Jobless – Chapter 21

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lesson ⑪ Reason for Not Being Able to Use Magic


After having our meal, we went towards the staff office.

As I am the one who has business with it, I thought of going on my own but,


“Raphie will go with you as well!”


And, snuggled up closely.

Honestly, the matter itself isn’t a big deal.

I just thought of taking the magic gem from Lania.

As I entered the staff office,




Though I was looking for Lania’s figure, I couldn’t find it.

I guess I should come again? As I was thinking of that,


“Is something the matter?”


The person who called out was a Dark Elf Instructor.

As I looked, she is a very voluptuous lady.

Though she was wearing a black ceremonial dress that settles in well, and can be taken as neat and clean, for some reason, she is even more alluring than Lania who wears clothing of intense exposure.

The face that somewhat floats a feverish smile releases a charm that bewilders men.

(….I wonder if this is due to the blood of the Dark Elf)

The reason why the Dark Elf are being loathed might have been due to this aura.

It’s like a Femme Fatale that attracts men.

Even if you know that getting close will only lead to your fall….




Raphie strongly raised her voice.

For some reason, she is glaring at me.


“Lani… Where’s Instructor Lania?”

“Ah, if it’s Instructor Lania, she went to the battle drill room with a student.”

“With a student?”


Could it be Elisha?

He could have requested Lania for training during the break.


“If she have not returned, then likely that she is still training, i guess? If you are concerned, why don’t go over and take a look?”

“I see. Then, I go over and take a look. Thanks for assisting. E~tto, Instructor, your name is….”


The Dark Elf instructor made a captivating smile and,


“Listhy Lilifur. Do remember it, Mars-kun.”


After introducing herself, including a wink in it, Listhy called my name.

That was unexpected.

I never expect her name to remember my name.


“My name, you remember it.”

“Fufu, it’s the student Instructor Lania has recommended after all. There is no instructor that doesn’t know your name.”


I wonder if recommended students are so rare, or it is rare that Lania recommends someone.

Well, if it’s the instructors of this institute, it might be natural for them to remember the names of the students.


“Mars-san, let’s go already.”


Trying to urge on, Raphie dragged my arm.


“That’s true. Since I already know Lania’s location. Thanks for the assistance, Instructor Listhy.”

“Fufu, see you, Mars-kun.”


I almost unintentionally addressed without honorifics.

Doesn’t seem like my habit will go off just yet.

Not having an angry look, Listhy waved her hand at us leaving the staff office.

If Lania was looking, she will surely have made comments, i guess.



“Seriously, what’s with that instructor!”


As we left the staff office and was walking towards the battle drill room, Raphie knitted her eyebrows in displeasure.


“To think she was trying to flirt with Mars-san, it’s a problem as an instructor.”

“Well, be it Lania or Listhy, the instructors comparatively has a really rough spot to them.”

“The instructors of the Adventurer Training Institute are mostly active duty adventurers or retired ones. Though they might have some traces of that time, they wished to draw a line with the students.”



I am drawn with interest to Raphie’s words.

All the instructors were adventurers, I see.

Now that I think of it, there isn’t anything strange since the principal was also an adventurer.

And since they are nurturing adventurers, it’s natural to have adventurers instructing after all.


“Mars-san, please be careful! That person was looking at Mars-san with lewd eyes! That is a carnivore! Since I say it, there is no mistaking that!”

“A, Ah. I will be careful”


As I am pressured by Raphie’s vigor, we entered the battle drill room.

And immediately, we could verify the figures of both Lania and Elisha.


“Ara? You all also came.”

“Ah, We have some matter with Instructor-dono”

“…. I see. But, please wait for a while.



In the middle of the battle drill room.

In the form of facing his back to us, Elisha was standing in his uniform appearance.

I could feel strong magic powers from the surroundings.

Though Elisha said that he couldn’t use magic, it’s not that his magic power was gone..

In the first place, there was no confirmation from many magicians on this continent that magic powers could permanently become empty.

If Elisha couldn’t use magic, it’s because there is some reason why Elisha doesn’t want to use magic――in other words, there was some kind of trauma.

(Though most likely it’s related to the accident that the instructor and rest of the class was talking about.)

During the previous lesson, I taught Elisha that he could use magic.

That’s why it will depend on the person himself after that but,


“――Oh, Flash!”


Elisha tried using magic.




But, nothing happen.

Even the magic that can be felt from Elisha was dispersed somewhere.


“…..still can’t as expected.”


That mutter is disappointment… no, dejection, i wonder?

It felt like there were some of that feelings mixed in it.


“Though he have been repeating that multiple times, there wasn’t once where it went well.”

“There was quite the amount of magic power. Normally, even if he could use advanced magic, it’s not supposed to be weird at all.”

“That’s true…. At the very least, I could feel that in terms of magic power, it’s clearly higher than Raphie’s. But, it seems like he couldn’t mold the the magic.”


As he tried to mold the magic, the magic power seems to disperse.

In the case for using high difficulty advanced magic, there are cases where magic power is insufficient or the inability in controlling magic resulted in the failure of the formation of magic.

But, that shouldn’t be the case for Elisha.

In reality, as Elisha showed that he could use an advanced magic in reflex, it doesn’t make sense that he couldn’t use basic attack magic.

(though it might result in a surprise attack….)




I threw a damage-less Light at Elisha――normally, it’s a magic used as a substitute for a torch in a dark dungeon.




Elisha turned around.

The light ball hit Elisha soon after.

―― or supposedly should have happened but,


“A, Are?”


Elisha who was peeping the surroundings in wonder.

The light ball is already no more.

Just before it hit Elisha, it hit a magic barrier and dissipates.


“I see….”

“M, Mars, just now, what did you do to me?”

“I didn’t do a thing. I just threw Light at you, that’s all. And then, you used magic to defend against it.”

“Raphie saw that as well. Elisha-san really was using magic.”

“Mars, what’s going on”


Three of them looked at me simultaneously, and appealed for an explanation from me.


“Wait wait, I haven’t confirmed yet. Elisha, the next would be a Fireball. Show me how you defend it.”

“E, Wai, Wait――”



Totally not worrying about the panicking Elisha, I released the Fireball.





The Fireball dissipated due to the barrier.


“W, why can I use magic…”


Looking at both of his hands, Elisha widened his eyes.

Unable to believe what happened just now, that was what the expression is showing


“Elisha, try shooting magic at me.”

“U, un.”


While still lost, he aimed his hand at me as told.


“――Oh, Flash!”


…. Nothing happened.


“….. I see.”


So that’s the reason. And as I was agreeing to something on my own,



“What does this mean?”


As Elisha dropped his shoulders, Raphie tilted his head, still unable to understand why.



“Could it be attacking magic….?”


Seems like Lania realized that.


“Most likely, that’s the case.”



If you understand something, please do tell me.

Elisha’s eyes was appealing that.


“Elisha, could it be that you are afraid of hurting someone?”



As if suffering from pain, elisha distorted his expression.


“… th, that is…”


Seems like Elisha himself have something in mind.


“Elisha-san’s grades started to drop after that accident, right?”

As Raphie said that, *Biku*――Elisha started to shiver, and hold his body as if afraid of something.

There was an accident in the past.

That seems like a well-known truth.


“…. I see… that’s why, I…”


Perhaps, he might have been aware about it.


“Though I have no idea what happened, unless you overcome the trauma of that accident, perhaps it will be difficult to use magic that attacks other parties.”

“No way… then, I….”


That expression filled totally with a tragic impression.

Possibility not being able to use magic. That was what is written on his expression.



“Is it too early to give up?”

“…Mars…. That’s because.. I ”


Elisha looked at me.

That expression was totally green.

If it’s in my ability, I wanted to help you.


“Hey Elisha…… If it’s okay, can you tell me about that accident?”

What is it that became the trauma inside Elisha.

Once that’s understood, perhaps, an idea to solve the problem will appear.


“…but, if you hear it….”


If you hear it…?

As expected, he doesn’t want to tell me, i guess?

Elisha swayed his eyes uneasily――


“Perhaps you might scorn me, Mars…..”




“What is it? Don’t tell me you wet your bed at this age? If it’s to this extent, it’s not like I will scorn you ―― D,Don’t tell me it’s the more urgent one!?”

“….N, No! That can’t be it, right!? Don’t say that kind of joke at a time like this!”


The downed and green look on Elisha was instantly dyed red.


“What. then there shouldn’t be any problem.”



While I smiled, Elisha hid his face again.


“Hey, Elisha. You are my first friend.”



Elisha raised his face,


“I won’t scorn my friend, Elisha.”


“I promised.”


I am not just saying.

I still do not have the means to proof myself.

I wasn’t thinking of such a convenient thing that Elisha would believed in me, who he met only recently, to be frank about his feelings.

It’s just that, if Elisha believes in me and talk, I would like to be of help with all my strength.

If you ask me why, that’s because we are friends.

For a reason, that’s more than enough.


* Elisha’s POV *


Mars looked straight at me.


“I promised.”


Eyes with no lies.

I want to believe in Mars.


『I will surely help you.』


I remembered the words that was said during the time at the canteen.

I was also saved by Mars that time.

That’s right.

Mars and I are friends.

Though we only met just yesterday, I believe that Mars is my best friend from all the people I have met throughout my life.

I feel that he is the best of friends ever.

It’s not something that is said casually.

I really think that way.

That’s why ―― I am afraid of being scorned by Mars.

But, perhaps that thinking might have been wrong.

Likely my――even if whatever happened that day is revealed, Mars would surely not scorn me.



“….I got it. I want you to listen Mars. Regarding that day――the sin that I have committed.”


* Mars’s POV *


It was when Elisha is about to start talking.

――Gaaan…. Gaaan。

At the worst timing, the bell rang.


“!? … crap, isn’t the next lesson mine”

“This is ….. To show that the break is over, right?”

“That’s right. But, I ordered that both of you will be having self-study till the next bell. This is an Instructor’s order after all.”

“….eh? What about Raphie――”

“You will return to the classroom with me.”

“N, No way….”


A not-so-satisfied Raphie.


“Raphie, sorry. Please leave both of us alone for now.”

“….I got it….”


Even then, when I say it, she withdrew without objections.

(I have to compensate Raphie somehow later.)


“This place might be used by some other class, so you guys should also move to another place”


And then, both of them left the battle drill room.


“Let’s change our location too.”



Now then, I wonder where would be a good place to settle down and talk.

While thinking, the place I moved towards was….


“If it’s here, we could talk peacefully, right?”


We returned to our own room in the dormitory.

If it’s here, there won’t be anyone who would hinder us.


“Then, would you tell me?”



Urged by me, Elisha started talking slowly.

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