Jobless – Chapter 17

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Yoshiro: This is one long chapter… compared to the rest….

First Day of Lesson ⑦ – Controlling Magic


“Now then, let’s begin the lesson.”


It seems that the elf instructor would be continuing lessons after Magical Science.


“Hey, Elisha”


I secretly called out to Elisha in a low voice.



“The name of that instructor, what do you call again?”

“Ma, Mars… You don’t remember the instructor’s name…?”



To begin with, it’s sudden.

There is no way I can remember the instructor’s name.

Elisha sighed lightly.


“Instructor Shiris Elfard. Do make sure you remember it.”



Having a strict looking face, Instructor Shiris continued the explanation of the lessons unconcernedly.

It seems like today’s lesson will be in regards to the control of magic.


“To begin with, let’s form pair.”


All students started to separate into each of their pairs.

“Mars-san, let’s pair up together!” was what I thought Raphie would press in, but it seems like she has paired up with another student.

If that’s the case, I …


“Elisha, how about both of us together?”

“….yeah…. Just that, since I can’t use magic.,….. perhaps it might not work out as Mars’s training.”


Elisha’s expression sank.

Now that I think of it, he was saying something about not being able to use magic, didn’t he?


“For now, shall we just try what we can do? It’s possible that by some cue, you might just regain your magic”


After making a suggestion like this,


“…. that’s true. Then, it might be a bother for Mars though.”


Smiling slightly, Elisha agreed to pair up with me.


“Everyone has paired up, right? Now then, let me explain the lesson we are about to have.”


As the pairing has been completed, the unconcerned instructor opened his mouth.


“Both of you are to continue moving within this area, and release attack magic with the intention of hitting. Of course, it’s fine to dodge it, or offsetting it with another magic is also fine. The thing is to continuously releasing magic. The one who makes the most hits with magic is the winner. However, strong attack with fatal capability are forbidden.”


(I see….. Instant decision-making and accurate magic control, it is also necessary to predict the opponent’s movement… this is quite a practical combat lesson.)


“Each pair have the time until this sand tube finishes its fall. You will continue until I give the confirmation.”


Saying that, Instructor Shiris took out a tool that has a transparent tube filled with sand.

It seems like the time for each pair is until the sand completes its fall.


“Is there any questions?”


The instructor surveyed the surroundings.

After verifying that there are no one who wants to ask something,


“Then, then start with those who wish to do it. The others are to study by observing.”


And then, the lesson for Magic Control began.



Though I have seen scenes of a few pair training, the level is higher than I thought that I couldn’t get sick of watching it.

Specially the pair that is fighting now is interesting.

Their movement are totally synchronised.

As if knowing the action taken by the opponent completely, without dodging a single attack, they were offsetting each other’s magic by knocking their own into the opponent’s. Even though they were moving around, that magic control is accurate and unparalleled, from the pairs I have seen, these two are without doubt the best.

But, what’s even more shocking is their appearance.

I believe they are probably twins, but they have the exact same appearance.

At the very least, it’s to the point you can’t differentiate at all from a distance.

The feature of the dark skin and long ears are claiming that they are Dark Elves.

(To think they were a Dark Elves twin.)

Speaking of which, within the instructors, there seems to have been a Dark elf though, I wonder if they are related?

Being known as a subspecies of the Elves, the Dark Elves were detested for supposedly bringing about calamity.

While having low re-productivity than humans, though there are no difference in terms of their long lifespan like the Elves, it seems like the re-productivity of the Dark Elves is even lower than that of the Elves.

I heard of talks that says that only 1 descendant will be left behind from what seems to be a lifespan close to infinity, but right in front of me are the twins…

Personally, it’s the first time for me to see a Dark Elves pair but, it is possible that these two are the exception of the exceptions.


“Hey Elisha. Those two are Dark Elves, right?”

“Yeah. Dark Elves Twin. The elder one is Lucy, while the younger one is Luffy. Though I think you already know from seeing, when it comes to magic, they are top level, even in Class A.”

“Fantastic Magic Control. When I think about receiving those attack in succession, it’s quite troublesome.”


I spoke of my honest impressions

And Elisha, in a surprising tone,


“Even Mars think that way?”


And asked that.


“Uh? Ah, that’s if it’s a match”

“If it’s a match, you say”


If it’s a combat fight, I definitely won’t lose. That’s what it means.

If you entered this institute, it’s a matter of time when you might have to fight.

Though I think that it won’t be a deathmatch, but a match.


“Yosh, that’s enough.”


As the instructor’s voice sounded out, the Dark Elves twins stopped their movement at the same time.


“Is there anyone who still have not taken the lesson?”


As he asked, the instructor examined the surroundings.


“Elisha, isn’t it about time we do it?”



And then, we stepped forward.


“Oioi, it’s the degenerate”

“He.. will he be fine?”

“If he’s going to rampage again….”


Stepping forward, the place started getting noisy *Gaya Gaya.* Within those noise

(Rampage…? What’s that about)

I heard of words that bothered me.

I wonder if that could perhaps be related to why Elisha couldn’t use his magic.




The instructor glanced at us,


“It’s Elisha. I would like to confirm but… is it okay?”


Though I don’t understand, what is meant by “It is okay… “ but, Elisha looked at instructor’s face directly,


“… honestly, I am not sure. However, is it okay to let me proceed?”


Clearly conveyed that.




The instructor didn’t saying anything while folding his arms, as if troubled.

Seems like this instructor knows of Elisha’s situation.

No, perhaps it’s possible that other than me, the rest knows about it.


“I would like to give chances to those who have talent. But, if there is a possibility that there will be danger to the surroundings, I am not able to approve it as an instructor.”


Through seemingly troubled, the Elf instructor said that.

But, however,


“Isn’t it fine, please let him.”



What do you mean by danger?


“If it’s dangerous, then it’s fine if you leave the area, right? Didn’t the others have taken their turn? Then I will train with Elisha last. If that’s the case, there’s no problem, right?”

“You are the transfer student, right? Then, I will say it since you won’t know of that accident but…”

“Instructor, right now what I want to hear is only if I am able to train or not able to train?”


In regards to that, I want to hear it from Elisha directly some day.


“…in the unexpected event, the one who will be in most danger would be you, is that fine even then?”

“I don’t mind. This is the training institute for adventurers, right? Isn’t danger something that is indispensable after becoming an adventurer? In that case, I would rather like to volunteer to taste this danger. ”

“…fu… ”


Towards my words, the Elf instructor gave a bitter smile and,


“Instructor Lania seems to have picked up a rather interesting boy. Alright, have a go at it. For the rest of the students, it’s free for you to return to the classroom or stay behind to observe. For those observing you are to stay within a certain distance, and not leave from within the defensive barrier I have deployed.”


After making the decision, he started giving instructions.

Seems like he have approved our training.


“There aren’t much time left but, until the next lesson chime, do as you like.”

“I got it. Elisha, I am always ready so it’s fine to begin on your timing.”

“… I understand.”


As if sharpening his mind, Elisha closed his eyes.

*Waza waza* The surroundings is wrapped up by noises.

It seems like the students that have left the area weren’t many.

No matter what they say, I wonder if they were bothered about their rival’s condition.


“… here I go, Mars!”


Elisha moved.

From my eyes, he ran to the left.

Though I didn’t notice during the fight in the battle drill room, that movement is rather fast, for someone who is wearing that silver armor.

While running, he stretched his hands at me,


“――Oh, Flash”


Seems to be reciting a magic that utilizes light. But, nothing happened.


“tsu――Flash! Flash!”


Seemingly getting irritated, he repeatedly raised his voice.

But, there was completely no signs of the activation of the magic.

Elisha has already stopped his feet, as he was desperately trying to get his magic to activate.

(If it’s like this, Elisha, you will be used instead――) (TL: I believe this is supposed to be those saying like “use the weapon, not let the weapon use you” kinda saying.)




Suddenly――a burst of laughter could be heard.

And to start off,



“As expected of the degenerate”

“I am shocked that it was said that this was the ex-top of the current year.”


It was a slander that show contempt for Elisha.


“It’s true. If you can’t use magic, then quickly drop out of school on your own accord.”

“This wouldn’t be a lesson, would it? Wouldn’t the transfer student be troubled?”


With Elisha as the center, clear malice is gathering around it.

I have never been acting with such a big group before.

That’s why until now, I don’t really have the chance … be aware of things like connections with people.

But, I don’t think that connections with people are bad things like this.

Because there was master, I managed to survive, because there was Lania, I managed to came here, and also became friends with Elisha.

All of these are definite happiness.

(Even then, what is this…?)

Connections with people can also give birth to such annoyance.


“Seriously quit already! You will just be a hinderance if you stay”

“That’s true. Just quit, just quit!! Even though aiming as an adventurer, if it’s like this, this is no meaning in living――”

“Ah, sorry”


The one who apologized was me.

――Dan! Dan! Dan!






I released 3 Fire-ball, towards the observers.

(Ah, my hips gave way…..)

All of them were negated by the magic wall formed by the Instructor but….. Or more like, that was taken into consideration and was done on purpose though.


“Y..You, Purposely!”

“No, it wasn’t on purpose. I slipped my hand. But….”


At the very least, there wasn’t any malice intention――but,


“Next time, if you make anymore of those comments, you won’t know what might happen, you know?”


I directed a clear anger at the surrounding observers,




The noise was instantly calmed down, turning into silence.


“Though this institute incorporates a competitive society, just because you slander your opponent, doesn’t mean you ascend in ranks, you know?“


Saying only that,


“Then, let’s continue, Elisha.”


I returned to face Elisha.




The Elisha in question looked at me with a dumbfounded expression.


“….b,but…. I ..magic..”


Towards Elisha who voiced out in a faint tone that seems to disappear and with an expression that is about to cry,


“The chime have not rang yet right?”

“B, But…”


It can’t be helped, even if we continued talking.

It’s a long awaited chance.

To see if Elisha is really not able to use magic, let’s try various things.


“If you are not attacking, I will attack.”


Aiming at Elisha’s right hand.


“Though you won’t die….”


What I am using is Fire.

Imagining a magical fire bullet that is agile and sharp.


“It hurts if it hits.”


Before words are completed――




A Fire Bullet with a speed that could not be grasped by the eye attacked Elisha.

Retreating to the back in a haste, Elisha dodged the first Fire Bullet.


“I will just keep going”


I continued shooting repeatedly.




Though Elisha repeatedly back-stepped, if he just continued backing up, he will only be cornered to the wall.




And that is something Elisha most likely know.

He faced diagonally and ran straight ahead.


“Your decision-making isn’t bad. But, there’s no meaning in just dodging.”


I increased my moves furthermore.

Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don!

But all of those attack didn’t hit, only to gouge the ground.


“In that case――”


If he’s going to dodge while running away, I just have to attack with a magic that will absolutely hit.


“Hey, Elisha――It’s not that you can’t use magic….”


There is a reason why I made that judgement.

That’s why I will forcefully create a situation where you have to use it no matter what.

What I will use is Earth.

Imagine an edge that pierce the earth.


“Try avoiding this!”



The earth started roaring,


“This is!?”


A large rock pillar attacked Elisha from the ground.

There is no place to run――though that was excluding the sky.


“If that’s the case…”


As expected, Elisha leaped.

But, unless you have wings, to move in the sky is impossible.


“Now, you have no way to run.”


Muttering the truth indifferently, I extended my right hand as if determining my aim at Elisha, and shot the fire bullet.

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