Jobless – Chapter 30

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Elisha’s Secret ① – After Returning to the Room, There Was…


* Mars’s POV *


Soon after returning to the room, the chime for dinner rang.


“Elisha, shall we go for our meal earlier?”

“Ah.. sorry. I will do that later.”

“Then, I will go for a bath first, so how about after I returned?”

“I got it. Then, I will prepare myself till then.”


I went out of the room and make my way to the bath.

About to go down the stairs….

(Ah.. crap…)

I forgot to bring my soap.

If I have already reached the bath, returning would be troublesome, but I have not went down the stairs.

I started turning back.

Returning to the front of the room, I opened the door. (TL: Finally that flag is here.. lol)





Elisha who was turning around.


No, that’s fine.

There’s not really any problem.

What problem is there to take off your clothes in your own room.

There’s none.

There’s none normally.

There shouldn’t be any problem…..




There were breasts…. (TL: Kita!!!! Kita kita kita!!!! TL: It’s here!! It’s here it’s here it’s here!!!)

If it’s a guy, it should have been a flat chest with nothing attached.

At that chest, there are two plump and soft-looking hills on it.

That’s obviously that.

The symbol of Motherhood.

That means Elisha is …..


“Elisha, you are…”



A scream.

A high-pitched female scream.

Elisha’s scream.

Wait wait. Doesn’t this look like I did something bad?

….no, did I do something?

…now, am I a pervert that peeped at a naked female?


“As expected, a pervert!?”


I pondered about the words Elisha told me yesterday in my head.

Then, I am really going to be accused with the infamy of a pervert.

Let’s calmly confirm the situation by asking Elisha.



“Ge.. Get out!!!!!!!”



A magic gem was thrown at me.

I ended up dodging it by reflex.

And then, things came flying one after the other.

Whatever that were at that area were thrown over.

There doesn’t seem to be any room for a conversation right now.

After judging that, I rushed out of the room.

Immediately closing the door, I confirmed my surroundings.

No one at all.

Looks like there wasn’t anyone that heard the uproar and came over.

(I am saved….)

I felt like I just have a narrow escape from death.

Most likely everyone was going to the canteen.

If Elisha’s scream was heard, who knows what would have happened by this time?




But, I still can’t be relieved just yet.

The me right now have lost my destination after all.

(What should I do from now on…..)

At the second day of entry to the dormitory, I have lost my place of residence.


* Elisha’s POV *


(I..I have been seen…)

I was seen naked.

Mar’s eyes was staring at breasts.

What should I do?

I was careless.

To confirm the injury inflicted by the werewolves, it was a bad choice to take off my clothes.

I was about to use recovery magic on the bruise on the abdomen.

At that time――the door opened.

As I turned around, Mars was there.

I never thought that Mars would return.

It felt as if the time has stopped.

Mars opened his eyes wide. (Since in English, we don’t say our eyes get rounded but wide, i guess)(ED: He just wanted to see better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). )

At the end of his sight is obviously my.. my breasts.

Stared at it.

Fixedly at it.

I am exposed.

I was found out by Mars.

Absolutely, with no doubt, I was found out.

My secret――The fact that I am a girl was exposed.

What should I do?

What should I do?

What should I do from here on?

Try to deceive?

Even so, how?

What Mars saw was a hallucination!

Please believe me――As if that will work!

What the hell am I thinking?

If I can use illusion magic, then at least it’s still possible, but I can’t use something like that.

In the first place, until yesterday, I can’t use magic at all, can I?

So what should I do?

Will Mars speak of this to anyone?

If that’s the case, wouldn’t I have to leave the institute?

(I can’t….!)

I absolutely can’t let this happen

I have not become stronger.

I must become stronger.

For that reason, I enter the adventurer training institute.

Become Strong, Become strong enough to not be look down upon, to the point they are unable not to recognise me.

That’s why I can’t leave this place

Leaving this place.

That choice is an absolute no.

Then, what should I do?

Calm down.

Think calmly.

Right now, it’s only Mars who knows.

If it’s Mars, wouldn’t he keep silence about it?

If I explain my situation, wouldn’t he understand?

Though I chased him out unreasonably just now, that was because I was surprised and stunned.

I ended up throwing various things at Mars

Perhaps, Mars might be angry.

I have to apologize.

First, let’s meet up.


And explain my situation.

Let’s request to keep my circumstances a secret.

Now that I have decided, I have to meet up with Mars first.

Where is Mars right now, I wonder?

I wonder if he is still in the dormitory?

No, perhaps.――

(He’s possibly already reporting to the institute….!?)

Thinking of the bad possibilities, things were progressing in that direction.

I rushed out of the room in a haste.

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    Mar’s eyes was staring at breasts.

    What should I do?
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