Jobless – Chapter 16

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lesson ⑥ – The First Class Lecture


* Elisha’s POV *


During the span of returning to the classroom, I was repenting over my own weakness.

It’s not just combat capability.

The weakness I am repenting right now is my frail heart.

(Why…. did I talk about that…….)

Everybody in this institute are rivals.

They are competitors.

Though I think I will be exposed some day, the act of expressively revealing my own weakness is the same as a suicidal act.

(If it’s Mars, did I think that he will become part of my strength….?)

As I already know from fighting him, Mars’s strength is overwhelming.

Rather than vexing over the loss of the fight, the feeling of aspiration is filling the heart.

That’s the extent of Mars’s overwhelming strength.

If it’s Mars, could he perhaps know of a way that could strengthen myself who couldn’t use magic?

That was what I thought.

But, that was my misunderstanding.

(You could not have lived if you don’t get stronger….. you say…)

If that’s the case, I wonder what kind of a fortunate environment my weak self have been living in?

And what kind of environment Mars who hold unbelievable strength been living in?

(I want to hear Mars’ story. No matter what kind of fine details. Surely, within that, there should be many things that the me right now do not have after all….! )

Certainly, that will make me even stronger.

That was what I thought.

Within myself, I am feeling that my interest in Mars has gotten much more stronger.(TL: <smirk>) (Ru: *sigh*)


* Mars’s POV *


As the lesson has already started when we returned to the classroom,


“Sorry, we are late.”

“I have heard about your situation. If you are going to be taking lessons, then take your seats.”


After Elisha apologized, a slender Elf instructor informed us indifferently.

We returned to our seats as told.


“Now then, let’s continue with the lesson”


It seems that this elf instructor is in charge of the lesson “Magical Science” (TL: Thought that this lesson name sounds cool :P)

I wonder, what in the world would we be learning.

I took my book on Magical Science out of my bag.

I turned the page over. And,

(…. I see)

As I briefly browse through this magic teaching materials, it seems to have listed down orderly from the basics on what magic is necessary after you survived as an adventurer.

Originally, magic can only be used after the process of reading the magic books alongside with training.

Even if you browse through the contents of a high level magic book from the start, there is no way you can use that magic.

The accumulation of foundation is what’s necessary for magic.

By experiencing basic magic, putting it in practical use and developing it, you can get to learn new magic but essentially, depending on individual levels, that could also be difficult.

Unless it’s someone who took special training, you would have no idea what basic magic would turn into the magic you wish to learn.

No doubt, if it’s people who aims to become adventurers, there will be some people who are knowledgeable of magic, but if every single person decides to learn magic, the efficiency is way too bad.

After all, the amount of magic books that exist in this world, is immeasurable.

There are magic from a mass-produced measuring tape to magic that are said to be curses and are being sealed. (Might need to help reword)

Therefore, to aim for efficiency in nurturing adventurers in this institute, they prepare the minimum necessary magic to be learned within the magic teaching materials.

(I see)

That’s quite the feat. Though that’s what I thought….

(I am feeling sleepy….)

Let’s not talk about the combat style training where we move our bodies, classroom lessons seems to be quite boring.

My face gradually got heavier, and as my consciousness was about to slipped off,


And, I was pricked at the vicinity of my side.

As I looked next to me, Elisha was making a troubled expression, looking at me as if saying “Do not sleep!”.


It seems like I can’t pass time in a classroom lesson by sleeping.

As I fought desperately against drowsiness, I managed to accomplish the lesson “Magical Science”.



“I didn’t think you would suddenly start to fall asleep.”


After the lesson ended, Elisha’s reprimanding voice came flying over.


“Sorry….. I was so sleepy to the extent I suspect that the instructor might have cast the anesthetic magic Sleep.”

“Depending on the instructor, there are situation where magic might come flying after all, be careful, okay?”


(…If it’s Lania, it seems possible)

As I thought of that rude fact,




And I faced that dumb voice, (TL: Sorry can’t think of a better word)


“Orh, Raphie. What’s up?”

“As the next lesson is Magic Training, how about going to the battle drill room together?”

“We have to move to that place again?”

“Yep. We can’t use magic within the classroom.”

(Well, that’s true…..)


If fire magic was used in this place, it will be a sea of fire literally in the room.


“Come, come, let’s go together with Raphie!”


Raphie grasped on my arm, and dragged me away.


“There’s no need to hurry. Let’s go, Elisha”

“U, un”


I wonder if Elisha and Raphie are acquainted.

On the way towards the battle drill room, both of them have no sign of speaking.

Raphie is walking while entangling my arm with hers, while Elisha, as if pulling back by one step, was following behind us.

Though it doesn’t seem to be serious,


“Hey, both of you are acquainted, right?”


Bothered by it, I asked.


“We are.”

“Yeah! From the first year, we have been in the same class.”


But, the conversation ended with that.

They don’t seem very close.


“Please be relieved, Mars-san! Since Raphie have no interest in any other males, other than Mars.”

(No, I have no worries on that though.)

“Plus, it’s not like I have anything I am bothered about…”


“Now that I think of it, why are both of you so friendly with each other?”


Raphie tilted her small head.


“Ah, when I came to this school, my first friend was Elisha”

“First friend?”

“I am a roommate of Mars in the dormitory.”


Towards Raphie’s query, Elisha replied.


“Wha, What!? Both of you were roommates?”


As if shaken by something, Raphie was surprised.


“Why are you so shocked?”

“N, No…. There isn’t any profound reason… I see, roommates”


From then on, until reaching the battle drill room, Raphie continued to groan, with a difficult expression, as if troubled over something.

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19 thoughts on “Jobless – Chapter 16

      1. Foguinho

        Indee, this novel is quite interesting, it is good to have a MC not shounen no to mature, i was really getting tired form those shounen MC the get useles while talking to girls, don’t ever man up and don’t mature with the story, having a MC that says “sure if i’ve fallen for you i will date you” is good.

        Also, my force power of spider sense tells me the Elisha is a girl, no matter what.


  1. GM_Rusaku

    |  THANKS♪  |
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  2. Crimson Nanashi

    There are magic from a mass-produced measuring tape to magic that are said to be curses and are being sealed.

    Thought I’d help with this line

    There are magics that range from a mass-produced measuring tape to magic that are said to be curses and are sealed.


  3. ryouha26

    All teachers use Sleep magic! That’s why!!!!

    Is it only me that thinks Elisha has the “actually a girl” flag?

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~


  4. deadtoxic

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

    This line:
    There are magic from a mass-produced measuring tape to magic that are said to be curses and are being sealed. (Might need to help reword)

    can be rephrased like this:
    There are Magic books (Grimoires) that are mass produced like measuring tapes to those which are said to be cursed and are being sealed (I replaced ‘Magic’ with ‘Grimoire’, cause in the earlier paragraphs, they were talking about magic books a.k.a Grimoire)


  5. Fujcakes

    There exists magic ranging from mass-producing measuring tape to magic that are said to be curses which are sealed.

    If they are talking about magic books/grimoires, above would be good. Except replace “are said to be cursed and are being sealed” with “are said to be cursed and sealed”.



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