Jobless – Chapter 23

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lesson ⑬ Today’s Last Lesson

We were returning to the classroom from the dormitory.


“This is the first time I am absent from lessons.”

“Since that was an order from the instructor, it shouldn’t be considered as absent, right?”


Though it could have been fine to continue training like that,


“I don’t want to be absent from lessons beyond that.”


Is what Elisha said, so we decided to appear for the next lesson.

(For now, he was able to strike “Light” without fearing after all.)

Even if it’s just one step, he is definitely moving forward.

Elisha, next to me, is also showing a somewhat gentle composed expression.

As expected, after being able to use magic to some extent, some form of composure was born, I wonder.

As I was thinking of something like that,


“Mars-san, it’s bad to have an affair, you know?”


Raphie approached to me.

What is this rabbit talking about suddenly?


“I didn’t do that, and there isn’t anyone to have one with too?”

“Is that true?”


Raphie wasn’t convinced.

In the first place, Raphie and I aren’t lovers though…. Nay, saying that right now is not pleasant.

It’s so not good to ruin the mood after all.

And then, Raphie looked at Elisha, Ji~~…

As if it feels awkward, Elisha’s expression turned stiff.


“Is, Is there something?”

“……It’s a no, you got it. Mei! Desu”



Like a kid scolding their parent, Raphie is being caution towards Elisha.

I wonder if Raphie has something to say?

By no means, do you think I will have an affair with Elisha, don’t you?


“Raphie, I don’t have such gender preferences, you know?”

“…. if it’s like this, it seems fine.”


Of course, it’s fine.

After Raphie gave a sigh of relief, this time Elisha is the one looking, Ji~~…

I wonder what on earth do you say about this situation?

It feels as if they are probing each other out.

Though it could be just my imagination, it doesn’t feel really friendly.

As they are both my friends, I would like them to get along if possible though….


――Gaann, Gaaaaaannnnnnnnn.


We can hear the bell ring.


“Mars-san. After lesson, please let me guide you around the institute.”


Just saying that, she returned to her seat in a haste, without listening to my answer.

Immediately after that, Instructor――the nun from the church, Yumina stood at the instructor’s desk in the classroom.


“Shall we start the lesson?”


With a smile like Virgin Mary, the lesson started.

The lesson Yumina is in charge of is Healing magic.

As the name implies, Healing magic can heal injuries and also cure poison and paralysis, a convenient magic.

Human’s healing ability――To accelerate the cell activity is the basic effect of Healing magic.

It’s elementary level to be able to heal simple wounds.

If you want to able to restore any abnormality like poison and paralysis, that would be on intermediate level.

Advanced level of Healing magic is able to repair amputated parts, but in the event that the flesh itself is lost, healing is impossible.

If the target of healing is no longer there, you can restore it after all.

Even then, to be able to use Healing magic is important for an adventurer.

While there are plenty of people who solo quests, it’s fine to say it’s necessary for the ever-trouble-seeker adventurers.

The church’s friars and nuns excel in Healing magic fundamentally

That’s because in the event people in the village or town got injured or sick, they will rely on the church.

People who believes in their god would be healed from receiving god’s miracle.

Though the actual thing is not god’s miracle but magic, to believe that is your personal freedom.

Well, as they heal many people of many different kinds of conditions, this is why in terms of Healing magic, the people in the church are more specialised in it than the inferior adventurers.

In reality, Yumina’s lesson was really easy to understand.

Not following just what was written in magic books, accelerating healing ability from scalds or something about being more effective by using water as an intermediary when using Healing magic, but it was a lesson based on her experiences till now towards the effective usage and application of Healing magic.

It was a wonderful lesson though…..


“Instructor Schnack! I got injured. Is it okay for you to heal me?”


For some reason, suddenly, up came an injured person,


“U… my stomach hurts….. Could I receive instructor’s healing?”


For some reason, patients started appearing… (TL:….. no comments…..)


“I was sleep-deprived so I am kinda sleeping, so can I have a lap-pillow…”


Obviously, people with ulterior motives also appeared.

Well, this fellow got the whole class burbling together. (TL: I don’t think the girls would bother.)

But, as a result, the student looked in bliss for receiving the Healing magic from Yumina.

Yumina faced each and every one of them with sincerity.

She ended up taking the trivial jokes seriously.

Unlike the efficient lesson of the other freshly -graduated instructors, Instructor Yumina’s lesson seems to have lots of unnecessities.

In the first place, there is no need for Yumina herself to be healing, isn’t there?


“Yumina… Instructor. I have an suggestion”

“? What is Mars-kun?”

“In the event of a injured or sick person, how about letting the students do the healing? While it will allow the student to learn, I think the lesson would also be more efficient.”


I suggested.


“――That’s fantastic! Then, let’s make use of that idea to conduct the lesson next time.”


It got high praise.

But――Giro――I could feel a sharp glance.

I was pointed with plenty of killing instinct.

It was from the male students.

Could this be,

(doing something unnecessary…..?)

It seems like due to my unnecessary idea, it appears that I have turned many male students against myself.

Organisational lifestyle is something difficult.

Even though it’s a Healing magic lesson, I learned cooperative personality. (TL: LOL!!!!)

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