Jobless – Chapter 27

Translator: Yoshiro

Editor: Rumanshi

After School ④ The Result of the Fight


* Elisha’s POV *


(Why did it end up like this….!)

Mars dodged the attacks of the werewolves the attacks easily, as if rhyming to dance steps.

There is no indication of the attacks making contact at all.

Even though he seems to have the composure to counter-attack, he doesn’t make a single one.

Mars is only dodging the attacks continuously.

And sometimes, he will look at me.
~Chira, Chira~ Just moving his sights.

Somehow, Mars seems to be having fun.
I am starting to feel excited.

(What are you thinking!)

I wanted to shout that.

That shows how many people he is taking on.
You have no idea how long Mars’s stamina can hold on

No matter how strong Mars is, there is always that possibility.

Then, should I quickly use magic to save him?

But, if I force myself to use magic, and my magic goes on a rampage….

There are many people who gather here due to catching onto the uproar.
There is the possibility of dragging them in.

The best would be not to fail in the activation of magic.
An ideal situation would be to disable their combat ability with a degree of not causing a heavy injury.

But, just throwing ‘Light’ at an opponent is already my limits.

The damage of ‘Light’ is none.

It’s not something I can use to disable the combat ability of my opponent.

If I throw ‘Light’――

(…..un? But… I see….!)

If all I need to do is just to disable the other party’s combat ability, magic is not the only way.



“Particles of Light――”


I can only just try!

There is no other idea!

To determine my aim, I thrust my right hand to the front.

As Mars looked over here, I feel like he raised his head slightly.


“Mars, close your eyes!”


After verifying that Mars covered his face with his arm, I use my magic.




A Light-type magic of zero damage

But, I adjusted the intensity of brightness to the max.

I threw it at the center of the werewolves.

Instantly, as if an explosion of light, the surrounding illuminates.

It was a light that seems to burn your eyes, even if you covered them.

But, I quickly opened my eyes.

The light had already dissipated.


“Gu――my eyes….”

“Crap, where are you!?”


As planned.

My plan worked.

As I dash, I put in magic to the magic stone and form a weapon.

I made the defenseless werewolves unconscious using the back of my sword.

One, two, three, four, five.

I will defeat everyone before their sights return.

Six, seven, eight, nine――and lastly, the leader of the werewolf.


“――Wind! ――Blow to devastation!”


Rusty shouted.

And then, a wind as strong as a storm came blowing.

I couldn’t get closer than I already am as the wind is acting like a barrier.


“….. crap, finally I could see. Crap you! What the hell is that! Just ‘Light’ actually…. Crap! Crap! Crap you!”


Seeing his fallen fellows in the surroundings, he stamped his feet without trying to hide his annoyed state.


“Damn it! In the first place, who are you! Making a surprise attack when I am fighting with this guy! You coward crap!”

“No, how can you say that when you are the one who attack Elisha with that large number first?”


It seems like Mars spoke what I felt.

The werewolf glared at Mars who was totally calm and replied unconcernedly.

His eyes holds the thirst of blood.




Without any words, he started dashing towards Mars.

But, Mars didn’t move.

Only to move his sights to me.


“Elisha, you have one left, you know.”


Those eyes――believe that I could stop him.


Mars is――

If you are going to do that in this situation, I――




The raised right hand emitted a surge of light.

This attack of the speed of light was at a speed faster than the werewolf’s attack reaching Mars.




The attack shot through the enemy target.


* Mars’s POV *


“…. D, did I do it?”


As if not believing what he did, Elisha said that while isolated.


“Ah, you did it!”


The last attack was a splendid use of the Light-type magic.


“It was a splendid attack.”

“I.. I did that?”


Looks like he still doesn’t believe it.

But, if you see the people that fell, what happened just now is obvious.


“It can be done if it’s to protect, right?”



Elisha’s eyes started overflowing tears, ~Buwaa~

I thought it was tears of happiness at first but,




I was hit in the region of my chest.

~Poko~, or actually it was quite painful as it was more like ~Buko~!


“Stupid, Mars is an idiot! Why did you do such a thing!”

“Such a thing?”

“If it’s Mars, you could have defeated them quickly, right?”



Is he angry that I didn’t do a thing?


“That’s because you said you were going to defeat them.”

“…. even then, if I couldn’t use magic, you could have been in danger, isn’t it?”



Ah…. that’s what it is.

Most likely, Elisha is worried about me.

He is angry and crying for my sake.

Somehow, I feel like that something inexcusable.

Perhaps, I could have thought lightly while trying to get Elisha to use his magic though,




I didn’t expect to be worried that much.

That’s why I will apologize honestly


“Do you really feel sorry?”


“Then ….I will forgive you.” (TL: Seriously, I am not expecting a he to say something like this…Hair standing…)


As he said that, a smile floated out.


“It’s a truth that because of Mars, I could use magic.”


Likely due to shedding tears, Elisha’s face was slightly red.

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      1. xias1

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        Remember how Raphie reacted to Elisha´s smell and the fact that Elisha and Mars are sharing a room several chapters ago?

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        So Elisha is most likely a girl disguised as a boy for some unknown reason.

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        So Mars definitely is a boy – no worries there.


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