Jobless – Chapter 36

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Yoshiro: Sorry, but the next chapter will be split into 2 chapters due to the length of it. It is actually more than 2 times the length of the usual chapters.

Elisha’s Secret ⑦ – Elisha’s Past Part II


A period of time had passed since the kenjutsu tournament.


“Here, Eri”


Kaa-sama gave me a present.

It’s a hair band?

It was a simple black string that doesn’t feel particularly fashionable.

If it’s this, it won’t hinder my movement.


“Since your hair has become longer, it becomes a hinder when you swing your sword, right?”


It’s fine even if I ended up cutting my hair.



“As Eri’s hair is beautiful, Kaa-san don’t wish to have it cut.”


Since she said that and smiled, I silently tied up my hair with that hair band.


“It suits you.”


Kaa-san looked happy.

Me too, I was happy, looking at Kaa-san giving such an expression.

I became more zealous to my practices.

After a few days later, we went to the head Ojii-sama’s

Kaa-sama is not with us.

Tou-sama only brought me with him.

Kaa-sama could have come with us

That was a day where we meet up with our relatives and have a meal together.

During the meal, I knew that Ojii-sama’s strict glance was directed towards me.

It could have been due to my mistake in etiquette.

Even then, Ojii-sama doesn’t say a thing to me.

After the meal, the children were to leave the room.

I think the adults have something difficult to talk about.

The males of the relatives started practising the sword in the courtyard.

I also decided to mix in the practice.


“Eri, let’s read a book together.”


I was called out.

A female relative

There had been a couple of times where we met up.


“I have sword practice, so”


I tried to reject.


“Eri, are you still doing kenjutsu?”


“After all, Eri is a girl, right?”



I am a girl.

But, what’s wrong with it?


“A lady should learn etiquettes and study to the utmost, is what Kaa-sama said.”


That’s likely for your family.

I have never been told that by Tou-sama and even Kaa-sama.


“But, Eri is always on kenjutsu. It’s not good if you don’t study and learn etiquettes.”

“I am going to become a knight. It’s more important for a knight to excel in martial arts over reading and etiquettes!”


Recently, I also intended to work hard on both study and etiquettes as well.

But, that is also for the sake of being a knight.


“Eri, did you not know? There are almost no female knights?”


I know.

Even in the kenjutsu competition, there aren’t any girls.

But, that’s unrelated to me.


“Even then, I will become a knight!”

“But, females can’t beat males right? After all, females are weaker in terms of strength.”


Can’t win against males.

At the kenjutsu competition, I couldn’t win.

That’s because I am a girl?


“Th, that’s not true! You can win!”


I got desperate.


“But surely, couldn’t Eri’s Tou-sama and group not want Eri to become a knight?”

“That’s not true!”


Tou-sama is always supporting me.

He would stroke my head if I worked hard.

Even Kaa-sama never told me that I cannot become a knight.

Towards my sword practice, she even gave me a hair band.


“Then, let’s go and ask right now.”

“I got it. That’s fine!”


And then, we went towards the guest room where the adults were.

After being brought to close to the guest room, I could hear voices talking.


“What age would that be this year?”

“12 years old.”


They are the voices of Tou-sama and Ojii-sama.


“I see. Already 12 years old, i see. Then, whose son do you plan to accept as a groom?”

“…no, not yet”


Accept as a groom?


I wonder what Tou-sama and the rest are talking about?

Unintentionally, I stopped at that spot.


“Eri? Aren’t you going in?”


The girl looked at me strangely.

But, my feet wouldn’t move.


“In that case, you should quickly decide without delay. We have to quickly have her give birth to a heir no matter what after all.”




“However, Chichiue, Eri wants to become a knight…” (TL: Chichiue = Old-fashioned formal of Father )


Tou-sama told Ojii-sama for me.

The fact that I want to become a knight.


“A Knight?”


“That who is a girl wants to be a knight?”


Ojii-sama’s unexpected voice resounded in the room.

And then,



“Fufu, fufufufu”

“Ahahahaha, that is quite something.”


All the relatives present collectively laughed.

It was a mocking laughter.

I wonder if it is something weird?


“….. You, do you think that can become a knight?”


Ojii-sama was not laughing

But, it was a voice that was as strict as never before.




Tou-sama did not say a thing.


“Is becoming a knight an easy path?”



Tou-sama wouldn’t say a thing.


“If you wish your own child to become a knight, then you have to deliver a promising son.”

“But, as my wife is no longer at the age to give birth, so it’s better to receive a groom as expected, isn’t it?”

“That’s correct. How about taking a mistress? If the mistress can give birth to a male, there will be no worry for a heir.”

“In the first place, it’s because you married a girl whose origin is unknown.”


Tou-sama was aimed with an obvious sneer.

Is it because I am a girl?

That’s why Tou-sama is receiving sneer mixed with sarcasm?

If that’s the case, it’s unforgivable.

The people in this place are unforgivable.

The fact that they make fun of Tou-sama is unforgivable.

The fact that they scorned Kaa-sama

But――what couldn’t be forgiven the most is myself who is born as a girl.

If I were a boy, I wonder if this wouldn’t have happen?


“See, Eri. As expected, everyone doesn’t wish for Eri to become a knight.”


The girl beside whispered such things.

I wonder if that’s the case?

The fact that I am aiming to become a knight is bothering Tou-sama and Kaa-sama


“It’s bad to hinder Ojii-sama and the rest. Hey, let’s return to the room together and read a book.”


My hand was pulled.

Even then, I wasn’t moving away from that place.

I thought that everything would be for naught if I left this place while being pulled away from here as it is.

But if Tou-sama is going to give up, then.

At that time――


“Don’t go saying whatever you please!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Never have I heard before, Tou-sama’s bellow resounded throughout the mansion.


“Though I thought of keeping silent, when you opened your mouth, there are just vilification about my daughter and wife, so I will no longer keep quiet!”


Tou-sama has gotten angry.

Towards all the people that despised his family.


“Chichiue, I will have Eri become knight! I won’t let her receive a groom, nor will I welcome a mistress!”


Tou-sama said that to Oji-sama.

He said that he would make me a knight.

Just from that, all my doubts were blown away.




I stepped into the guest room.

The surrounding glances concentrated on me.


“Eri….. did you hear that?”


Tou-sama opened his eyes wide.

And then, his face distorted as if feeling apologetic.

I didn’t want Tou-sama to make such a face.

I was really happy after all.


“I will become a knight! I won’t take a groom! I also won’t marry a noble!”


I think that it is the first time I said something clearly to Ojii-sama.

The surrounding relative were also shocked.

However, their eyes also changed to scorn instantly.

But, that doesn’t matter.

I have decided.

At this time, I have truly become determined.

Not that I want to become a knight.

But to definitely become a knight.

Hearing my swear, Tou-sama seems to be somehow proud


“Let’s go back. Eri.”


Saying that, we tried to leave the room.




The supposedly silent Ojii-sama opened his mouth.


“….you have made your resolve, right?”


He silently asked.

Not towards Tou-sama.

Ojii-sama focused his stern eyes at me.

However, my determination will not waver.




I replied without averting my eyes.


“….in that case, do as you like”


Not saying that it’s impossible.

Also, not trying to scorn.

Not an order as well.

I gave my final expression of gratitude.


“Chichiue, stay healthy….”


Tou-sama said that to Ojii-sama.

The meaning of those words was something I couldn’t understand yet.

I left the house with Tou-sama.


“Eri, that was splendid. As expected of my daughter.”


Tou-sama caressed my head.

It feels comfortable.



“Tou-sama, I will become strong. I will become strong that I will lose to no one, and not be made fun of. And then, I will also become a knight that will protect Tou-sama and Kaa-sama. That’s why please stop spoiling me.”


I know that it’s not good for me to stay as me who is spoiled under the protection of Tou-sama and Kaa-sama.


“Please teach me the skills for the sake of becoming stronger.”


To Tou-sama who heard my feelings,


“I got it. I will stop treating you like a kid. I will not say that it’s fine to stop practising the sword. Eri, definitely become a splendid knight!”


He removed his hand from my head.

More than before, Tou-sama’s powerful smile was clearly reflected in my eyes.

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