Jobless – Chapter 45

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Yoshiro: Sorry, everyone. I forgot the last step by the name of “Publish”.

The Battle with the Goblins①

The students who have started the Foundation training, were striving for first place.

As we were also about to join in,


“Wa, wait a minute, Mars. Are you planning to train in that attire?”


Eri asked such a question.


“Ah. Is there a problem?”

“Rather than a problem, if you train as it is, your uniform would get dirty, wouldn’t it? Since you didn’t have the magic stone yesterday, so it can’t be helped, but today you have the magic stone, right?”

“What do you mean?”


By putting in magic power into the stone, it will turn into equipment suitable for the user.

That was what I heard yesterday.

But, does that mean I have to do foundation training while being equipped?


“Mars, take a look at everyone’s appearance.”



I looked at the appearance of the surrounding students.

There was no longer any student who are still wearing their uniform.

Having said that, there wasn’t anyone equipped with heavy equipment.


“When did they change?”

“Rather than change, the clothing is formed from the magic stone.”

“From the magic stone? It can take form into things other than equipment?”

“Without imaging anything, just by putting in magic power, it will change into a full body equipment. But, if you control the magic power put into the magic stone, you can form just a portion of the equipment. Yesterday, when I fought with the werewolves, do you remember that I only form the short sword?”


Being told, I recalled the battle yesterday.

… now that she said it, in the fight with Rusty, Eri was holding onto her short sword, wasn’t she?

Though it’s true that she was holding onto her weapon, but her clothing was still her uniform.


“But, what relation is there with foundation training?”

“You don’t understand? You just have to form the clothing used for foundation training using the magic stone. Just like this.”


Immediately after saying that, Eri’s body was enveloped in light.

And then,




Instantly, from her uniform, she has changed into lightweight equipment.

White short sleeves and blue short pants, that make movement looks easy.


“So there is such a way to use it.”

“Yep. The technique to use the magic stone is learnt immediately after entry to the institute.”

“I see. In that case, let’s try this out at once.”

“Try imaging the clothing everyone is wearing. And then, put in magic power into the magic stone.”


It’s the same as the process of me using magic.

I imagined the image of using magic.

To the extent of being able to strengthen the accuracy of my image, I get closer to the magic I wish to use.

As I strengthened the image, I poured in magic power into the magical stone.

And then, my whole body is enveloped in light.


“Like this?”



I verified my body.

It did become the general image as thought.

Like the other students, they were white short sleeves and blue short pants.


“Like this, it’s quite easy to move, right?”


“When you want to return to your uniform, you just have to stop the supply for magic power.”

“During the period the equipment is formed from the magic stone, will it stay in a state of continued supply of magic power?”

“Yep. But, as it’s quite small, so if it’s the students that attend this institute, it should be on the level of being not a problem. Compared to the magic power used, the magic power recovered in a day is higher.”


If magic power is not used, it will revert on its own.

Though the speed of recovery do depends on individual’s nature, unless it’s someone who has a very large amount of magic power capacity, it should recover to its maximum capacity if one does not use magic for one day.

Though one can recover through medicine in emergency, it doesn’t seem necessary to do that for the lessons’ practices.


“I see. Thanks, Eri. You helped me.”

“No problem. Now then, shall we start our training?”


Just like that, I learnt the usage of the magic stone.



After the lesson on Foundation Training ended, the next lesson on Combat Training started.

Lania will continue to take on as the instructor in charge.

It seems that the lesson on Combat Training this time will be conducted without the use of magic.

It appears that lessons like this are for simulating situations when magic power has ran out in dungeons.

If magic is not usable, what you can rely on in the end is your trained body, and your polished combat skills.


“This time, I will have all of you fight monsters.”


The students all got lively from those words.


“At last, actual combat with monsters!”

“What kind of monsters? Minotaurs? Or could it be Cyclops!?”


Such words were spoken.

From this reaction, does this mean that until now, they have not practise fighting against monsters?


“There is no way I will let you all fight such high-level monsters suddenly, right?”


Lania said that bewildered.


“As the number of people here who have experience fighting monsters are low, the monsters I will have you fight this time are lower grade monsters. It will be the Rank E monsters, second from the bottom of the actual quests, Goblins!”


Those were the words that Lania continued with.

It seems that that actually got the displeasure of the students.


“G, goblins?”

“It wouldn’t be much of an opponent for training, right?”


I also thought “it’s only goblins”.

But, if numbers gather, goblins are also quite the opponent.

Goblins also basically form groups,

Even if individually goblins are weak, they could be formidable enemies when in groups.


“Say that after you win. I will be summoning 3 goblins. I will stop if I judged that it’s dangerous.”


There is no way I would lose to the goblins.

That was what was expressed from the students’ confident expression.


“Now then, I shall summon them, got it?”


Lania placed her hands on the ground.


“Answer one’s pact――Dance, the Goblins of Hell”


Along that aria, the ground floated a 6-star formation as if having scorched.

Then, from that 6-star formation, goblins were summoned one after the other.

Total of three.

Though about the height of a human child, their appearance were evil and ugly.

A body of green and musclar. Both the nose and eyes are sharp.

Having red eyes, they hide the ferocity that would make one think of a demon.

In their hands, they hold a wooden club that doesn’t seem to fit that small body of theirs.

Though wooden, it might be life-threatening when attacked by these monsters that know nothing of control.

For those seeing these monsters, they would feel like small ogres.

Maybe that’s why they were given the name of ‘goblins’. (TL: The japanese is written as “child/kid orge” so it was explained that way.)

The instant they see the goblins in reality, the students swallowed their sailva.

Though I have no idea what the people here thought, they might have realize that they are not opponents that they can be negligent with.


“The sequence doesn’t really matter. Anyone who wants to do it?”


Is anyone going to take the challenge?

It seems like she is examining the situation.

Though I don’t mind doing it first….


“Then, let me do it.”


The first to raise her voice was Eri.

The magic stone in Eri’s hand released light and enveloped her body.

And then,




It is changing into equipment that was different from what was seen yesterday.

The weapon being the short sword was the same.

But, the armor has changed.

The feeling of the thickness of the silver armor seems to have weaken, turning it into light armor.

The chest armor, gauntlets and boots.

The plate that are guarding the body is pretty much those.

It had turned into a more speed-oriented armor equipment, than before.

Furthermore, it’s the blue attire that attracts the eyes.

An armor was put on top of the dress-like attire.

That appearance was like a princess of a noble birth or a knight of the blue sky.

It is an equipment that gives such a mysterious impression.

The surrounding people were opening their eyes wide to Eri’s appearance.

Whether it was a shock to her beautiful figure, or shock to the change of the known existence known as Elisha.


“Now then, here it goes”



Instantly after the knight of the blue sky got into stance with her short sword, the three goblins came attacking all at once.

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