Jobless – Chapter 42

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Raphie and Sail

Entering the canteen, there was already a queue forming in front of the counter.


“Uwa…the queue is rather long. ”


Looking at the line, Raphie rounded her eyes.

What an unexpected reaction.

I thought that the morning scene of the female’s dormitory would be the same.


“Does the female dormitory not have the same thing as well?”

“Yeah. Though the dormitory is quite filled with seats, the intake is rather sparse. ”


I thought that if it’s Nirfa’s cooking, I would want to eat everyday, even if I am busy with preparation.

It’s possible that the food of the female dormitory isn’t that delicious.


“As Raphie is the type that can really eat, I am looking forward to the cooking rumor of the male’s dormitory.”


It seems like Nirfa’s cooking is also famous among the female students.

~Waki waki~ Together with Raphie whose eyes shine, Sail and I lined up.

And then instantly, the surroundings’ glance gathered,


“It’s Mars and the rest…”

“He’s together with Sail as well.”

“Eh? Isn’t that Raphie? Why is she here? ”


The canteen that started to get noisy

As Raphie is here, it can’t be helped that we are standing out.

But, “Why is Raphie here?”, you say…

There is no one who came to enquire the reason.


“M, Mars-senpai….!? Ple, please go ahead.”


The student in front of me suddenly moved to the side.


“Eh? No, it’s fine.”

“N, no! Please do go ahead.”


It seems like he wants to let me through no matter what.

Could it be that he is being reserved


“Since he already said to go ahead, isn’t that fine?”

“Raphie also think so.”


Both of them seems to have the same opinion admirably when they had a dispute sometime ago.

Could it be that actually both of them get along unexpectedly?


“Is that so? Then, thank you.”

“No problem!”


We moved up..

And then, with that as a start, we were allowed to go ahead one after the other, and in the end, without any waiting time, we were right in front of the counter.

The dinner yesterday was also certainly something like this.

Well, I am thankful that I can quickly obtained my breakfast.


“Yo, Nirfa.”

“Everyone, Good mornin――……Ara? Why is there a female student today?”


As expected, even for Nirfa, she is shocked about the fact that Raphie is here.

Nirfa, who is always dazzlingly smiling is now looking at Raphie while blinking incessantly.


“Nice to meet you. I am Raphie Rabbi. Mars-san’s other-half”

“That’s not it, don’t lie.”


As I cautioned Raphie who lied naturally,


“Nirfa, is it okay to request for Raphie’s share?”


Just in case, I asked for permission.


“Yep. Regardless to gender, there isn’t any problem as long as it’s the institute’s student.”

“Then, Raphie would like to request for this Egg Benedict.”


Raphie who made an order without delay.


“I understand. What would both of you like?”

“Vegetable and ham sandwich.”


Sail was the one who ordered this.


“I guess I will have cheese souffle then.”


I placed the bread-like food called souffle on the tray.


“Anyway, Mars-san, is Elisha-san still in the room?”

“No, he isn’t in the room.”

“Is that so? As he still doesn’t seem to be in the canteen, so I was wondering what happened…”


If she did not come to the canteen, then that would mean that Elisha did not return since yesterday.

I wonder if she stayed somewhere?

Or is it that she doesn’t want to sleep with me so she went camping….?

No, I don’t think that’s the case.

But, as one would expect, it would be bad if I continue to be Elisha’s roommate.

It might be better to change a room somewhere.


“If I meet Elisha, I would tell her that Nirfa is worried.”

“It could be unnecessary assistance, but also conveyed to take his breakfast whenever possible.”

“I got it”


As expected for this dormitory’s caretaker.

I believe she is really thinking of the health management of all the students who are living here.

As expected, her name ‘Perfect Maid’ is not just for show.

….though I am most likely the only one calling her that.

After the conversation with Nirfa ended, we, who took our breakfast, sat on the free seats around.

Strangely, there was a table that was totally empty.

Even though the canteen were crowded, there was no one sitting there.

Obviously, it seems that the seat was emptied for us.


“As I thought, eating with you really makes it convenient.”


Sail who sat opposite me, said that.


“Obviously, everyone is being reserved of Mars-san.”


Raphie sitting beside me said that.


“You do really think of that?”

“Yep. But do not be bothered. It’s the natural providence to be subordinated by the strong after all.”

“Huh. Stupid rabbit, why are you acting so proud?”

“Rather, Idiot wolf, aren’t you rather arrogant?”


Again, they are glaring at each other.

They don’t seem to be really on good terms.


“Let’s quickly eat, shall we?”

“…. true.”



Three of us took our breakfast together.

In the instant Raphie put Nirfa’s cooking into her mouth, she started smiling broadly.

Slowly, she put the food into her mouth savoring it.

Looking at Raphie’s expression filled with happiness, this is likely what’s called [幸せを噛み締める] (TL: chewed happiness thoroughly).

That’s what I thought




After finishing our meal and having changed to the uniform, I moved towards the institute with Raphie.


“I didn’t expect we would be eating our meal with him together.”


Raphie who is making a sour face.


“Did something happen in the past?”

“It isn’t just about something that happen!”


When I asked, a violent and intense reaction was returned.


“That wolf-guy was a sexually excited wolf that drew near Raphie a year ago!”

“Drew near, did he attacked as well?”

“Everytime we meet, he would try to make advances on me.”


Is someone like Raphie Sail’s type?

That’s rather unexpected.


“Obviously, I think it was just for fun. Though I just deal with it casually at first… ”


Raphie stood her ears irritatingly,


“That idiot wolf came caressing Raphie’s ears one day!”


Looking very annoyed, she glared angrily.

She must have been very angry.


“To have your ears touched, is it something so reluctant?”

“To Raphie and the rabbitfolks, the ears and tails are very precious and sensitive places. Only those who would become the other-halves would be allowed to touch”


After saying that much, Raphie went “Ha――” and looked at me with upturned eyes,


“If it’s Mars-san, I don’t mind you touching it no matter when.”


She pulled the sleeve of my clothes.

As if saying that she wants me to immediately caress, her ears were trembling ~Piku piku.~

Actually I did caress this morning but…. I will not say it.


“… then, what happen afterwards?”


Hearing me, the ears that were trembling immediately stood up again.


“Having my precious touched, even the gentle Raphie would also snapped. That’s why Raphie cast Allurement magic to return the favor.”


The frank Sail seems to have bad compatibility with Mental-type magic.

I am sure that not long after opposing, he is affected by the allurement magic.


“Raphie ordered, ‘To strip there and take lessons.’”


What a scary order to make.

In other words, you are telling me that Sail exposed himself nude to the students in the class?


“As I thought it’s a bit pitiful to the underwear, I excuse him from that.”


It seems like she does have the heart of mercy. (TL: I don’t really think so….)


“However, I still can remember the flustered wolf after removing the allurement.”


Raphie who smiled like a little devil.

It could be possible that giving Sail a blow was quite a refreshing task.


“But a problem also happened. He has quite the instinct for that idiotic wolf, so he seems to know that Raphie did something. Well, since it’s something that happened immediately after talking to Raphie, so it’s natural that he suspected Raphie.”

“From then on, your relations got bad?”

“Yeah. From then on, every time we meet was due to fate but he doesn’t strangely draw near me anymore. ”


I wonder if it feels like Raphie hates Sail, and Sail is poor against Raphie?

No matter which, from the story, I feel that it isn’t going to be easy to repair both of their relations.


“By the way, do you have plans to get along?”

“Not a single bit.”


Though she is smiling, Raphie’s eyes is serious.

Though because of me, they will have more chances meeting up….

Well, if any problem occurs, I guess I will just have to think about dealing it at that time.

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