Jobless – Chapter 47

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Raphie’s Specially Made Bento


With the lesson for Magic Theory ended, the lessons in the morning have all concluded.

Though I can’t help but feel sleepy throughout the classroom lectures, Eri would always pinch my sides whenever I am about to fall asleep.

For a intense fight with the sleep monster, the sensation was a light exhausted feeling.


“Mars, if it’s fine with you, how about going to the canteen together?”


Though Eri invited me for lunch,


“I am to eat with Raphie at the courtyard today.”


Though I said that, the person in question Raphie have not arrived at the classroom yet.


“E…..I, I see…… with Raphie-san.”


As I said that, Eri floated a bewildered expression.

Now I think of it, we didn’t ate lunch yesterday as well, did we?

If that’s the case,


“If it’s okay, would Eri want to join us?”

“But, doesn’t Raphie-san wants to eat with Mars with just the two of you?”


Though I tried inviting, she was being tactful.

It seems like she is being reserved for Raphie.


“I don’t think Raphie would be reluctant though?”

“Even then, I believe her real intention is to eat with just the two of you.”


Saying as if she has full confidence in it,


“As I will go to the canteen to eat, Mars should just go and eat with Raphie-san alone.”

“I really don’t mind though….”

“You made a promise right?”

“…..a promise, you say.”


It’s definitely the case.

Even though everything was planned one-sidedly, I did not disagree to it.

As Raphie went to the extend of being absent from lessons to make me a delicious bento, I should respond to those feelings of hers.


“That’s true.”


I assented to Eri’s words.


“Then, I will be going to the canteen.”

“Ah. Let’s meet again during the afternoon’s lessons.”


Waving her hands to answer those words, Eri left the classroom.

(Now then, what should I do until Raphie comes….)

The classroom during the break is unexpectedly quiet.

As most of the students are advancing to the canteen, I guess it should be natural.

The rays of the sunlight from the window feels really good, warming up the body.

It is seducing me, who wanted to fall asleep during the lesson of Magic Theory, to sleep.

I might just fall asleep just this.

As I thought of that.


“M, Mars-san. Sorry for the wait!”


As if jumping in with the whole body, Raphie entered the classroom in excitement.

She was breathing profusely.

She likely had come in a hurry.


“Are you alright?”

“Ye, Yes. Though it’s good that I am eager to let you eat the best bento, I ended up forgetting the time.”


Raphie smiled bitterly, while being embarrassed.

I am honestly happy that Raphie is working hard for my sake.


“Thank you, Raphie.”

“Mars-san, please say that after eating Raphie’s specially made bento.”


Raphie served up the bento held in both her hands.

For some reason, the bento wrapped in yellow cloth looks divine.

It’s as if a halo is shining on it.

Even though I have not seen the contents, my instinct is murmuring to me.

That this bento――is not simple.

The evidence is from Raphie herself, her expression that is filled with confidence.

Her behavior is showing as if this bento is the supreme masterpiece.


“Come, Mars-san. Let’s got to the courtyard!Lovers should harmonize their relations eating at the courtyard. It’s always that way after all.”


Raphie pulled me by the hand, and moved towards the courtyard.



There are a few wooden chairs placed, around the courtyard.

Though not much, there are students who have their meal there as well.

As Raphie said, there are all couples.

Sitting side by side, they were enjoying their meal together while clinging close to each other.

Sitting a distance from the other couples, we sat at an empty place.


“Come, Please let me show you, Mars-san. This specially made bento that Raphie have to return to the female dormitory and borrow the canteen to make this morning.”


As Raphie unwrapped the bento on her laps, what came out was a silver squared bento box.

I guess it has a height of 4 cm and its 4 sides are of around 15cm each?

The size was bigger than I thought.

I wonder what kind of food are inside?

As Raphie opened the cover,




The insides of the bento were orange in color.


“Fufufu, Mars-san. What do you think this is?”

“……bread…..I think?”


Raphie is smiling fearlessly.

I can’t help but have a bad feeling.


“It’s a pity! All of these――are ginseng!”



But the shape is obviously bread.

With the triangular shape like a sandwich, there is something reddish in between the bread…..wonder if it’s jam.

It was something red like blood, having a really eerie color.

Though I can’t judge from just looking, something seems to be smeared at any rate.


“I mashed the ginseng and harden it into a bread-like shape. Basically, it’s ginseng that is shaped as a bread. However, during the process, I have mixed in a few seasonings into it. Well, I will leave it to your imagination on how the whole process was done.”


I wonder what the ingredients, other than ginseng, are?

Seasonings, what in the world is mixed in it?

Though it’s a orange bread from just looking at it,


“Raphie has spreaded Raphie’s special sauce to include a hidden taste.”


….hid, hidden taste?

What is Raphie saying?

It’s not being hidden you know?

If it’s going to be a hidden taste, I will troubled if it is not being hidden.

But, isn’t this hidden taste spilling out with no restraint?


“Come, Mars-san. Let Raphie feed you, okay?”

“N, no…..”


This is bad.

I can feel the crisis for my life.

All my senses are appealing.

That this food is dangerous.

That his ginseng――is not simple…..


“Could it be that you dislike ginseng?”


Raphie lowered her eyes, and looked at me anxiously.

I somehow feel sorry if I do not eat it.

If you are talking about things I can eat, I do not have preferences.

If it’s food that I can acquire nutrients from, I would even eat the meat of monsters.

But, how about this?

Though she said sauce, isn’t it seething?

If I eat this, can I survive?

Sauce started to drip out from the gaps of the bread.




Is it an illusion?

The dripping sauce that landed on the lawn of the courtyard, withered the lawn in that instant.

That’s how it looks like.


“….look, Mars-san. A~n”


I can’t run away.

I wonder when was the last time I met such terror.

Seriously, I do not want to eat.

But, this ginseng horror is food that Raphie had absented herself from lesson to make.

If that’s the case, I can’t not eat this here.

I can’t flatly reject Raphie’s feelings of wanting me to eat her cooking.

I resolved myself.


Mogu mogu.


“How is it? Is it delicious?”


Raphie who smiled sweetly looks really fortunate.

Just being able to see that face, I――


In the instant I swallow, I saw an illusion as if the sky has been cut into two.

Then, the feeling of falling into the bottom of them sea presses onto me.

Even if I tried to swim up, my body continue to sink.

My sights was dyed in total darkness, not knowing how far I will fall.


“Eh. M, Mars-san!?”


At that time, I lost my consciousness completely.

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