Jobless – Chapter 35

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Yoshiro: Elisha’s past is a 3-chapter long story. I had a hard time translating these emotionally….So get ready…(Or maybe I am just emotionally weak….) Also, I will be using Tou-sama, Kaa-sama and Ojii-sama for parental call-outs (Are there even such words?) which represent Father, Mother, and Grandfather respectively.

EDIT: Sorry, it’s tou-sama, not Otou-sama.

Elisha’s Secret ⑥ – Elisha’s Past Part I


* Erisha’s POV *


Since before I become aware of the things around me, I have something I wanted to be.

And it’s to become a knight.

A knight stronger than anyone.

It have not change even now, and that is my only objective.

Even though you are a girl, why?

I was also asked that question.

At that time,


“I want to protect everyone, just like Tou-sama!”


Such an answer.

My family is of a lineage of knights.

Turning out large numbers of knights from generations to generations, in which includes Tou-sama who is prominently outstanding, he was an Imperial Guard under direct supervision of the king, after becoming the Capital’s 1st Knight Corp’s Captain, and acknowledged for his various achievements.

Tou-sama was my pride.

Maybe that’s why.

By the time I realized it, I had already picked up the sword as well.

Towards me who was a child, Tou-sama would say this.


“Eri, you have talent in the sword.”


He would pat my head, ~pon pon~, and smiled at me.

The fact that I was told that I have the talent.

The fact that Tou-sama was happy about it.

I couldn’t help be happy about it, and continued swinging the sword everyday without rest.

At the age of seven, I tried participating in the Capital’s Kenjutsu Tournament(?). (TL: Kenjutsu means sword techniques, Ken=sword, Jutsu=Arts/Techniques)

Even though they say it’s a tournament, it’s a small tournament where children of the same generation would join.

Other than me, the participants were males.

I was being unreasonable by asking Tou-sama to let me join.

And, I was the champion in that tournament.

It was the results of continuing swinging the sword.


“Did you see everyone, my daughter won!”


Tou-sama went around saying that to the surroundings.


“Eri is a genius! You will become a excellent knight!”


I too have that intention.

I believed that it would turn out that way.


“I will become a knight like Tou-sama!”


As I said that, Tou-sama would do what he does usually, patting my head, going ~pon pon~

That large hand was gentle, warm, and gives me a peace of mind.

I loved my father.

Respected him.

Was my aim.

Was an ideal of mine.

From then on as well, as long as time allows, I will conduct sword practice.

On days when Tou-sama is around, there was also time when he joined in the practice.

Though I say practice, it was just Tou-sama receiving the strikes.

Now that I think of it, it was similar to mere child’s play.

Even then, I was satisfied.

Even just a little, I felt that I was getting closer to my respected Tou-sama


“Since Eri is a girl, rather than sword, shouldn’t you be doing piano or dance?”


Once in a while, Okaa-sama would bring this question out.

She might not have like the fact that I was endeavouring in the sword practice.


“Okaa-sama, I prefer the sword a lot more.”


As I said that, Okaa-sama gave a troubled expression.

But Okaa-sama also never forcefully make me stopped.

I believe both Tou-sama and Kaa-sama respected my feelings.

That’s why I continued wielding the sword.

8 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old.

The trophy won from the kenjutsu tournament were lined up at home.

Stopping my feet occasionally, Tou-sama smiled as he saw that.

I became happy.

I endeavored more into the sword practice.

It was around the time Tou-sama became the Imperial Guard.

My respected Tou-sama, became even a more respected Tou-sama.

And my feelings of becoming a knight became stronger

The me at that time believed in it with no doubts.

In the future, to become a knight that doesn’t lose to anyone――I believed that I will become a knight just like Tou-sama.





My wooden sword was repelled.

It was during the kenjutsu tournament when I was 11 years old.

I lost at the finals.

It was my first loss.

In front of Tou-sama who was watching.


“You are a girl, right? Why are you participating in a kenjutsu tournament?”


I was told by the opponent.

Even now, I still remembered that.

Just because I am a female?

I wonder what does that imply to?

The me at this time was unable to understand the reason of his words.

But, I was just feeling mortified over losing at that time.

My tears almost came out.

But, I endured it.

I did not want to let Tou-sama see me cry after losing.


“Eri, it was a pity.”



Just as always, Tou-sama patted my head, ~pon pon~

But, that was all to what he said.

You did not have enough practice!

Your cut in is naive! (TL: cut-in, to move in to cut/attack)

Make your move faster!

Even though I thought he would say something strict.

But, I was relieved that he wasn’t angry.

From then on, everyday, I endeavoured myself to more intense practice than before.

I did not want to feel mortified anymore.

I will certainly win the next tournament.

I continued wielding the sword with that feelings.

And then comes the kenjutsu tournament when I was 12 years old.


“Tou-sama, Please watch me! I will definitely become the champion!”


I sweared to Tou-sama.


“I see. I will be looking forward to it.”


Tou-sama smiled at me.

This time, I will definitely win.

I will make Tou-sama be delighted.

It was a tournament I desired with that feelings.

I won in the first and 2nd round.

But, I have a sense of discomfort.

I wasn’t able to win as easily as in the past.

Even though I have been practising everyday to that extent to polish my sword techniques.

Even though I had definitely become stronger.

I also have that awareness of it.

But, I started to feel that the surroundings became even stronger.

And then the 3rd round.

My opponent was one that I had won against before.

I have never lost to him once before.

I should definitely be able to win.

As I thought that, I grasped my sword.

Just after starting, the opponent came cutting down.

Sword colliding with sword.

Trying to force it back, but I couldn’t force the opponent’s sword back.

As I pushed down strongly as it is, I fell down, and the sword I was holding onto ended up dropping down..

I could see a sword on top of my head.

It will hit.

But, that sword was not swung.

The judge stopped, and I lost.

Just on the 3rd round.

Even though I piled up many practices for the sake of winning, it was totally unable to show its results.

Even though I promised Tou-sama that I would win.

I wonder what was wrong?

Was it that my practice was not enough?

But, I can’t get more time for sword practice.

I have to study at school.

To become a knight, you have to be able to at least read and write words.

One would also need to learn the etiquette of a imperial court.

It seems that it is required when greeting the people of the nobilities.

This was also said to be necessary by Tou-sama.

What should I do?

The time for sword practice is limited.

To the dumbfounded me, Tou-sama patted my head, ~pon pon~

As always, Tou-sama’s hand were gently.


“Even though I promised to become the champion….. I am sorry”


I won’t cry even if I lose.

That’s what I have decided.

But, my tears would not stop spilling out.


“Eri…. if it’s tough, it’s fine to give up the sword, you know?”


Seeing me crying, Tou-sama said that.

I slanted my head to the side.

Did Tou-sama think that I became to not like sword arts?

That was how the me at that time perceived Tou-sama words.

But soon after, I immediately came to know that it was a misunderstanding.

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    “It (have not change) even now, (and that is) my only objective.”
    “It hasn`t changed even now, it is my only objective.”

    But soon after, I immediately came to (know that it was a misunderstanding.)
    But soon after, I immediately came to understand that I misinterpreted his words.


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      That large hand was gentle, warm, and (gives) me a peace of mind.
      That large hand was gentle, warm, and gave me a peace of mind.

      As always, Otou-sama’s hand (were) gently.
      As always, Otou-sama’s hand was gently.


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