Jobless – Chapter 25

Translator: Yoshiro

After School ② Elisha’s Determination


* Elisha’s POV *


After separating from Mars and group, I came to the front gate of the institute.

At the gate, there were more students gathered around than usual.

I wonder if someone is waiting for a person?

As I thought about it,


“You are Elisha of the 2nd year, right?”


I was called out by one of the person in the group.

He’s a male werewolf.

From what I can see, he doesn’t seem like a 2nd year student….


“That’s right, but is something the matter?”

“….That person called Mars Ruina, where is he?”

“What business do you have with Mars?”


Towards someone who don’t even say his reasons, I can’t tell him the location.

In the first place, it’s obviously that it’s not a pleasant business.


“You degenerate! You should answer what you have been asked!”


The werewolves started surrounding me.


“At the very least, he doesn’t seem to be here, right?”

“….hey you――”



The werewolf’s fist came grazing my face.


“Do you know the current situation?”

“Situation? Am I going to start dancing waltz with every single person here?”


That’s impossible.

I do know that much.

But, I figured out the reason where they are waiting in a group for Mars.

Surely if it’s Mars, even if I don’t do anything, he should be able to resolve this anyway.

But, I can’t just honestly replied Mars’s location even if that’s the case.

That’s an action of selling out a friend.

Mars is my friend.

The number of the enemies are high.

I still can’t use Attack-type magic.

There is no guarantee I can win from fighting.

But, I will show that I can do something about these people somehow.

Even if it’s a little――I want to be able to confidently say that I am Mars’s friend.


“Ha――You have some guts!”


And thus――Elisha’s fight began. (TL: On the next episode of Jobless……..)


* Mars’s POV *


It was at the time when I was about to enter the instructor office.


“Excuse me.”


As I thought of hearing an overly serious tone from the inside, the door opened,




The female elf that came out from behind the door bumped into me.


“Oh…. you alright?”


I embraced the female’s body, after pulling her hand when she was about to fall from the collision. (TL: Wow, he is something….)

The hugged female lifted her face.

Our eyes met.

(Are? Spectacles….?)

It was a familiar appearance, when I looked at it again.

As it seems to be the same for the female as well,


“――Yo, you are…..!”

“……Ah, the elf yesterday” (TL: What’s this tingling feeling I am getting?)



She is the female elf I met when I first came here.


“H,how long do you plan to stay like this? Release me!”


As if jumping around, she hastily distanced herself from me.


“It’s been since yesterday, i guess.”


Though I thought we will meet again somewhere, it was quite a quick reunion.


“… seems you are really a transfer student”

“Didn’t I said that?”


So you were still suspecting it?


“…. I apologize for treating you as a suspicious person without verifying that time. But, as you are also in the wrong for loitering around in that appearance, please do make sure you wear your uniform in the institute from now on.”


A commanding tone.

Even though she is supposed to be a student like me, she has a more severe attitude than the instructors.

In the first place, though I didn’t have uniform that time, there is no point in saying this now.


“….Ah, I will be careful, okay?”


I decided to apologize obediently.



“I will be careful. Okay?”


She included instructions for speech.


“I will be careful.”

“Very well.”


After I immediately correct myself, the female elf nodded satisfied.

But, seeming like she haven’t finished herself, she fixed her eyes, where the insides possessed the beauty of emerald, on me.

Now that I think of, I heard that the green eyes of elf are the symbol of High Elf, but is that true?

As I was thinking about that,


“It seems like there is no problems with the way you wear the uniform. Just that, I guess it would be better if you would buttoned up your shirt a bit more.”


Seems like she was doing a clothing check.


“Oh――Excuse me. I have not introduce myself. Alicia Restent of the 3rd year.”

“I am the transfer student of the 2nd year, Mars Ruina”

“Mars-kun, you say. I shall remember that. Now then, as I have errands to do for my community, I shall excuse ――”


At that time――




A male student came rushing over to Alicia hastily.


“What happened?”

“Ahead of after exiting the front gate, there is a brawl uproar――”

“Brawl….? I understand. I shall go immediately.”


Receiving the report from the male student, Alisa went to the location.

(Brawl uproar you say…..)

He did say it was the front gate, right?


“Raphie, let’s go as well.”

“Eh….? M, Mars-san, how about the magic stone?”

“It’s fine after that, right?”


Towards me who was chasing after Alicia, Raphie followed me in a fluster.

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