Jobless – Chapter 34

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Elisha’s Secret ⑤ – The Reason She has to be a Male


After parting with Sail, Elisha and I returned to our room.

The bed was scattered with things thrown at me, magic stone, magic and reading books.

Just having moved in for the second day, it’s appropriate to say that it has become disastrous room.


“Let’s clean up the room a bit”


Likely feeling that it was way too awful, the first thing to be said by Elisha after returning to the room was that.

And then, without saying a thing, she moved to clean up the scattered items.

I also thought that it would be good if I helped as well, but since the stuff scattered around were Elisha’s personal items, I decided to not to assist.

Seeing something I should not be seeing, it will be troublesome if problems arise.

If she screams again, it will end up with me getting a dishonorable name of ‘Pervert’ this time.


“For now, this should be fine, I guess.”


After finishing cleaning up, Elisha gave out a sigh.

And, she turned to face me.





Our eyes met.

But, both of us are speechless.

Though we have plenty of things to talk and ask about, words aren’t coming out.


“F-for now, let’s sit.”


Both of us were still standing.

There’s no way we can talk calmly like this.


“That’s true.”


Pulling out the chair from the desk, we sat our hips down.

Now then, where should we start talking about?

Elisha cast her (Ed: Yosh-chan, really? We already know Elisha is female now!) eyes down.

From that look, she is likely troubled about where should she start talking from.

As expected, I wonder I should be the one to throw the question on her.

To start of, what should I start from?

Verification of her gender?

Elisha, you were a female?

Ask her like that?

But, from that look, she seems to be really trying to hide that.

In that case, I wonder if I should not touch that topic?

Or, should I convey that I didn’t see a thing?

I also thought about saying that seriously but…..

(….that’s impossible, I guess.)

Elisha’s nude appearance has been burnt into my eyes. (TL: Pfftt…That’s quite a description)

A tensed body with no unnecessary fats.

However, only the breasts on her chest were femininely full.

And, the faint pink protuberance that is on the center.

…. To say it clearly, she is completely seen.

Because she realized that, Elisha also gave out a scream.


“――M. Mars!”


Unexpectedly, my name was called out with a powerful tone.

Of course, it was Elisha who called out my name.


“A, Ah”


As I was hesitating, it ended up in a half-hearted reply.


“Hey, you know.”


Likely because she is nervous, the words to continue weren’t quite coming out.

Elisha’s lips were trembling, and floated traces of sorrow.




This time, I managed to reply clearly.

And, I await the next words.

Honestly, I am not really sure whether should I be the one to start the conversation.

A room filled with silence.

I wonder how much time have passed?

Elisha’s eyes which had been pilling up with hesitation, lighted up with determination,


“――Please. The fact that I am a girl, please don’t tell anyone about it.”


She bowed her head.

As expected, it seems like it’s something that shouldn’t be known.

Elisha continued to lower her head, without a sign of raising her head up.

Is she planning to continue until listening to my reply?

I guess she’s that desperate.

To the point she has to request a favor like this to a friend.

I still have doubts.

But, I know what Elisha wants from me.

That’s why,


“I got it. So please raise your head.”


I have not heard her reason.

But, I answered that way.


“….is, is that fine?”


Elisha who raised her head to look at me.

Those eyes were slightly clouded, as if tears are going to spill out any moment.


“It’s Elisha’s request after all.”

“Th…that’s a relief……If I am found out, it’s possible that I might have to leave the institute.”


As if feeling relief from the bottom of her heart, Elisha’s face floated a smile.

She might be really worried about dropping out of school.



“Just because you were actually a female, as I would expect, I don’t think you would have to drop out, right?”


This is an adventurer training institute that has its principles based on strength.

If you have the power, I believe gender are just trivial details.

Even if anything happens, there should be at most just some kind of penalty, i guess.

Even then, it’s useless if I am not seen as a guy. There is no meaning in it if I am as a girl.

I wonder if there is any conviction behind it?


“If I am not a girl, no one would go easy on me!”


Elisha is very particular about becoming strong.

That is natural for the students in this institute.

But, her reason to become strong, is not because she wants to become an adventurer.


“……I need to be recognised as strong by a certain person..”


Which is what Elisha said.

But to this, I wonder if it has something to do with Elisha having to be a guy.


“I wish to become strong.”


From those words, I can feel clear determination.

The feelings to become strong is, without doubt, for real.

But Elisha.


“It’s not like females can become strong, right?”

“…..we won’t.”

“You can.”

“I couldn’t. I couldn’t as a girl.”

“Though my master is a girl, she is stronger than anyone else, you know?”

“I am not so special! If I continue to be what I was like that time, I wouldn’t become stronger!”


Elisha was baring all her feelings.

From the expressed feelings, I could feel various thoughts mixing together.


“Why do you think that way? Is there a reason?”

“…..It’s something that can’t be helped, even if I say it.”

“I won’t force you if you dislike it. But, if you think it’s fine to talk about it, please tell me.”

“…’s just a boring story.”

“Even so, it’s fine.”

“Mars has strange tastes. Even though it’s boring.”


It’s not boring.

After all,


“I want to know more about my friend, about Elisha”


I conveyed my honest feelings.

The reason why does being a guy means strength.

I wish to know about the reason she arrives at the current Elisha.

I looked straight at Elisha.

Looking at me, Elisha hesitated for a moment,


“…’s about an uncool, miserable, sorrowfully weak girl.”


As she said that, a story of a young girl began. (TL:Talk about cliff-hanging.) (ED: Not really. A cliff-hanger is something which has the protagonist at a point of death, thus a person hanging from a cliff. I feel this phrase is used too often now.)(TL: Oh! Editted then)

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25 thoughts on “Jobless – Chapter 34

  1. Foguinho

    Thanks for the chapter, not necessarily a Cliffhanger is:
    1. A melodramatic serial in which each episode ends in suspense.
    2. A suspenseful situation occurring at the end of a chapter, scene, or episode.
    3. A contest so closely matched that the outcome is uncertain until the end.


    1. Dark Jackel

      But that doesn’t mean that every single piece of unresolved tension is a cliffhanger. The term is *severely* overused. I think for it to be a true cliffhanger, an element of mortal peril should be involved at the least…


  2. Dark Jackel

    What!? Someone other than me who gets annoyed by the misuse of the term, “cliffhanger”? Impossible!

    …Just kidding. Thanks for the chapter! I’m looking forward to Elisha’s story, and Mars seduc– I mean, helping her… 😝


  3. willtellr

    A hangcliffer then? And people come up with the stupidest things. “I need to become strong as a man, because if I ever decide to go back to being a woman all my strength that I had until now would magically vanish!”


    1. pizzaking666

      “While Samson was asleep one night, Delilah cut off his hair. Samson grew weak and the Philistines seized him. They put out his eyes and chained him to pillars in the temple of their god Dagon. After a time Samson’s hair grew back, and his strength returned.” so who knows maybe her stupid reason is valid


  4. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Next time we will know her past…

    “It’s not like females can become strong, right?”
    “It’s not like females can not become strong, right?” ???


  5. ryve16

    This is a story of a girl
    Who cried a river and drowned the whole world
    She looks so sad in photographs
    But i absolutely love her when she smiles

    This was playing while i was reading this


  6. SenjiQ

    Thanks for the Chapter! I agree completely about cliff hanger being overused. It’s gone from being a point of sudden high drama with an aspect of danger or uncertainty, to any chapter without a definite resolution.


  7. xias1

    Thanks for the chapter.

    @ to the edito´s statement:
    (ED: Not really. A cliff-hanger is something which has the protagonist at a point of death, thus a person hanging from a cliff. I feel this phrase is used too often now.)

    -> The protagonist being in a life or death situation vs. a cute maiden´s secret being about to be revealed…
    What´s more important?
    Come on!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

    Of course, the maiden´s secret is faaaar more important than the protagonist’s life!!!

    The protagonist will survive anyway. So the outcome is already known.
    But the maiden´s secret past cannot be fathomed beforehand!

    So this is even more of a cliffhanger than all of the protagonist’s life and death situations combined!


  8. Darknet

    Why don`t you translate the light novel? It has nice illustrations and I think it is edited by a professional editor which makes it easier to translate. I even bought the novel to support the author 😉 ^^


      1. Darknet

        If it`s only about that I think there are enough people willing to donate money to buy a digital copy for him 😉 If not, I maybe buy it myself.


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