Jobless – Chapter 26

Translator: Yoshiro

Editor: Rumanshi

After School ③ A Fight to Protect

* Elisha’s POV *

The werewolves were making a rush attack together.

None of them were carrying weapons.

However, a fierce attack from the high physically-capable werewolves is a threat, even if they are unarmed.

In the first place, if they attacked with their knife-like claws, it is definitely a fatal wound when hit at a vital spot.

If I can’t dodge all of them, I have to at least protect the most critical areas.

I will receive all attacks that can’t be dodged and aimed at non-vital areas.

That’s what I decided.

But the werewolves did not aim for the vitals.

The opponents aren’t serious.

Then, it seems like I can find an opportunity from there.

I will observe all their attacks.

Totally no teamwork.

Each of their movement have a weakness.

The reason why I can somehow stand up to so many people is because of that.

But, I do not have the composure to make a counterattack right now.

I am losing my stamina gradually.

I know that my pulsation is getting intense.

My breathing is in disorder.

If it turns into a drawn-out fight, I will be at the disadvantage.

To be able to finish up these number of people, I have to use magic.

But――can I do it?

I have to use a magic with an extent of power that doesn’t cause a very bad injury.

A reliable control of magic is necessary.

It’s been a while since my last actual fight and I have to do that?

The memories from the incident is being recalled in my head.

The appearance of a burnt and collapsed student.

Just thinking of that sends shiver down my spine.

I despair at my own doings.

As if my thoughts have stopped, unable to think of anything――


“Don’t just stand idle!”


At that instant of negligence.




The fist of the werewolf was thrust into my abdomen.

My breathing stopped.

My knee collapsed, unable to support my body.


“Your legs have stopped, you know.”


Desperately enduring it, I dodged the attack somehow.

(Don’t think of anything unnecessary…..)

I said it to myself.

Right now, I should battle to protect Mars.

Elisha firmly gazed at the opponents, swooping his way.


* Mars’s POV *


As we exit the front gate, there was already a crowd.


“Did you hear? It seems that degenerate has picked a fight with the 3rd years.”

“The degenerate you were talking about, is it the 2nd year, Elisha, right? Why did he…?”


From the clatter, such a conversation entered my ears.

(Elisha did….?)

Is there some sort of a mistake?

The Elisha I know isn’t a person who would pick a fight with someone else.

Did the rumor got spread out mistaken because he was walking alone?

Trying to confirm the real situation, I forced my way through the crowd and,


“Hey! What happened!”


What came to view of my eyes is not a brawl.

It was Many versus One

And within that scene of those words that floated in was without doubt Elisha.


“You are only assertive at the start, aren’t you?”


It seems like the opponent who is attacking Elisha is generally werewolves.

Against a number of werewolves as the opponents, Elisha was having a hard fight.


“There is no meaning to just running away!”


He is doing well dodging the attacks coming from all directions.

But, there is totally no room for attack, only a full defensive fight.

Likely because the opponent has the superior numbers so they have the composure, it’s not like they are seriously attacking Elisha.

As proof, there was totally no attacks on vitals.

What the werewolves are doing is violence to create pain,

But, Elisha’s eyes shows that he isn’t giving in to the violence.

Without losing its glow, he did not give up on victory.

He is calmly looking at the opponents’ movement.

To find a way to break through of this situation.

(Though I am thinking of helping out….)

It seems that it’s best that I do not do that for now.

If he is making the determination to fight to the bitter end alone, it’s unrefined to help out.

Though I made such a judgement,


“All of you, what are you doing!”


At my side――it seems that the black-haired spectacle-wearing elf doesn’t think that way.


“P, President …..Alicia”


The movement of the werewolves stopped simultaneously.

Now that I think of it, it seems that previously she was also called President?

What is that about?


“….this is not a training, right? If this continues, I shall give out punishments, you got it?”


I can see the anxiety on the expressions of the werewolves.

From their expressions, I can feel something like fear as well.

Are these people afraid of Alicia?

Though she said punishments, I wonder what is she planning to do specifically?


“There is no longer the intention to fight. Is it fine for me to judge it that way?”


A utter once again.


No one is making any objecti――


“Wait Alicia. This is actual combat training.”


One of the werewolves came out to the front from the group.

Though I am bothered as to why only this werewolf tried to correct Alicia.


“Rustyー… The one who lead on this is you, I see”


As if troublesome, Alicia gave out a sigh.


“Lead on? What are you talking? I said it just now, didn’t I? This is only a training assuming an actual combat.”


Having a face scar as if cut by a sharp object, the werewolf make a smile, Niya~, without having a timid expression.


“In an actual fight, it’s normal to have multiple enemies, right?”

“Though it seems to me that it is an one-sided violence.”

“That’s just your imagination.”


It seems like the guy Rusty is planning to excuse himself out of this.


“Then, I shall change my question, but do you plan to continue this training?”

“That’s right. There is something this guy to tell me after all.”


Rusty looked at Elisha

This guy, is a 3rd year, I see.

I wonder what is he trying to sound out?

Is that the reason for this conflict?


“Something you want him to tell you?”

“Ah. There is this transfer student called Mars Ruina, right? I have business with that guy but…. After asking this guy, he doesn’t want to tell me.”



Alicia closed her mouth.

Not making a single word.

I wonder if she is troubled about how to answer.

After all, I am right here.

Elisha also have not realized my presence.

Looking at Rusty with a stern look.

But, it seems that the reason for this battle is due to me.

If that’s the case,


“Yo, senpai. I am Mars.”

“……what?” (TL: LOL!!! )


I gave out my name

Rusty, who was looking at me, is making a idiotic face.


“….you are…. Mars?” (TL: Still stunned?)


“Don’t tell me you have been looking all this time?”

“Ah, just a while before.”

“Haha, Oioie, did you stay quiet looking at your friend being attacked?”

“Yeah. That’s correct.”

“Hahahahahaha, Oi oi, Degenerate, did you hear that?”


What are you laughing at?


“This guy doesn’t seem to care about you, you know?”



Elisha didn’t say anything.

Just looking at me with his honest eyes.


“You have quite the ‘friend’, you know”


The werewolf’s followers also distorted into a funny expression.


“Hey, did you misunderstand something?”

“Huh? What did we misunderstand?”


As expected, they didn’t know anything.

This is a misunderstanding at its finest.


“Elisha is trying to defeat you guys alone? If that’s the case, there isn’t any need for me to lift a finger, is there?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? You can really say that after looking at this situation.”

“….this situation, doesn’t have a result yet, right? Isn’t that right, Elisha?”


As I called out to him, the sights of the surroundings also turned towards Elisha.

And Elisha,


“…..Un. That’s of course.”


To let everyone here hear it,


“I planned to win.”


Elisha announced certainly.


“Elisha has already said it.”

“……haha――oioi, are you serious?”


Rusty floated a wry smile, amazed.


“Why do you think it’s a joke?”


A question was returned with a question.

From the start, why is he doubting everything I said?

I have not made a single joke since just now.


“….oioi, I seem to have been looked down upon.”

“Huh? What have you been saying since some time ago?”

“That’s enough――”


Rusty’s mood have changed.

He is not even trying to hide his thirst for blood.

Though he seems to want to fight, his target for blood shouldn’t be me, right?


“Alicia, this is training. Just teaching a 2nd year, how to fight.”


The werewolf made a evil smile, and


“That’s why――Don’t make a move!”


He kicked the ground with both of his legs.

It is fast itself.

He is faster than Sail by a bit, I wonder?

Rusty’s fingertips were aiming at my head.

Though unarmed, his claws were as sharp as edged tools.

If it hits, my throat would be crashed.



“?…..? He….?”


It seems like he doesn’t know where I went.

The werewolf was looking around at his surroundings restlessly.



“Hey, Senpai.”



I voiced out from behind.

I think he was shocked that he was dodged.

Or shocked about the fact that I took his back.

From his expression, I can see disturbance.


“What are you going to do fighting me? Your opponent is Elisha, right?”


There is no way such an attack is going to connect.

It’s a straightforward movement,

The same as Sail.

I wonder if all werewolves are unable to move without being direct?


“…. what did you do?”


“What the hell did you do?”


No, I just dodge your attack though…


“Magic? But in that instant?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? To dodge an attack of that level, there is no need for magic, right?”

“Chi…..It seems like you don’t intend to tell us about the kind of sleight of hand that you did?”


This guy hasn’t been listening to what I have been talking about since a while ago.


“Then I will just destroy you, and force it out.”


And the attack restarted.


“What a big attack.”


An attack to the face was dodged by just turning my head away.

The second attack was also the face but I dodge it by turning my head in the opposite direction.


“Just keeping moving around!”

“Like I said, the one you should be fighting is not me, right?”

“Shut up! I will settle the degenerate later!”


I dodged the visiting kick with a backstep.


“…. in that case, ――Oh, Wind!”


With Rusty at the epicenter, a strong wind pressure was produced.


“….now then, can you dodge it!?”


Most likely, he is using the wind to increase this speed.

His attack speed is rising compared to his previous attempts.

To the point where I think that dodging is a chore.


“….what the hell!? Why aren’t I connecting!?”

“Hey, have you been listening to me?”


I don’t feel like staying as your opponent though…?

Shall I just defeat him?

But, after Elisha announced that he is going to defeat them, I am troubled if it is fine for me to defeat him.

(What should I do….)

As I am hesitating while dodging the attacks, Elisha’s face came into view――

(I got it….!)

I just thought of something.

Since it’s like this, I just have to make use of these guys.


“Elisha, I won’t make an attack on these guys.”


“Please use your magic and defeat all of them.”



Looks like my idea was something that would make Elisha exclaimed.


“Y, You, are you looking down on us? Not attacking? Don’t joke with me!”

“There will be an attack. Elisha will”

“Y――You, I will really make you regret! Hey, don’t just stand there and look, help out! Everyone, stop his guy from moving!”


From the Dog boss’s order, the werewolves moved to try to catch me.


“Now then Elisha, do try not to target me. The targets are the werewolves.”

“…..w, what’s going on?”


Why are you making such a weeping voice.


“I am really not making an attack. Come and save me Elisha.“


“If you don’t save me, I will be beaten down, Bokoboko, by these guys…”


Use magic to protect me.

It’s an indirect way of saying that.

To protect his friend, he have to use magic.

Elisha was entitled to that name. (TL: He is talking about the name “friend”)

Now then, what should I do?

With this, if Elisha is able to use Attack-type magic, it will be splendid.

If unable to…. Though I feel sorry for Elisha, I will defeat everyone here.

What I am worried about is whether their stamina will last.

Don’t collapse so quickly, werewolves.

At the very least, hold on until Elisha could resolve himself to use magic.

Thus, I will have to continue dodging attacks for a short while.

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