Jobless – Chapter 41

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Flirting in the Morning


* Mars’s POV *


–Gong, Gong Gong.

I could hear the ring of the bell.

Seems like it’s already morning.

Even if I close my eyes, maybe due to the light that shine in, you know that the surrounding is getting brighter.


Within my arms, I could feel something soft.

As I embrace closely, a sense of extreme comfort can be felt.

(What is it….?)

Though there is still the desire to sleep in, I was bothered by that sensation that I opened my eyes.


It was Raphie who seems to be sleeping with a fortunate expression.

Why is Raphie sleeping in here?

Plus, she is being embraced within my arms.

Though she seems to be still wearing her clothes.


“Munya…. Ma ru su sa n” (TL: Just an e-longated version of Mars-san)



I started processing my thoughts with my still unawakened brain.

….now that I think of it, Raphie intruded the room yesterday, didn’t she?

After that, I ignored Raphie who was drawing near, forcing myself to sleep.

(Raphie this fellow, she stayed here without returning…….?)

I thought that if I slept, she would give up and return.

I didn’t expect her to squeeze into this narrow bed.

Raphie who is sleeping so comfortably.

Though I thought it would be better to wake her up soon, she seems so fortunate-looking that I am hesitating to wake her up.

As the bell had already rang, we don’t have the spare time to be

In the first place, this situation is bad.

If I think of it calmly, Elisha should be sleeping below.

I have to bring Raphie out somehow, without being exposing to Elisha.

I placed my hand on Raphie’s shoulder,

――~yusa yusa~, ~yusa yusa~

As gentle as I can, I tried to wake her up.




Raising a half-asleep sound, Her rabbit ears tremble ~piku piku~

Somehow it looks really cute.

I tried brushing those white ears.




Raising a sweet charming voice,


“…..uun, eh? Ma ru su san?”


Raphie slowly opened her eyes.

She is likely still half-asleep.

Her ruby-like red eyes appeared drowsy.


“Are you awake?”



At this moment, Raphie buried her face into my chest.

And then, ~kun kun~, she smelled my scent.


“The scent of Mars-san”

“Hey Raphie, are you still half-asleep?”


Saying that, I poked Raphie’s forehead.



“Raphie, it’s about time to wake up.”


Then, after Raphie gradually focused her eyes,


“Ah…. Good Morning. Mars-san.”


With the morning greeting, she gave a coquettish smile to me.


“Ah, Morning.”

“It was intense last night. Raphie, thought I will be broken.”


Blushing her face with upturned eyes, she said that.


“I didn’t do anything right?”

“Ehehe, I remembered.”


Raphie floated a mischievous smile.

She has totally no sign of learning.


“As it’s already the time for breakfast, she should return to the girl’s dormitory once.”

“No, that’s unnecessary. As I will settle my breakfast here as well, let’s go together.”


Saying that, Raphie raised her body and went down from the bed.


“O, Oi. There’s Elisha below….”

“She doesn’t seem to be here?”


Raphie said that.

I wonder if she have already went for breakfast.

I also came down from the bed.

Elisha’s bed has already become the husk of the shedded skin.


“Well then, shall we go?”

“Are you really going to eat here?”

“Yes. To some extent, as long as you are a student of this institute, you should be able to receive food after all.”


However, Raphie is still in her negligee.

In front of the male students, that appearance is expectedly not good.


“Raphie, did you not bring a change of clothes?”

“I did bring, you know. I was thinking of going to the institute together with Mars-san from here.”


Raphie pointed at the red bag that was left on the bed.

Though I didn’t realize it yesterday, she even brought it something like that.

The shape of the bag is like a rucksack, extending two straps to be used to be carried on the shoulder.

As it isn’t really big, you can’t really put much stuff into it, but in this case, the small-stature Raphie would easily be able to carry it.


“Then, let’s go after you get changed. I will wait for you outside.”

“Certainly…. If this appearance is seen by the males, it could possibly start the mating season of the wolves. But, for Mars-san, is it fine to receive the starting of your urge to mate?”

“…. well, I will wait outside.”


Ignoring such seductive words, I left the room.

And at that place,


“Y, yo!”

“….Sail? Oh, are you also going to the canteent?”


Immediately after the leaving the room, the Werewolf Sail called out.

Sail has already changed into his uniform.


“O, oh”

“Then, shall we go together?”

“S, since you request for it, it can’t be helped.”


Sail’s tail swayed ~peshi peshi~

Compared to humans, the body of a beastman has many characteristics.

For a werewolf like Sail, the position of the ears are higher than the humans.

Though the humans have the ears on the side of the eyes, the ears are closer to the top of the head in the case of the werewolves.

Fur grow on the ears, becoming rather fluffy.

Other than the ears, another big trait is the fact that a tail is grown around the waist.

The uniform of the beastman are made to match such body characteristics.

For the human’s uniform, it’s obvious that there is no need for the tail to be put out.

Also, as our body does not grow fur, it’s not like it’s strong against the cold.

The werewolves don’t really differ from the appearance of the humans if you exclude the ears and tail.

Just that, as these two are totally big difference, it’s easily realized that one is not a human.


“Are you not going?”


Sail turned his eyes to me who did not move from in front of the room.

Unrelated to the werewolves’ trait, Sail himself has light green fur and eyes.

His evil-looking eyes are quite the characteristic. Yep.


“As one more person is coming, please wait.”

“Degen――Is it Elisha?”


About to say ‘Degenerate’, he seems to have expressly changed that.

I wonder if he is being considerate as she is my friend.

He is unexpectedly a sensitive guy.


“No, it’s not her.”



As we talked about it, the door opened,


“Sorry for the wait.”


Together with the carefree voice, Raphie came out of the room.





At the moment they met each other, Raphie and Sail glared at each other.

No, Sail just opened his eyes wide, while Raphie seems to be the one who glared one-sidedly.


“Mars, why is the rabbitfolk girl here?”


Sail asked such a thing.

It’s an obvious question.


“Werewolf guy, it’s rude to call me rabbitfolk girl! Raphie has a splendid name of Raphie Rabbi.”

“You too, Stop with the “Werewolf guy’. I am Sail Rhowl.


What is this?

Are they on bad terms?


“Various things happened, so Raphie would be eating her breakfast on this side.”


“If you don’t want to, please go and eat alone. Raphie would eat together with Mars-san after all.”

“Huh? Rabbitfolk girl, you should be the one going back to the girl’s dormitory and eat!”


Provoking words to inflammatory words.

Again, the glaring started.

If I leave it alone, this seems like it’s going to continue for a while.


“For now, let’s go.”


As I started advancing,


“Ah, please wait, Mars-san.”


Raphie chased after me, and entwined around my arm




Sail clicked his tongue but I do know that he is following from behind.


It seems like today will also become a noisy day.

As I thought about that, I moved towards the canteen.

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