Jobless – Chapter 19

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lesson ⑨ Having Lunch with Raphie

“Mars-san, shall we have lunch together?”


After leaving the battle drill room and reaching the first floor, Raphie called out to me.


“Are? It’s already noon”

“Yeah. Though I actually wanted you to eat Raphie’s specially made bento, unfortunately I didn’t bring anything today…. that’s why, let’s go over to the canteen together!”

“So there’s also a canteen within the institute. Elisha, what are you planning to do?”



Though I called out to Elisha who were behind us, there was no reply, thinking that he might be thinking about something.


“Oi~, Elisha~”


As I stopped my feet and called out,





Elisha went plunging into my chest.


“Are you alright? You were spacing out, what happened?”



Elisha frantically separated from me, but his face is painted red.


“Then, what is Elisha planning to do?”

“Planning to….?”

“We were talking about having a meal with Mars-san.”

“Eh… Ah! It’s already lunch time….”


As Elisha behaved like he was thinking slightly,


“Sorry. I will have to decline it.”


He rejected the invitation.


“Are you feeling bad?”

“Nope, it’s not that. There is something I want to think about.”

(Something to think about…..)


I was recalling the training some time ago.

Though Elisha said that he couldn’t use magic, Elisha made use of magic in the training just now.

Whatever he is thinking about is probably related around that point, I guess.


“Mars-san. Since Elisha is already saying that, let’s go with just 2 of us today.”


Being in a good mood for some reason, Raphie came hugging my arm.


“I am really sorry, even though you invited me. As the canteen will become packed if you don’t go over quickly, please go ahead with the two of you today. See you.”


Saying just that, Elisha faced his back to us.


“So, Mars-san. Let me guide you to the canteen.”


Thought I am bothered about Elisha, perhaps I should not interpose unnecessarily right now.

When Elisha is thinking that the problem is something that he should solve with his own utmost ability.

I will only open my mouth when Elisha himself request for help.

(For now, I manage to create a trigger anyway….)

I went towards the canteen while being dragged by Raphie.


* Elisha’s POV *


Just after parting with Mars and all, I went towards the Instructor office.


“Excuse me.”


Entering the instructor office after knocking, the glance from multiple instructors came to me.

Even those, Lania’s appearance was there.


“Is there something?”


Towards Instructor Lania who called out to me,


“During the period of the lunch break, may I use the battle drill room….?”

“Right now?”

“Yes. I have something I wish to try.”


That nostalgic feeling of being able to use magic

I wish to practise it so I don’t forget about it.

Though Instructor Lania was hesitating slightly to my words,


“I got it. But, I will be accompanying you.”

“I am sorry to disturb your break. I will be in your care.”


Though I was a proposal with conditions, I agreed without hesitation.


* Mars’s POV *


Though I were going towards the canteen under the guidance of Raphie, it’s awfully full of people at this timing.

As there were students running, it feels somewhat restless and hurried.


“By the way, these are the 3rd year’s classrooms.”


On the way, as we passed by, I was given such an explanation.


“After advancing past the 3rd year’s classrooms, the canteen will be there.”


Turning right after exiting the classroom and ahead of that would be the 3rd year’s classrooms.


“So within the classrooms of the first floor, the nearest to the canteen would be 3rd year’s classrooms.”

“Yep. The institute’s thinking of “those with power would acquire favourable treatment is obvious here. ”


As we chattered, we went straight past the 3rd year’s classroom.


“This is the institute’s canteen!”


Immediately, the canteen is here.

Wondering if there are many entries and exits, the door is always being opened.

Though room is quite wide and the seat count is also high, it seems to have already been buried.


“U~n… It’s quite packed.”


Raphie leaked discontented words

Students requesting for lunch are congested at the counter.


“Stew, with plenty of vegetablesー!”

“Hey, you stepped on my foot!”

“Wait a moment, I queued up first!”


It looks as if there might be an outbreak of student battle.

(This is worse than the dormitory’s canteen….)

Though it’s for the whole institute’s use so perhaps it’s natural, you don’t have the luxury to eat your meal leisurely as expected.

(Well, I guess I should also take Raphie’s share here….)

Thinking of that, I tried to step into the human swirl but,


“Mars-san, please leave it to Raphie.”


Raphie declared to me as if getting fired up with grasping both hands with *Gu*.


“Leave it to you, what do you plan to do?”

“From today’s menu, I wonder what meal would you want to eat the most?”

“From today’s menu…?”


Being asked, I looked at the menu.

As it was the bottom, due to the human traffic, I can’t verify the menu.


“T,though I do not have specially anything that I hate to eat…. Is it fine? If it’s impossible, do you want me to get it?”

“It’s fine. Mars-san just have to wait here and it will be fine.”



Not long after trying to stop, Raphie went towards the chaotic counter triumphantly.

Is it really okay?

Other than just me who was concerned, there was one person, and then one more student and a few others that gave way to Raphie.

And then, before you know it, Raphie arrived at the forefront of the counter.

The people fighting for the queue are now silently queuing up.

(What’s going on….?)

Receiving the food, Raphie was returning to my side leisurely.

There are two sets of stew on the tray.


“Mars-san, sorry for the wait!”

“No, I didn’t wait at all. Or more like, I am surprised that it was unexpectedly fast.”

“Fufu~ could it be that you have a better opinion of me? Did you fall for me again? Would you become my partner?”

“….for now, let’s find some seats.”

“Ah, that’s right. Before that, can you please wait for a moment?”


As she said that, Raphie faced her back to me.

From the uniform’s skirt, the feature of a rabbitfolk, the short tail, appeared. (TL: Mars-san no Ecchi… 😛 )


“――Unlock the Love Illness”


That’s what I heard.


“Now then, shall we go?”


Wait a second. And, I took the tray from Raphie, moved towards the empty seats.

Immediately after――


“Hey! I am the one who came here first!”

“Shut up! Those who are faster get it first!”

“Kyaa, hey, don’t push!”


The return of the noise could be heard from the back. (TL: She is also quite OP…)

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