Jobless – Chapter 12

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lessons ② – VS Sail

After exiting the classroom and taking the stairs up to the fifth floor, we made a right turn.

Then, we proceed straight down where there is a door that we entered.

That is where a room that you will associate as an arena extends in the space.

Even though it’s indoors, the ground is laid out with sand and soil and properly maintained.

In the spacious area is circular enclosure made of marble-like materials.

Outside that circular enclosure seems to even have multiple structures that look like observation platforms prepared.

“I wouldn’t even think I am indoors…”

“Looks like the coliseum, the fighting arena where gladiators fight out, right?”


Though I really doubt the students are made to kill each other, it seems like many people would have that impression.

Lania, who have arrived at the battle drill room, surveyed the students.

“Everyone have assembled, right?”

“Well then, let’s begin the Special Collaborative lesson of Class A and B. The contents of the lesson is very simple ―― Is there anyone who wants to fight against Mars?”


Lania said something astounding.

Seemingly to think the same thing, the students started to get noisy, doubting the words of Lania.

“Ara? No one? The rules are the same as combat practice. Whoever made the other party combat ineffective or admit defeat will be the winner. The use of the weapon transformed from the magic gem and magic skills are approved. Everyone is curious, isn’t it? The strength of the rumored transfer student.”

Simultaneously, the students’ sight all turn towards me.

But, as everyone in the area was examining if there was any volunteers in the surroundings, no one called out.

“Bu.. but, to have a battle abruptly..”

When whoever said that,

“Ara? Isn’t an adventurer supposed to be able to fight at any time? Is everyone here unable to fight if you have not prepared your equipment?”

There was no one who rebutted Lania’s words.

“No one is going to volunteer? …. Hmm.. this won’t be a lesson, would it? I was planning for it to be also a welcome party though.”

A troubled-looking Lania groaned.

It’s true that if it ends off like this, I will be bored.

If that’s the case,

“It’s fine even if it’s not one-on-one. If there’s anyone who wants to fight, I will take every single one of you.”

I provoked everyone in the area.

“Though I say that, what about all of you?”

As expected due to the provocation, the students look at me with anger, from the confusion previously, and the atmosphere of the surroundings started to get heavy.

But, even after saying that, there was still no action.

“Just going to glare at me? Is this place really the assembly of people who are truly aiming to become adventurer? Even though there is such a place to allow the test of strength, why are you wasting a chance like this? Are you afraid of losing? Then are you able to survive in this institute after his? Are you able to live as an adventurer? If you are going to be scared of me, you won’t be able to fight against monster, you know? Or is it that there are only cowards here?”

If there is no one that show his courage even after being said that by me who just transferred in, the students in this institute just simply can’t become an adventurer.

“――In that case, I will fight.”

Directly from my side, that voice was heard.

The one who announced his candidacy is the one next to me, Elisha.

Everyone was started leaking out slanders like “Why would Elisha fight?” and “That degenerate?” and “He will only lose face”.

“To be spoken of that way, even I can’t backed down.”

Within the unconcerned-like words, I can feel the firm determination from it.

Though I am not sure of Elisha’s true strength, at the very least within this group of people, Elisha is the most serious in terms of his feelings.

“That’s fine. Is there anyone else?”

As I tried to confirm,

“Hey, you degenerate, it’s pointless if you fight! You get out since I will do it.”

It was the voice of the werewolf whom we had a dispute in the canteen yesterday.

“….It’s true that right now I might be a degenerate but――”

“Enough with that, Step aside!”

Sail totally didn’t care about Elisha’s argument.

“I don’t really mind taking both of you at the same time?”

As I conveyed that――light releases from the magic gem Sail’s holding, and without knowing, a weapon that has a metal claws on the back of the hand and a light armor was transformed.

Most likely it has placed importance on movement.

The armor didn’t cover the whole body, seemingly to minimally protect only the vital points.

(Hey…. So this is the power of the magic gem… Though I heard it from Elisha just now, it’s really convenient.)

“Don’t you pretend to be strong, you got it! Though I was negligent yesterday, someone like you――I am more than enough.”

Closing up the distance with a gale-like speed, Sail used his sharp edged claws to aim at my throat. But, by just shifting my upper body, I was able to dodge that attack.

“――cchi! Uuohhhhhhhh!”

The eyes, forehead, throat――All the vital points that he determinedly attacked were dodged.

Having a better physical capability than human, it was a fierce attack that capitalize on that werewolves’ ability.

Faster than I have expected, each attack are ones that would have inflicted serious injuries if taken by humans.

But that is only if the attacks connect.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Why won’t it connect?”

I was indifferently dodging Sail’s attack.

“Your physical ability is considerable astounding. But, you rely on that strength too much.”


As I dodged the attacks,

“In a battle, aiming at the vitals isn’t bad. But, because you keep aiming at them, your attacks are rather monotonous. If it’s like this, I can even dodged with closed eyes, you know?”

I explained each fault one by one.

“DAMN it――Making a fool out of MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

“Don’t get emotional. The attacks that are already monotonous will get even more dull. Calm down. Always think at all times. Adding in a feint, think about how do you make your attacks connect.”


“Don’t look at just one point. Observe the surroundings. Use those legs of yours, leverage on that physical ability of yours. Use your speed and confuse your opponents.”

But, no matter how much I say, my voice wouldn’t reach Sail’s already hot-tempered head.

(Now then…. What should I do….)

As I think about that, Sail’s movement suddenly stopped.

“Looking down on me….then――what about this!?”

Instantly――Sail kicked off the floor.

He came attacking with a speed far more than what he have showed just now.

A 100% one-hit blow if taken――but

(I will say again and again but it’s too direct. Such an attack that basically relies only on strength, at the very least use a speed that couldn’t be followed, otherwise, it won’t hit.)

Reading the path of the attack, I shifted my upper body to dodge the assault and swung down my hand shaped to a knife on Sail’s neck.


Sail’s body then fell down to the ground as it is.

As the worn equipment has already disappeared, a magic gem rolled out from Sail’s hand.

“….well, something like this”


(Are? I wonder if I did something bad?)

It was a silence that made me think that way.

(By any chance, they couldn’t have mistook that Sail ended up dying, right?)

Sail is just unconscious and I did not use an excessive attack.

In spite of that, what’s with this silence.


And is that Elisha? That voice that leaked out.

In that instant――


Loud cheers abrupted.

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