Jobless – Chapter 29

Translator: Yoshiro

Editor: Rumanshi

After School ⑥ Rumor

The student council.

It is a community that’s composed of top-class students, was what Raphie told me just now.


“Hee.. So Alicia is the top of the student council, I see.”


I see.

That’s why she called out to me when I came to the institute.

I heard that maintaining the institute’s public order is also one of their activities.

If that’s the case, it’s natural that they will be cautious if there was a suspicious student.


“….Mars-kun, can’t you use honorific?”


Lania also seems to have said something similar when we were talking to the principal.

Alicia-senpai seems to be one is noisy in regards to hierarchical relationships.

If I don’t fix it, it feels like I will get warned every other time.


“Sorry, Alicia-senpai”


I decided to just honestly apologize.


“….good. Even so, you have also quite the skills. To think that you didn’t break a sweat fighting that number of opponents.”


Though the one fighting is Elisha

I just dodge the attacks though.

Not defeating a single one of them.


“….I wonder if I should say as expected of Instructor Lania’s favourite.”



Somehow this expression gives an uncomfortable feeling.

Well, as the one who invited me here was Lania, it can’t be helped that it was thought that way,


“Though your appearance lacks of sincerity, it seems like you are quite the skilled person.”


(Nono, it’s from your perspective that most of the students look that way, I think…) (TL: Believe he is talking about the sincerity portion.. haha!)

Of course, I didn’t say it out.

If I said it, most likely she will give out guidance again.


“Senpai is the student council president, the top, right? In that case, is the senpai the strongest in the institute?”


Before I get warned, I decided to talk with honorific.

For the sake of the future, it might be best to start practising using a little honorifics.

It’s to the point of how Alicia’s sharp observation that I am seriously thinking of that.


“If your question is towards combat ability, then I am not the strongest.”


Alicia’s reply was unexpected.

The student council president is the top of the gathered top-class students.

That’s why certainly, the combat ability should be quite something, without doubt.

That was what I thought though.


“I am just outstanding but not the strongest.”


That seems to be Alicia’s self-evaluation.

If she is going to say it so plainly,


“Then that means there are students stronger than senpai, is that correct?”

“I am the first in terms of being the student with the excellent results defined by the Adventurer Training Institute.”


Ah, I see.

That’s why she evaluate herself as the most superior student, I see.

Even if she is better in terms of results, there is someone stronger than her, if it’s just combat capability.

President is likely thinking about that.


“But, when it comes to combat capability, there is without doubt one that is more capable than me.”


Strength that is recognised by the superior.

A student that the student council president, the top, would say without hesitation that is stronger than her.

I wonder what kind of a student is that person?

If I meet that person, I would certainly like to ask for a duel.


“That student is――”


In the student council? As I was about to ask that,


“Mars-kun, the next time you are free, do come to the student council community room.”


My words were interrupted by Alicia’s



“You have interest in the student council, right? I will tell you more in detail.”


No, it’s not like I am really interested in the student council though….

Looks like asking a couple of things seems to have caused a misunderstanding.


“For now, let me finish tidying up these stupid wolves. Elisha is also fine with this? Or do you wish to entitle them the punishment yourself?”



I wonder what you would do exactly?

I looked in the direction of Elisha.

The questioned Elisha without looking like he thought too deeply,


“No, no way…. I am fine after all…”


He said that while giving a bitter smile.


“I see. To some extent, I will give a stern warning. Just that, our authority is only to mobilize to maintain the minimum level of public order. If it’s trivial trouble, it’s possible that you will have to solve on your own again.”


In the event you are attacked, do something about it yourself.

I believe that is what Alicia is trying to say.

A institute with the doctrine of strength.

In times of trouble, solve it on your own.

If you didn’t like it, you can only use force to silence it.

Yesterday, Lania did say that, didn’t she? (TL: WAIT YESTERDAY!!!! How long have I been translating this?) (Ru: Many weeks)

I looked again at Elisha.

Elisha also looked in my direction,


“At that time, I will turn the tables on them!”


Towards Elisha’s reply, Senpai smiled as if satisfied.


“Also Elisha, after getting back your self-confidence, do return to the student council. I will be waiting.” (TL: Please wait for Mars instead :P)


After leaving, she said that to Elisha.

Now that I think of it, Elisha is said to be an ex-member of the student council.

Elisha could have been quite close with senpai.

Then, we make our way to return.

As Raphie is in the female dormitory, we separated mid-way.


“Can I come for a night visit?”


When we separated, she asked such a question.


“Elisha is also in, you know?”

“Please do not worry!”

“No, what do you mean by not worry――”


Without being able to say anything, Raphie returned to her dormitory.

Most likely, it’s a joke, I guess.

…..It’s a joke, right?

I will take it as a joke. (TL:……. Buwahahahah!!!! hAHAHAHAH!!!! )


* Alicia’s POV *


The sun has set, and veil of darkness has started descending.

As the bell has already rang, the people in the dormitory should be starting to have their meals by now.

I wonder if Mars-kun and his group have reached the dormitory.

As I think of that, I gave out a sigh.


“Seriously, caused me so much trouble.”


Right now, the infirmary is buried with the werewolves.

Alicia used magic to move them.

I really spent my time on such useless stuff.

Though Sister wanted to cast some Healing-type magic, I couldn’t forgive that.

It was injuries that they brought it upon themselves.

I don’t think there is any need for healing.

This is the Adventurer Training Institute.

If you are really aiming to become an adventurer, you can’t expect other people to assist.

No matter what situation, one must attain the power to survive on his own, only then you have become an adventurer.

And, this level of injuries won’t kill anyone anyway.

….. At any rate.

As expected, Rusty have way too much problematic conduct.

Since 1st Year , we have been in the same Class A.

Survived till the 3rd Year, though we have spent our time in this institute since then, the problematic conduct he has made was since the 1st year.

If there are students weaker than him and doesn’t abide to him, he will inflict violence on them.

Since he have been doing such worthless things, this werewolf is on the lowest rank of the 3rd years.

He does have the combat talent.

That is something even I acknowledge.

But, if the person himself have no motivation, nothing can be done.

If he could somehow rousing himself, he should be slightly better than his current self though….

…. This time, after losing to a 2nd year, would he rot even further?

Or would it rouse him?

That’s something to see.

But, to a 3rd year that lost to a 2nd year, it’s necessary to put in a little motivation.

Let’s not say Mars-kun who have been recommended by Instructor Lania, he was defeated by Elisha who was still in his rehabilitation.

Not only that, it’s setting a bad example for a 3rd year to be defeated by a 2nd year.

Perhaps, there is possibility that there are some 3rd year students that might come out to meddle as well…..


(That’s not possible…)

If I think of it calmly, there isn’t any student who would think of getting revenge for Rusty who is a hated lone wolf.

Rather than that, the problem is the 3rd years aren’t big of a deal.

There might be students that appear to have that misunderstanding.

This time, Elisha won because Mars is there. (TL: Wasn’t it Mars-kun?)

If Elisha continued to fight alone, Rusty would have won with high probability.

Originally, it was a battle Elisha wouldn’t have won.

Without being quite the talent, the difference of 1 year is big.

For a 2nd year to defeat a 3rd year is difficult.

That’s why you can’t strike back.

I don’t think there are people who can’t make that obvious judgement, but there is always exception.

The society isn’t made up of just excellent people.

後顧こうこの憂うれいを断ち、万全を期す。(TL: A phrase)
Removed the worries for the future, and be prepared with no oversight.

For that reason,

(… is there any good method?)

And, just thinking for a bit, I thought of an ingenious idea.

There is a simple method to remove the disgrace of the 3rd year as a whole.

Rusty lost to Mars-kun.

I just have to do that.

The transfer student that came in suddenly in a bang.

Plus, he is also Instructor Lania’s favourite.

To lose to Mars-kun, even the 3rd years also can’t help it.

Certainly, students who think that way would increase.

He has far less injuries right now compared to Elisha-san who defeated him but was also ridiculed as the degenerate by the 2nd years.

And the 3rd years would also not want to put a finger on the instructor’s favourite, MArs-kun.

If anything happens, it is possible that they will receive the instructor’s backlash.

They will think of that certainly.

Yep. This is quite a good plan even if I say so myself.

Though I will end up telling lies, this is for the sake of the honour of the 3rd years and also the public order of the institute.

(Sorry, both of you……)

As I apologize in the depths of my heart, I decided to spread this rumor.

(Maybe I should use the News community….)

The News community is a community that is useful at a time like this.

A community that aims to release and gather news.
Very little members and are not being recognised officially.
Operating under the direct control of the successive student council president.

Basically, it is a community for the student council president.

Other than the successive student council president, there is no one who know of its existence.

But, its capability is definite.

From the previous student council president, the member of this community comes from a clan that is on a different continent across the ocean.

They were said to be part of a clan called ‘ninja’ on that continent.

After leaving the infirmary, I called out the chairman of the News community.

And then, out of nowhere, a figure appeared from the shadow.

This community member has an exact appearance with the description of lying dormant in the darkness.


“… as usual, what a strange magic.”

“….what business do you have?”


As a black cloth is being used to cover the face, I couldn’t see the expression.

Not just the face, the whole body was in black.

Though there was once where I asked them why are they wearing such clothing, it seems to be the uniform of the ninja.


“I wish that you can spread a rumor.”


“That the 3rd year Rusty have been defeated by the 2nd year transfer student Mars by the most awful method. I guess you can also spread the fact that Mars is Instructor Lania’s favourite.”

“――I understand”


Just saying that, the ninja disappear into the darkness again.


“Well then, what’s left is Rusty’s punishment….”


Since this time I have been quite troubled, shall we do a close-cropped head?

Shall we also shave off the fur of the ear?

No, that’s is expected too pitiful so I will exempt the fur on his ears.

The head being slippery, and the ears being furry.

I am looking forward to the reaction of Rusty when he wakes up.

I, then, returned to the infirmary.

For the sake of making Rusty a only-ear-has-fur bald head.

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