Jobless – Chapter 33

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Elisha’s Secret ④ – The 3rd Friend


After that,


“Shall we go for dinner after this?”


Totally unexpected, Sail invited us for dinner.

Elisha and I unconsciously exchanged glances.

For an instant――that scene floated in my head.

I wonder if Elisha wanted to talk to me as soon as possible.

But….is it really okay for us to be alone right now?

Elisha came out from the room earlier than I have predicted.

It doesn’t seem like her mood was bad.

But, I wonder if we become alone as it is, would we be able to calm down and progress with the conversation.

I thought back about Elisha’s reaction when I saw ‘that’.

The various items that came flying towards to the face.

Surely, the room is still in a bad state with the items scattered all around.

It was totally not an atmosphere where you can talk that time.

And, not much time has not passed since then.


Not yet, it might be best to just let time pass.

Also honestly, I can feel my empty stomach.

I believe if we were to talk after this, we might end up getting irritated from being hungry.

No, it will definitely end up that way.

Alright, let’s have our meal first.


“Elisha, is it okay if we have our meal first?”


Is it okay if we have that conversation later?

As I tried to get confirmation with that meaning included,


“…..ok. We did make that promise of eating together after all.”


Seems like Elisha remembered that promise.

In that case, there is nothing to lament about.

Thus, accepting Sail’s invitation, we made our way towards the canteen.

Likely due to having time passed slightly, the canteen seems to be rather in order.

From the kitchen, I could see the figure of Nirfa carrying the food to the counter.

As she approached the counter, Nirfa also realized our presence.


“Everyone, appreciate your hard work today! Looks like Sail-san is together today as well.”


Just the same as yesterday, she showed her smile to us.

Full of liveliness.

In spite of handling the tough work of managing this dormitory, she doesn’t show a single sign of being tired.

Certainly the Perfect Maid. (TL: Actually the author here used creative kanji where the actual word ‘Perfect Housewife/Housekeeper’ was used to represent ‘Perfect Maid’ here.)


“Mars-san, I see that you have also make friends with Sail-san”

“….well, something like that”


For now, I just left it as that answer.

Sail didn’t really threw any complains over.

Is it okay to presume that we became friends?

There’s nothing from Sail’s expression to judge at all.

…..Let’s try asking the person himself later.


“Then, allow me to also add a special service today! Please first choose which meal you would like to have.”


Today’s Menu

    • Roasted Duck, dressed with red wine
    • Salt Pickled Steak, garnished with vegetables
    • Salmon Meuniere (Herb Salt)

(TL: Hope it sounds as delicious as it intended to be.)

The above three.

Most likely it will be delicious no matter what I eat.


“Then, I will take the steak, i think.”


The food was placed on the tray.

What a nice smell.

To remove the raw smell from the meat, I believe some kind of spice have been used.

It really stimulates the appetite.

I am also anticipating Nirfa’s future cooking.

I wonder what would appear tomorrow.




Elisha ordered Salmon Meuniere.

Sail got the same steak as me, having his placed on the tray.


“Now then, I shall attached Nirfa’s special made――Special Drink for everyone.”


And then, she placed a drink filled in a bottle with a pop.

It was a colourless and transparent drink, like water.



“Thank you very much.”


Elisha and I gave our gratitude to Nirfa.

I wonder what in the world does it taste like?

As the drink is the same as water, I can’t imagine the taste at all.


“…..Is it fine that I have it as well?”


As Sail asked that,


“Yep! It’s for a commemoration of friendship.”


Towards Nirfa’s full-faced smile, Sail warped his face twitching.

As we tried to sit on empty seats as suitable, students sitting at the side went and left the canteen.

Within those are obviously students that have not completed their meal.


“…..what’s this about?”


Though I have a weird feeling about it, as the surrounding seats are quite empty, we just find seats randomly and sat down.

Elisha and I are side by side.

And Sail is on the opposite side of me.


“……seems like the rumor have considerably spread out.”


Sail said something like that.





Almost speaking out the doubt at the same time were Elisha and I.


“The rumor where Mars crushed Rusty-senpai.”


Now that you say it, there was quite the rumor spreading at the 1st floor dormitory just a while ago.


“It seems like it was spread rather dramatically.”


I will deny no matter how many times but, the one who defeated him was Elisha.


“It was something that just happen, right? It has already spread this much?”

“It seems that, you know? It also came to my ears without knowing when.”


It’s possible that in a funless and sealed space like the Adventurer Training Institute, a trifling rumor might end up spreading immediately.

And dramatising it half in jest, the information was being conveyed where it differed totally from the actual truth.

In fact, the situation right now is exactly that.


“This is the first time I have seen the canteen being this empty.”

“It was quite packed yesterday after all.”


Though it was a canteen where it was noisy with all the chattering yesterday, it is a place where whispering could be heard today.


“It seems like if I come with you, I would be able to eat my meals immediately everyday.”


Unexpectedly, Sail said that.


“What’s this? Do you want to eat with us tomorrow as well?”

“….not, it’s not about that.”


Sail averted his face.

This guy, is he embarrassed?




Elisha laughed to such a Sail’s reaction.


“Don’t, don’t laugh!”

“But, this is first time I see Sail being embarrassed after all.”

“I, I’m not embarrassed.”


These people, when did they get so friendly? (TL: Jealous? But aren’t you the one making that situation?)

Even though it seems quite bad yesterday.


“Could it be that both of you are actually close to each other?”



Sail stood up, shaking the chair with a clunk.

It was a violent rejection where it seems like he’s going to fly out from the table even now.


“In that case, let’s get along, shall we?”

“Why must I be told that by you?”

“Well, that’s because we are friends, right?”


“Am I wrong? I was sure that since you invited us for a meal, it was that intention though?”


As I said that, Sail was dumbfounded, changing his expresssion.

Likely trying to say something, his mouth was flapping open and closed.

But, no words came out.

That’s why in exchange, I tried asking again.


“Friends, right?”


And then, Sail stiffened his expression.


“… would think of me as a friend?”


“…..Is that so. Then, ….I guess I will be one then.”


Sail’s expression was stiff.

But, his heart is likely not.

After all, a certain portion of him is moving intensely.




Realizing that, Elisha started laughing again.


“Wh, Why are you laughing!”

“Well, I wonder why”

“Wh, What the hell!”


Sail who raised his voice.

But that could be Sail’s way of hiding his embarrassment.

As evidence, his tail was flapping over and over again.

Just like this, the 2nd male friend――…. No, wrong.

To me, Sail became my first male friend.

And then, I passed a noisy but enjoyable mealtime.

By the way, to add on, the special made drink that Nirfa made in exchange of the after-meal dessert, was a sweet and sour taste that goes down the throat well, a refreshing taste.

It is likely the most suitable drink to balance the taste after having a strong flavoured meal.

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