Jobless – Chapter 14

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lessons ④ – Raphie’s Feelings


* Raphie’s POV *


(Fufufu~This is a chance!)

Right now, Raphie and Mars-san are walking towards the medical office together.

Though Raphie is intending to conduct herself calmly, her heart is actually throbbing fast, *wakuwaku*dokidoki*.

That’s because this is the very day that will become the commemoration day where Raphie meets her ideal male, the fortuitously meeting of her other half-to-be.

(Ah… To think such a strong person is admitted to his institute…)

Raphie is feeling a high excitement that she has never felt before in her entire life.

Even within the beastmen, the rabbit folk have the lowest combat capability, a weak race.

For that reason, to protect themselves, they have a trait to seek the strong as their other half.

In the first place, Raphie has also entered this institute for the sake of searching for her own ideal of a strong male as her other half.

However till now, there wasn’t a single person, including the instructors, that she thought of as her fateful one or an attractive male.

But that was all to meet Mars-san.

That’s right, that’s how Raphie strongly feels.

(Raphie will show that she will absolutely bind with Mars-san….!)

Desiring to be noticed of her passionate feelings, Raphie gazed at Mars who was walking next to her.

But, Mars-san had totally no signs of noticing it.

It, It’s fine! The fight has just started after all!


* Mars’s POV *


“Excuse me”


As Raphie said that, we entered the medical office.

But, there was no one inside.


“Looks like Sister is still not here yet. For now, let’s lay Elisha on the bed.”



I slowly lowered Elisha who was carried on my back, and laid him down on the bed as it is.


“What are you planning to do from now, Mars-san? There is still time before the next lesson, you know?”


Though Lanisa said “self-study”, I have nothing special to do.



“I will stay here till Elisha wakes up.”

“….. I see.”


Raphie, who said that, seemed somewhat dissatisfied.


“Is something wrong?”

“N, No.. Nothing. Ahm, Is it okay if Raphie stay here as well?”

“Ah, I don’t mind though?”

“Thank you very much”


Raphie was now showing a full face smile that makes her previous dissatisfied expression a lie.

(Quite the richly expressive fellow…. )


“Then, Mars-san. When can I receive the reply of the confession? Even now, Raphie’s heart is going *dokidoki*, so I hope to be able to get a reply soon. ”

(…. I forgot about it)

Of course, I can’t say something like that

I was confessed upon by this girl.

Since a while ago, with no early notice, it was just abrupt..


“Though I am not doubting you, you are serious, right?”

“Of course! If it’s possible, it’s to the extent of wishing to show the passionate feelings of Raphie’s heart to Mars-san.”


It was an immediate reply.

With her serious eyes gazing at me, it feels more absurd to deny her feelings.

(She’s really serious…)

But as I just met her today, I am troubled to reply even if you tell me that you like me, because I have not been able to have a proper conversation with you.


“In the first place, why did you fall for me, Raphie?”

“That’s because I can sense that it’s fate! You were very cool in that battle just now. And, Mars-san was stronger and gallant than anyone in that area. That overwhelming strength that seems to captivate those looking, and the expression full of confidence that supports that strength, basically it was fantastic.”


To be praised without holding back to that extent, even I am also getting embarrassed.

But, the Raphie in question seems to be drunk in her adoration, floating a *fuwa~~* expression.


“…. I understand Raphie’s feelings. I frankly feel happy about your feelings.”

“So, you will become Raphie’s other half?”

“Other half?”

“Yeah! In Human Language, it will be spouses.”

“Sp, Spouses….?”


Again, the conversation went in a direction that was not anticipated.

Raphia’s eyes was shining *KiraKira*.

Seems like she is anticipating my answer though.


“… that’s impossible”

“Eh!? Why is that!?”


As if not considering to be rejected, Raphie was shocked.

But, think about it.

“We haven’t even been lovers yet?”

“Is there any problems with that?”

“If both parties truly love each other, I believe time and race are of no connections. But, though I feel sorry for Raphie, I do not have as much good relations with Raphie as the desire to become lovers.”



Raphie didn’t say a thing, just gazing my eyes with a serious expression.

Those red eyes that seems to be as deep as the abyss gives me a feeling as if it’s peeking into the depths of my heart.

But, a while later, Raphie’s expression came loose and break into a broad smile *nikko*.


“I got it. But, I will have Mars-san absolutely fall for me. At that time, please become my other half, okay!?”

“Ah. If I fall for Raphie from the bottom of my heart.”


There’s no one who knew if that would happen or not.

Perhaps, I might really fall in love with Raphie, or might not.

But Raphie said in confidence,


“Mars-san’s feelings will absolutely turn towards Raphie after all!”


Most likely there are no basis on that, i think.

However, since Raphie is indeed cute when she is smiling while saying that, I couldn’t totally deny that possibility.


“Well then, as a form of approach, I will strip for now!”


(I see, you will strip……huh?) (TL: …what?)

By the time I sense a doubt in that expression, Raphie had already unfasten the red ribbon tied on her head, and was removing her clothing.


“――hHey! Why are you stripping! Stop that! For now, stop stripping!”


Towards Raphie who has a small build but big breasts in comparison, I was slightly startled.


“Is it no good? I thought it was a chance to bewitch Mars-san though…”


*shobon*――To the Raphie who seem to show a dejected expression,


“If it were in the bed at night, I might have welcomed you, but this is the institute’s medical office, you know?”

“There are only Raphie and Mars-san right here.”

“No, wait a minute, Elisha is here, you know!”

“It’s fine since he is asleep!”


This is not a remark you should say with a *nikoniko* refreshing smile,


“That’s not the problem! And besides, don’t easily expose your naked body. Your worth as a girl will decrease.”

“If it’s Mars-san, it’s fine to be seen.”

“If you are going to say only me, then don’t do that here. You don’t know when Elisha is going to wake up, right?”


Towards the persuading words that I somehow threw out,


“…. I see. Mars-san is desiring to monopolize Raphie’s body, right? If it’s that, then I understand.”



Though Raphie seems to be misunderstanding something, for now, let’s just take that it’s fine that we got the situation under control.

After all, it’s not good that we are making a racket more than it is, with Elisha sleeping nearby.


“If we continue to make a racket as it is, since we have no idea when Elisha-san may wake up, I will invite you to a place where we can be just for the two of us next time. By then, I will have you let me make my approach! Therefore Mars-san, I will return to class one step ahead.”


After saying what she wanted, Raphie left like the storm.




After being left alone, I leaked out a sigh, unconsciously.

(I feel somewhat tired….)

I have never been striked with such honest feelings head-on before.

Seemingly because of that, tiredness suddenly surge forward.

But, It wasn’t a bad feeling mysteriously.

(When commuting to the institute, even such things can happen…..)

As I have never spend time before with the same generation and in community life, it seems like there are multiple things to learn.

(This is really interesting…)

There are various things that cannot be experienced in a solitary lifestyle here.

I am looking forward more and more to the lifestyle here from now on.


* Raphie’s POV *


After leaving the medical office, I was moving towards the classroom.

But, there was one question Raphie is thinking about.

(Un… Though I have not noticed till now, that smell from Elisha-san…)

The rabbit folk have a better nose than other races, and is proficient at discerning through smell.

(Though he is without doubt a human, perhaps that person is… Nay, there is still possible that it might be a mistake however…..)

Raphie is really troubled.

In that room, there are only both Mars-san and Elisha-san.

It’s not like Raphie herself didn’t notice that she is making unnecessary worries but…

(There is no loss to stay cautious.)

That is also just to be sure.

Raphie in love will not be negligent!

Stopping her steps towards the classroom, Raphie decided to make her way to the church.

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