

“If it’s Mars-san, I would lend to you anytime.”


Actually, it’s really comfortable.

But, why was I sleeping here?

I should be moving towards the courtyard with Raphie――!?


“R, raphie!! What happened to that?”


Recalling, I jumped up to my feet.

Having eaten that murderous sandwich, due to the excessive gruesomeness….no, I guess I should described as vividness?

The clash of the mysterious taste robbed me of my consciousness.

It totally turned into a situation of suffering from a loss.


“That, as in Raphie’s specially made ginseng sandwich?”



That is something that should not be left in this world.

If handled improperly, this institute――, no, the citizens of this continent will be murdered.

Opposite to my anxiety,


“So, sorry. As I was hungry, I have pretty much finished it.”



I doubted my ears.

Right now, I perhaps might have shown a stupid expression.


“Though I am really happy that Mars-san took a liking to it, that was Raphie’s favourite food.. So it’s definitely not like Raphie is a glutton, you got it?”


I wonder if it’s shyness.

Raphie is fidgeting her laps.

But, I am not shocked about that.

Are you telling me you ate that?

Are you telling me to this small stature rabbitfolk girl took in all that dreadful product into her body?

Or is that cooking a poison that take effect only against humans?

That’s why the rabbitfolk, Raphie, can eat it safely.

Is that the case?

That should be it.

It can’t be wrong!

It’s weird if it’s not!!


“By the way, as I wish to let Mars-san eat it when you wake up, I left a piece behind.”




“I wanted Mars-san to have the last piece.”


Wait just a minute.

If I let another piece of that into my body, I would not wake up for the second time.

That’s the premonition I have.

Picking up the bento box left on the side of the chair with her hands, Raphie removed the lid.


“Wait, Raphie!”


I stopped Raphie in a panic.

I can’t let that be unsealed.


“What’s wrong?”


Raphie looked in wonder, tilting her head to the side.

I have to somehow overcome this crisis no matter what.


“I am really grateful with Raphie’s feelings, but isn’t the next lesson starting already?”

“Ah. Now that you say it, that’s true.”

“Then, let’s return quickly.”


I stood up from the chair.


“I got it.”


Raphie assented.

Seems like she agreed to it.

But I wonder why.

She left the bento box unsealed.


“But before we return, Mars-san ~Aaahhh~”


With Raphie’s eyes sparkling, she looked at me with eyes of great anticipation.




It appears that running away is not permitted.

I….can only resign myself to fate.

It’s something Raphie made for my sake.

In that case, it’s natural for me to clean it up.

Confirming my resolve, I opened my mouth.

Gradually, gradually, the food muddled with sauce approached my mouth and in the instant it entered the insides of my mouth――

~Shuu~――Something transversed really quickly right in front of my eyes.

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