Jobless – Chapter 20

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Yoshiro: Just random talk, I just keep getting the voices of Elisha being Hanazawa Kana, and Raphie being Uchida Maaya/Toyosaki Aki.. I wonder why..

First Day of Lesson ⑩ The 2nd Friend


On the deep wooden-colored table, we began eating our meal left on the tray

Wondering if the students who have eaten their meal have increased, there were no students sitting by our side.


“Hey Raphie, was that your magic just now?”


As I was eating the vegetables stew, with totally no meat, I asked Raphie.

Obviously, Raphie did something.

If it’s magic, then it should be Mental-type magic.


“Yep… Though it is supposed to be a secret, I will tell you about it specially.”


Raphie placed down the scooped spoon and,


“As you have predicted, that is the magic of allurement.”

“As I thought. But, there is one thing I am bothered about.”

“What is it that you are bothered about?”

“Though Allurement magic are also the same, Mental-type magic have all high degree of difficulty, right? Did you use it not all a huge number, but also at the same time?”


To do something like that, it should have been impossible, even a magician of High Wizard Class.


“Though Raphie’s group, the rabbitfolk race have no strength, for the sake of becoming the other half of a strong person, we have our only forte of the Allurement Magic.”

“You mean you have something like a racial special characteristic for the purpose of using the Allurement Magic.”



Though Raphie honestly nodded, my queries have not ran out yet.


“Even then, why is it that the Allurement Magic has an effect on female students as well?”


It’s strange that Raphe can allure female students being a female herself.

Of course, though I can’t say that people with such gender preferences, the Allurement Magic is something that amplifies the target’s feelings, but it is not supposed to also change the gender preferences of the target.

It feels like the magic Raphie used isn’t Allurement Magic, but something close to mental control or brainwash.


“That’s because that is not magic.”

“Uhm? What do you mean?”

“I used the Allurement Magic to make the male students listen to my request. But for the female students, I used a technical skill that control females. I ordered them after having them controlled via the technical skill.”


Technical Skill――After hearing that, I comprehended the situation.


“Raphie, you are a possessor of technical skill, Skill Holder?”



Technical Skill――It’s a personal ability that the people who lives in this world might have.

Though it’s the same as magic arts or magic in terms of a convenient ability, the absolute difference is that without any contact beforehand, it just suddenly manifest itself.

There is no connection to a technical skill manifestation.

Whether you desire for it or not, by the time you realized it, it’s manifested and you are able to invoke it at that instant.

Perhaps, it’s possible that there is some kind of factor for the skill manifestation, but right now, that mystery still have not been solved.

While there are people who manifest their technical skill not long after being born, the people who never manifest it throughout their lives, are also not in small numbers.

Also, another big difference in magic is that they are not confirmed examples of another person having an exact same technical skill.

A technical skill is a personal ability.

Abilities that have been manifested are of a variety, for example, like healing ability, being able to unlock any locking devices, hardening of one’s body, and while they are useful abilities, they are also those that are totally useless.

There is no need for magical power in the invocation of the skill, and as depending on skills, it’s possible that there is no restriction to consecutive activation, so ability-wise, it’s even more convenient than magic.

I heard from Master Aine that a portion of Skill Holder are being treated like treasure by the Guild and the royalty.

(Raphie’s technical skill is outrageous….)

Such convenient technical skill don’t come easy, i think.

And, what’s a convenient skill to the user, it’s the opposite for the others.

If this ability is found out by the Guild or country, it’s possible that they will desire for Raphie, no matter the means.

Even if it’s in a way it ignores the person’s will.

I looked at Raphie’s eyes.


“Ah, please do not be worry. I won’t use the Allurement Magic on Mars-san after all.”


Unsure what was mistaken, Raphie was making a such a misunderstanding.


“I know that. Plus, even if Raphie did use magic on me, I don’t think there will be any effect, you know?”

“U~n… as I expected. With Raphie’s magical power, I think I am unable to break through Mars-san’s mental defence.”


The weakness of a Mental-type Magic is that it only affects targets whose magical power is lower than himself or herself.

Also, people who holds mental fortitude that does not sway are also not affected.

In the end, magic is not almighty.

Just that, technical skill is not the case.

Unlike magic, it’s difficult to defend using magic.

Especially if it’s not something that follows the physics.


“Raphie, is there any restriction on that technical skill?”

“Yeah. There are two of them. The target of invocation can only be females. I won’t activate on male targets.”

“If it’s a skill that works on males, then it is possible for me to be controlled as well.”

“That’s certainly possible. There hasn’t been any target that couldn’t be controlled by this skill after all.”


In the other words, does that also mean the instructors of this institute as well?

If that’s the case, it’s really relieving that the skill is only restricted to females.

As I was thinking of such things, I was looking at Raphie and then,


“But, even if that’s the case, Raphie won’t use it Mars-san. There’s no meaning if I do not use my own charm to turn you towards me after all.”


Raphie who is facing me smiling

I can feel genuine good will from that smile.

Though I am happy frankly, to be said that right to the face, it’s embarrassing as expected.


“…. you really say something embarrassing. Let’s go to the next one, the next one.”

“Ehehe, please don’t be shy. E~to, ah, we were talking about restriction, right?”

“One is that it can only be used on females. So what’s the other one?”

“The other one is for the same target, it will only invoke once a day. For example, if it activates in the morning during breakfast period, the next time that same target can be invoked is on the breakfast period of the next day.”

“What’s the effect duration and range?”

“On the level of a few minutes. Unlike magic, there is no need for the release incantation. In terms of range, it will be a distance where Raphie’s eyes can reach the target’s. If our eyes do not meet, it will not invoke.”


That’s quite the user-friendly skill.

Depending on how the skill is used, it’s fine to say that against females, it’s almost invincible.


“To tell you the truth, I am awared that I have quite the powerful technical skill.”

“…. regarding the ability, have you talked to anyone about it?”

“Nope, only Mars-san. Even for those who noticed that Raphie did something, I believe they only thought that I was using magic.”


That’s true.

Power that stays in the body would destroy the body.

Either being used by others, or exterminated as a dangerous factor.

At the very least, it’s not like the rabbitfolk Raphie has high combat ability.

That’s why, since I have listened to the talk,


“Mars-san. If Raphie is about to be attacked to have my ability misused by bad people, please save me certainly.” (TL: I think Mars-san thinking sense was broken when Raphie made this sentence so it ended up feeling quite disjointed.)

“I listened with that intention from the start.”



After I replied immediately, Raphie widened her eyes.

It’s best that something like that doesn’t happen.

But, as long as she holds such a powerful ability, you can’t say it won’t happen for sure.



“I will protect you. To me, Raphie is no longer a stranger.”

“…eh? That.. what does that mean?”


Looking at me was a dizzy Raphie who was tensed up and flushed.

Somewhat unlike me, I also started getting nervous.

Now that I think of it, it’s the first time I say it from my end.

…. After some time passed――I made my resolve.


“Raphie, please be friends with me” (TL: Doooonnnggg! Friend-zoned!)

“I got it!――…. what?”


Immediately after swinging her head vertically and vigorously, Raphie tilted her head as it is.


“Is, is it not okay?”


I wish for Raphie to become what will be my 2nd friend.

But, the reaction was not what I thought.


“….N,No. It’s not that it’s not okay.”


For some reason, Raphie’s face was cramping up,


“Then, is it fine?”

“….yeah. From now on, Raphie and Mars-san are friends.”


Like this, I managed to become friends with Raphie.


“But, by tomorrow, we will be lovers, and by the day after tomorrow, we will be a pair.”


Is that a joke? Nope――her actual thoughts? It’s already being blended in but, I was really happy.




Naturally, I was giving a smile,


“….though it’s slightly regretful…. Let’s see. If Mars-san is going to make such a happy expression, then Raphie is also happy.”


Raphie also turned over with a smile.

That smile was one that I thought to be the best smile from what Raphie had shown today.

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