Jobless – Chapter 40

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Yoshiro: I hope I get the supposedly seducing conversations right….
Also, as Raphie loved to refer herself by her name, you will see lots of Raphie in the text as that’s pretty much saying “I”.

The End of the Day ② – Night Crawling(Yobai)


* Mars’s POV *


As I returned from the bath to the room,


“Welcome back, Mars-san!”


Raphie, wearing a white negligee, welcomed him with a full faced smile..


“…why are you here?”

“I came to night crawl!”


~Piku Piku~ Twitching her long white lop-ears, she boldly puffed up with pride as if it’s natural.

Daringly exposed from the chest is the cleavage that can be seen clearly.

Furthermore, for some reason, the cloth on the chest side is thin.

Raphie’s skin could almost be seen transparent.

Though she said “Can I come for a night crawl?” before leaving, I could see that she was serious about coming for a night crawl from her clothing.


“Didn’t anyone tried to stop you?”

“Have you forgotten about Raphie’s ability? If I willed it, I could easily sneak in.”


The Mental-type magic of Allurement and the Technical Skill of Controlling Females.

With these two skills, it is true that sneaking would be easy but…


“Come, Mars-san. Let’s spend a passionate night together” (TL:………)


Raphie approached me closely and pressed her chest against me.

The tenderness of a feminine sensation attacked me.


“Hey, you do know Elisha is also here, right?”


I gently grabbed Raphie’s shoulder, and separated her tightly attached body.

Though Raphie’s unsatisifed expression filled her face,


“Now that I think of it, where’s Elisha-san?”


Unsure if she pulled her together quickly, she asked that after looking restly in the surroundings.


“She isn’t in right now.”

“Then, it means it’s Raphie’s once in a lifetime chance, right!”


Raising both her hands to her chest, she grabbed her hands into fists

Somehow, she seems to be really filled with fighting spirit.


“I was thinking that to copulate in a room where Elisha-san is present, even Mars-san would feel embarrassed.”


Raphie’s eyes is serious in all aspects.

At such a time.


“….now then, let’s sleep.”


I turned off the lights of the room.


“Okay. As it’s the first time for Raphie, I would be happy if you would be gentle!”


Ignoring Raphie’s words, I went up my bed.

Raphie followed afterwards.

As just me lying down on the dormitory’s bed already filled it up, it does not have the wideness for Raphie to enter.

In the first place, it is not designed to have two person sleep on it.

As expected, the dormitory’s bed is confined.

Though Raphie made such a thought,


“Do you hate such thing?”


Seemingly not bothered about it, she rode on me. (TL:….whoa….)

From that horse riding posture, she collapsed her body.

The soft sensation and warmth enveloped my whole body.


“Do Mars-san like to be attacked?”


Murmurs came to the ears.

Those murmurs were sweet and pleasant.


“No, I would prefer to attack”

“Then, is it better for Raphie to be at the bottom?”

“I believe Raphie should descend from the bed, you know?”

“I don’t want. Today, Raphie came to make an established fact.”


She totally doesn’t seem to have the intention to pull back.


“Mars-san, please accept Raphie’s first.”


Raphie, with her moistened feverish eyes and blushed face, placed her hands on my clothes.

But I, ~Goron――~, forcefully rolled my body and laid down with my face against the bed.

I should just sleep just like that.


“Eh, Ma, Mars-san? Why are you laying down with your face?”


Though Raphie is saying something, I will not bother.


“Isn’t this a long-awaited nice atmosphere!? Eh, uhmm Mars-san? Are you really going to sleep?”



I am already going to sleep.


“No, no way! Are you going to leave Raphie alone and fall asleep?”


I could feel softness and warmth on my back.

Raphie doesn’t seem to want to separate from me.


“Are you telling Raphie to calm this body that has been set ablaze alone?”


Not minding it, I concentrate on losing my conscious.


“Ha!? Could it be it’s that kind of play? Are you planning to tease Raphie?”


Gradually, my conscious was wrapped in slumber.


“Did you want to see an appearance of Raphie comforting herself while calling out Mars-san’s name after being unable to withstand it?”


I totally lost my consciousness.


* Raphie’s POV *


“If possible, though I wish to be loved normally at least for the first time, if Mars-san wants it no matter it… eh, ehh? Mars-san?”

“z z z z z z z z z”


Mars-san had already fallen asleep

I could hear quiet breathing


“Eh? Did he really fall asleep?”


Even Raphie called out, as if natural, there was no reply.


“N, No way…..”


Even though Raphie was troubled with anguish, Mars-san actually fell asleep looking really comfortable.

Despite Raphie coming specially from the female’s dormitory.

Hoping to wake him up, Raphie tried shaking his back lightly.

From Raphie’s hand, the sensation of Mars-san’s tough muscles was transmitted.

Just from touching that body, Raphie somehow felt her heart throbbing.




If possible, I want to see that body directly after taking off the clothes.

In Raphie’s head, such a wicked thought came across.

Surely, under the clothes is a strictly trained ideal body with totally no useless fats.


Just thinking about that, it feels like the mating season has come.

But, Raphie can’t copulate alone.

No…..but if Raphie started comforting herself here alone, as expected, would Mars-san also wake up?

But, though Raphie is unsure why, it feels like he would absolutely not wake up.

To begin with, Mars-san fell asleep, leaving Raphie aside after trying to seduce him to that extent.

In other words, he rejected embracing Raphie now.

I would if Raphie doesn’t have the charm?

No…. it shouldn’t be the case.

Raphie’s race rabbitfolk has a good nose.

When Raphie was drew close, the scent of Mars-san did became stronger.

When the males release a strong scent, it’s usually when they wish to embrace.

It definitely got stronger due to reacting to Raphie.

If that’s the case, is there any reason why he doesn’t embrace Raphie?

――Don’t tell me Mars-san is impotent!? (TL: LOL!!!)

No, Raphie don’t think that’s the case as expected.

Heroes lust for girls (TL: Basically an idiom that represents that.)

A male of Mars-san’s caliber wouldn’t be impotent.

In that case…..

As expected, instead of taking down the body, I wonder if I can only start by capturing the heart?

When attacking Mars at the infirmary as well,


“I do not like Raphie to the extent of becoming a lover.”


I was told that.

If that’s the case, as I thought, I believe I have to reach the phase where we became lovers.

When he likes Raphie from the bottom of his heart, he also said that he would become my other half.

But, how can Raphie get Mars-san to like me?

If seduction doesn’t make him fall, it seems that it will become quite a harsh battle.

For now, I think Raphie should make Bentou every day from now on.

To grasp the male’s stomach, it’s also important for love.

Though it’s still fine now due to the few rivals, it’s not confirmed that there are no other females that would flirt with Mars-san hereafter.

Before that, it’s short decisive battle!

I will definitely get Mars-san to become my other half!

That is surely both of our fate after all

Raphie made such a determination again.

(… now then)

Since Mars-san has already fallen asleep, Raphie will also just go to sleep today.

Though Raphie couldn’t make an established fact, if Raphie could share a night with Mars-san here, there is a possibility where Mars-san might lose his self-control and turn into a wolf.


Just thinking about it makes Raphie feel anguish.

The Panties…. Raphie should have brought a change.

Approaching the side of the bed, Raphie moved to a position that can look at Mars-san face.

Raphie managed to squeeze her body into that space.

Though it’s also narrow for Raphie’s short build, Raphie don’t mind as Raphie can glue herself to Mars-san.

Raphie couldn’t help but want to kiss Mars-san who is breathing calmly ~Suya suya~.

….but, Raphie will endure it now.

Mars-san doesn’t seem to want to do such thing if the other party is not a lover.

Even if that wouldn’t be exposed, Raphie think Raphie should refrain from doing things Mars-san would dislike.

Of course, after becoming lovers, Raphie would do lots of it though.


“Good night, Mars-san.”


Within the arms of the peacefully breathing Mars-san, Raphie closed her eyes.

As Raphie is being enveloped in the warmth and smell of the person Raphie likes, Raphie’s consciousness gradually falls to sleep.

Thus, Raphie’s memorial day of meeting her fated person ended.

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