Jobless – Chapter 22

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lesson ⑫ Elisha’s Sin

It was when Elisha and the others are still in their first year.

The incident happened during the Institution Battle Competition last year

In the Institution Battle Competition last year, Elisha was chosen as the representative of the first year and was to contest against the students of the other institutes.

In that contest, Elisha inflicted a rather serious injury to the opponent.

Likely due to being very anxious and tired, he caused a magic rampage.

A magic rampage is the condition of when you lose control of magic power during use of magic, and the magic power was released from within the body without the intention of the user.

Seemingly having tried using Explosion, Elisha’s magic might been gathered as the source of fire in the surroundings.

The fire then ignited the released magic and caused a huge explosion.

Though students who came for observation studies and related personnels were not hurt, the opponent got a serious injury from the explosion.

It was a burn of the extent of atrocity, even looking at the whole body. The sight of the whole body was a burn of cruel atrocity.

As the principal was present and immediately gave treatment, their life was saved.

But, of course, continuing the contest was impossible.

Elisha was disqualified for dangerous conduct.

It seems like Elisha is regretting it even now.

The fact that the opponent’s future could have ended because of him

The fact that, even though his life was saved, he was inflicted in a situation where he was contesting in the intense Adventurer Training institute, he would need a long period of time to heal


“After that match, I could no longer use magic. From that time onwards, to use magic――I might have feared about inflicting injury to other people.”


So in the end, his results dropped to the point he is called a degenerate.


“If you ask me, i think the problem is the opponent’s fault for not being able to deal with the situation of Elisha’s magic rampage.”


The chances of being rolled up into a magic rampage in the middle of a combat is plentiful.

Nevertheless, and to say that it is dangerous conduct is totally stupid.

You will only die if you are unable to deal with it.

If you are asking whose fault it will be, it will be the person’s fault for not dealing with it there.


“…the next day, when I went to apologize to the opponent, I was told the same thing. That ‘This injury is my own responsibility. That’s why don’t sweat it.’ I thought I will be scolded――No, I thought I couldn’t even meet him.”


There is no person who would say “I am sorry for hurting you” in a combat area.

It’s all your own responsibility.

You fight upon understanding that.

You must accept that dying is natural for either of them.

I think that opponent understands the essence of combat.


“But, I am scared. I was only thinking of becoming stronger, and didn’t understand the essence of battle. I didn’t think deeply about injuring my opponent.”


To fight with someone is to have a risk tagging along your side.

That is for yourself, and even for the opponent.

You might die.

You might be killed.

I think Elisha understood that obvious truth.


“Perhaps if Elisha does not overcome this trauma, you won’t be able to use magic.”

“….Can I overcome it?”

“You are going to overcome it, right? You said it, didn;t you? That you have someone you wish to be approved by. If that’s the case, you can’t just be stopped here, right?”


If that feeling is for real.


“And plus, if you feel that it is scary to hurt, then it will be fine if you slowly change your thoughts.”

“Eh? What do you mean by that?”

“For example, it’s not a magic to hurt, but think of it as magic that protects.”


That’s one of the suggestions.


“To protect…?”

“There is magic that also inflicts injury. No, rather, it might be the majority instead.”


If you are afraid to hurt your opponent, then just change your conception.

That magic is not for the sake of destruction.


“But, it can be used to save someone, it can also be used to protect.”



To my words, Elisha affirmed it and strongly nodded his head.


“In reality, Elisha can use Protective-type magic like Reflect and Barrier. Basically, you can use magic to protect your own body.”

“I wasn’t able to use it until yesterday. But, it’s because of Mars, I managed to use magic today.”

“Rather than it’s because of me, Elisha made a huge improvement just from today.”


By using his own will, he can be able to use magic.

It should improved his confidence from just knowing that.


“At this rate, if you slowly change your awareness and overcome your trauma, you might be able to use Attack-type magic again someday.”

“….but, it’s not good if it’s ‘someday’. I do not have much extended time left.”


“There are fixed intervals of test in the institute. As it is necessary for Attack-type magic in that, if it goes on like this, I will be set for drop out on the next test.”

“Drop out? You mean to leave the institute?”


When I asked, Elisha just nodded his head in consent.

Then all the more, isn’t it bad if you aren’t able to use Attack-type magic?


“But, due to Mars, I think I can see some hope. Magic for protecting, to save. If I think of it that way, I might be able to do it somehow.”


From the swaying eyes of Elisha that doesn’t seem to have much confidence, I can see a strong light of intention dwelling in it.


“Then, shall we try it right now?”


“Of course, you won’t be able to use Attack-type magic immediately. For now, let’s start with trying to throw ‘Light’ at me, shall we?”


Like what I did to Elisha, I asked him to attack with ‘Light’ that has totally no attack power.

There isn’t any problem if I got hit from ‘Light’, so the one of the throwing side can also be at ease.

And plus, this is the dormitory after all. (TL: Can’t you use the battle drill room? And why are you using the dormitory? There should be dorm-rules right?)

We do not have to be worried of breaking things.


“For example, how about thinking of me as a thief? That thief has stolen someone’s belongings. So to retrieve that belongings, Elisha is going to use magic. You aren’t using magic to hurt your opponent, you got it?”


Imaging is important when using magic.

By undergoing the process when you have the object and magic power, you can then form magic.

It’s enough if you just follow the steps to use magic according to what was written in the magic book.

But, when controlling magic in reality, it makes it easy to form magic when you have a really strong image to strengthen or weaken the power of the magic, to make it big or small.

If it’s a fire magic, what kind of fire is it.

Is to the extent of a open-air fire okay, or a hell fire that swallows everything.

Even if it’s the same magic, depending on the user’s image, the range and strength of it will differ.

Naturally, as the power increases or the range widens, the power required will also increased, so no matter how strong your image is, if you do not have the magic power, you will have the limitation of forming the magic.

In terms of the amount of magic power, there is no problem for Elisha.

That’s why what’s left is the problem on his awareness.


“Throw the thief a distraction!”

“….U, Un. I got it. I will try!”


Elisha immediately sang the magic ‘Light’

A small light ball settled down on Elisha’s palm.

The appearance of the light is weak.

Elisha’s intention of not wanting to hurt the opponent is exposed from it.


“――a…… I did it! I did it, Mars!”


Just from being able to use the most basic magic within the Light-type magic, Elisha seems to be really happy from the bottom of his heart.

From the look of it, you can really see what Elisha have been troubled about when he can’t use his magic.

As soon as he could, he wished to be able to use Attack-type magic


“Yosh! Then, try throwing that at me. Make sure you control it such that it won’t disappear before reaching me.”

“U, Un.―― here, I go”


The thrown light ball hit my chest,


“….are you scared?”

“….I am fine!”


As expected, he is still scared.

But, though a no-damage light ball, he could throw it at someone.

What’s left is only to change slowly his consciousness of fear that has been rooted deep in his heart.


“Yosh! Elisha, I will receive no matter the amount! Keep them coming!”

“I, I got it!”


A Magic practice that not even children would do.

If anyone is going to see this, they are likely going to laugh.

But, Elisha is serious about it.

Of course, I am as well.


“Make the light stronger slightly. It should be a distraction!”

“U, Un!”

“Wait Elisha, that is a bit too bright!”


Though there is no guarantee that this will allow him to be able to use Attack-type magic, even then I will believe that this will be beneficial for Elisha, and will continue the practice till the bell of the end of lesson rings.

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    1. Aoitenshi

      I suppose Elisha has been doing this in a completely wrong direction. She inflicted a major injury to her opponent in a tournament because of ‘anxiousness’ and ‘fatigue’, likely because of not having enough sleep. It would have been good if she just trained her mental in that area instead of developing a trauma.

      But I guess traumas don’t work that way.


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