Jobless – Chapter 24

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

After School ① Community

With the previous Healing-type Magic lesson, the whole schedule for today is over.

And at the same time, my first institute day has ended.

It’s evening time when the sun has set right now.

At this point of time in the dormitory, Nirfa should be very busy with the preparation of dinner.


“Mars. Thanks for the good work today.”

“Mars-san. Thanks for the good work.”


Elisha and Raphie gave me words of appreciations.


“Ah, thanks for the good work. After this, is everyone returning to the dormitory?”


The students can be seen leaving the classroom, one after the other, so as I asked that question,


“While there are people returning to the dormitory, there are people using the institute’s facility to practise too. Then, there are also people attending community activities.” (TL: Hm.. Co-curricular activities.)



The word ‘Community’ that Elisha said is something that I have not heard before.


“U~nto…… How should I explain this?”


As Elisha exchanged looks with Raphie,


“A community is basically a group of people that formed an organisation to do a specific task.”


Raphie firmly gave an explanation.


“Organisation? How big is the scale of it? What kind of task do they do?”

“It depends on the community. For example――”


Student council

  • Formed by top class capable people, chosen by the instructor.
  • Associating with other institutes
  • Management of Institutes events
  • Maintaining the minimum public order within the institute.


  • Manufacturing of weapons and armor
  • Performing actual sales to the guild, town and merchants.
  • Contribute the income to the institute


  • Can learn the compounding of medicine
  • Performing cultivation and the likes of medicine in the institute
  • Can go out to the streets to buy ingredients.


  • Learn the preparation method of monster
  • Actual search and gather of ingredients within the dungeon.


  • A community for the sake of battle practice
  • The most participant in a community.


  • Research and experiment of Magic
  • Development of Magic Tools


That was the description of the various activities of the communities that Raphie told me.

Other than those 6 communities that are being officially approved by the institute, there seems to be other communities that exist.

Though it’s the student’s freedom to establish a community, there are no funds from the institute if they are not approved by the institute.

Basically, if it’s self-sufficient, then do as you like.

Though there are multiple approving conditions, at the present stage, it’s because there wasn’t any interest in it, so they do not want to listen to it.


“Are both of you in an community?”

“Raphie didn’t join, but Elisha-san was previously a student council member.”

“…. though i was dismissed. I am also not in any community right now.”


But, to be a member of the student council, that means within the institute, Elisha true ability was quite high.

Now that I think of it, they did said he represented the 1st year in last year combat battle.

During the Magic Control practice, I remember someone saying that he was the previous head of class or something.


“So Elisha was previously the institute’s Elite?”

“…when Mars says that, it’s just sarcasm.”


I was told that as if being amazed.


“If Mars-san is interested, Raphie can guide you to the different community rooms….?”


Raphie gave such a suggestion.

Though it’s not that I am not interested,


“I guess I will not do that today. But, thanks, Raphie. If there is another chance, I will leave it to you.”

“Got it. Please leave it to me.”


Without making a unhappy face even once, Raphie nodded.


“If you are going to visit, then a day off might be a good time, i think.”

“Day off? This institute has day offs?”


The red-haired Instructor, that got me all the way here, did not say a single thing about it though…

“Did you hear it from Instructor Lania? After six days of lesson, there will one day off, you know?” (TL: that’s quite taxing…)


….Totally wasn’t told about it.

I was certain I will be having lessons everyday.


“While there are lessons during the normal days, it’s convenient that we can have our meal in the dormitory after all. You can’t have long community activities, right? That’s why all community activities are mainly held on day offs.”


Towards Elisha’s explanations, Raphie added.

I see.

That’s you say a day off is a good time.

Seems like it will be interesting to observe the community since there is a day off.


“Then, shall we return for today?”

“…. that’s true.――oh, sorry. Before that, I need to go to the Instructor office.”

“Is there something?”

“I have not received the magic stone from Lania.”



Ah.. It was Raphie who voiced out when she seems to have remembered it.

As Raphie knows about the situation at that time, she likely voiced out unconsciously due to that.

After all, I didn’t manage to receive it during the break in the end.


“I will return to the Instructor office, so both of you should go on ahead――”


Before I could finish, Raphie grabbed my arm.


“Raphie shall accompany you!”

“…..I got it.”


Towards the feelings of the rabbitfolk girl who made a smile, Nikko, I couldn’t refuse it flat out.


“What are you going to do, Elisha?”



The sights of a hesitating Elisha faced Raphie.

Raphie was complaining about something to Elisha with her eyes.

What was complained is something I wouldn’t know.


“The, then, I will just return back first, I guess.”

“Is that so? Then, shal we go?”

“Un. I will be waiting in the room, so after you returned, let’s have a meal together.”


Just promising that, we went out of the classroom.

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