Jobless – Chapter 11

Translator: Yoshiro + Rumanshi
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lessons ① The Beginning

After exiting to the outsides of the dormitory, Lania was waiting there as promised.

Her back is stretched, and also is folding her arms.

Unsure if she is conscious of it, she is putting pressure on her breasts while folding her arms which is seriously poison to man’s eyes. (TL: I thought that should be paradise?) (Ru: Depends if you have immunity.)

(Nay, wouldn’t it be nutrients as well?)

“Hey… Doesn’t it suit you?”

That was the first thing she said, after seeing me in my uniform.

“Is that so?”

“Ee, very handsome man. At least, it’s better than yesterday’s shabby appearance.”

(That’s not really praise at all……)

The male uniform is a simple combination of a white shirt that gives off a feel of freshness and a blue slacks.

Though I have gotten an outer jacket of the same color as the slacks, I left it alone as wearing that in this heat is a bit much.

Since it’s almost the warm season, wearing the outer jacket is going to be something in the far future.

“Then, are we going to the institute already?”

“Supposedly yes, but we are changing our arrangements. First, let’s drop by the church.”


Why are we going to such a place? Before I could ask that, Lania began moving out.

On the path from the dormitory to the institute, you can see the church during that period of time.

“Do you have a god that you put your faith in?”


“I guess so. Me too”

She laughed as she said that.

To survive what you can rely on in the end is your own strength. I wonder if Lania also do understand that.

“The god this church believe in, is it Jupiter?”

“Yep. That’s correct. The All-Knowing God whose name is also in the institute’s name. It probably has most believers in the whole continent, I wonder?”

This continent was left with many myths.

Within the legends of divinity to be noted down, Jupiter can be said to be the most well-known one.

Many myths have that name engraved in it, and was said to be the Divine King who judged and protects the order of the world, even the creator of this continent.

Though I, myself, don’t really believe in gods, I don’t dislike the legends as stories of Jupiter that holds the absolute power.

But that’s different from the heart of the faith.

“If there is a god, I would really love to meet one.”

“Don’t say that in front of a sister, you got it?”

There is no point trying to deny the existence of a god in front of a clergy.

Believing in a god, no matter which god, is the freedom of a person.

And if it can be the foundation of a person’s heart, the meaning of having the heart of a faith is already enough.

“Come, we have reached.”

The church in the institute is a wooden building with a size of a slightly bigger house of a general citizen.

(This could be the simplest building in the whole of the institute…)

Opening the door, we entered the insides of the church.

What entered our sights was the appearance of females praying, wrapped in a black nun clothing.

That appearance was mysterious and lovely.

We stopped there, and waited for sisters to finish offering of prayers.


After confirming the end of it, Lania called out.

Then, the sister turned around,

“Ara? Instructor Lania and….”

The sights stayed on me.

“I have brought the student who just came in yesterday. He will most likely cause some problems but, when it comes to that, please do help him.”

“Mars Ruina. I shall be in your care.”

“Mars-san, I see. I am the one entrusted with the management of this church, Yumina Schnack. As the instructor of the institute, I am in charge of the lessons for recovery magic. If you have any trouble, please do come for consultations anytime. ”
A gentle behavior, and a gentle smile, she is releasing a feeling of gentleness that seems to be wrapped around her whole body.

Are sisters who serve the god all like this?

From what I see, she seems to be rather young but…. with Lania here, I better not touch topics in regards to age.

“Now then, I will be going to the institute. I will work you hard during lessons, you got it.”

“At that time, I will work hard with all my might.”

Seeing me off with a smile like Virgin Mary, we left the church.

“Well, let’s go to the instructor room.”

First Floor of the Institute――it seems like turning right from the entrance and going to the end of it would be the instructor room.

Lania first entered the instructor room, before I continued.

Several people sighted me without delay.

“I have brought a student who will be transferred today, Mars Ruina. Everyone, do take care of him.”

What a rough introduction that was.

A total different attitude when compared to the time with the principal.

I confirmed each instructor’s appearance, one by one.

Like the students, I also thought that there were more humans within the instructors, but as far as I have surveyed, the only human instructor is Lania.

“Hey… he is the child that Lania brought in.”

A female dark elf who floated a bewitching smile.

“Um, he is giving a good expression.”

A hot-blooded looking dwarf with thick bushy beard.

“Best regards, Mars-kun”

A female hobbit who is rather too cute to be an instructor

Etc, etc, many races are mixed in.

Seems like they have gathered up quite a number of people with tough personality.

“Now, it looks like the greetings to the instructors are done. Next, we are left with your introductions in the classroom.”

After Lania said that, the bell for the start of the lessons rang.

“I think everyone have already heard of the rumors, but we will have a transfer student to our class.”

I can hear Lania’s voice from the classroom.

I have been asked to wait outside the door though

“Well then, please enter”

At last I have gotten the permission to enter the classroom

Finally, my first as an adventurer candidate is about to begin.

As I opened the door and entered the classroom, I walked to the front of the platform, below Lania.

“I’m Mars Ruina. From today, please take care of me.”

I finished some simple greetings.

I look around the classroom.

There are students from various races in the classroom.

Never before have I been in an educational institution, the appearance of the environment where students lined up their desk is rather fresh to me.

As I think that I will be part of this from today onwards, it felt rather strange.

“Etto~, Mars can seat in the seat next to Elisha”

(Which reminds me, Elisha and I are in the same class or……?)

Lania says as such so I look for the figure of Elisha.

Looking from the platform, at a window seat in the most right inner part of the room is the seat of Elisha, who waved his hand lightly at me.

As the seat beside is empty, it seems like that would be my seat.

“Hey, quickly sit in your seat.”

As Lania urges me, I got an take my seat,

“Seems like we are in the same class.”

I say to Elisha

“I was thinking we were most likely the same class. I heard Mars about the 『recommendations』”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

As I inquire the meaning of what that means,

“Okay, let’s begin the lessons. With the welcome of the new student in mind today, Class A and B will have a special collaborative lesson.”

As Lania announced the『Special lesson』, the students in the classroom got noisy

“What are we doing in that special lesson?”

Beastman――a female rabbit folk, raised her right hand, and asked Lania in a carefree voice.

“I will explain it later so each of you, please bring your magic gem and move over to the battle drill room.”

After instructing, the students moved quickly in the classroom as told.

But, I stayed behind in the classroom.

That’s because I have something to ask Lania,

“Laani…. That’s not it, Instructor, what is a magic gen?”

“Are? I didn’t pass it to you…? Well, for now, you don’t need it. It can’t be helped anyway. At any rate, just go over to the battle drill room”

Said just that, Lania also left the classroom.

But, I still have one more problem,

“Do you know the place?”

The one who stayed and asked me that was Elisha

I just happened to be troubled over that.

“Though I have been given explanation on what facilities there are on each level, I wasn’t told exactly where they are.”

“As I thought. We shouldn’t have any problems if we follow the rest but let me guide you with this chance.”

Then, I went towards the battle drill room after leaving the classroom with Elisha.

As we walked,

“What do you mean when you said because of『Recommendation』, you think that we would be in the same class?”

Again, I tried asking what I stopped midway just now.

“In this institute, each year course has two classes. And, from the results of periodic examinations, they are separate into A and B. People belonging in the top-half of the results table would be placed in A while the rest in B. In other words, Mars, who has the strength of being recommended by an instructor, I believe there is a high probability of entering Class A. ”

“I see. This is an Adventurer Training Institute that revolves the principles of strength after all.”

“We can have lessons of similar level, and it also serves as a stimulus for people of similar level. Plus, depending on the results, it’s possible for people from Class B to rise to Class A, and people from Class A dropping down to Class B. If you wish to stay in Class A, you have to aspire yourself to always enhance yourself”

Of course, it’s a high probability for students with good results would be called out by the Adventurer Guilds with open arms.

(Well, it’s not like I really want to be an adventurer, so even Class B is fine though.)
(TL: Eh?? Then what does the title mean?)

It’s best that I don’t say that in this place.

“Now that I think of it, you seem to be asking the instructor regarding the magic gem though.”

“Ah. She said to bring it along right? I don’t have it with me.”

As I said that, Elisha knitted his brows and gave a difficult expression.

“I wonder what the instructor is planning?”

“The magic gem, is it something so important?”

“Rather than important…. It is something necessary for the training in this institute.”

Elisha took out a colorless and transparent circular stone from his pocket.

“This is a magic gem. A magic gem is a type of magic item, where by putting in magical power, it will turn into an equipment that the holder fits. To the students here, it is like an equipment diagnosis. The magic jem will turn into a weapon or armor that can be best leveraged by its users. If it becomes a sword, it has the aptitude and if it turns into a spear, it has the aptitude of a spear. Besides, weapons turned from the magic gem has less damage infliction capabilities than the weapons made by the Blacksmith (Smith), so it is most suitable for training.”

“So it’s a equipment for training uses.”

“Yep. Since it’s something necessary for the lessons, it’s best to pass it over though”

“Well, for now, it’s fine unarmed, right?”

“….Ahhaha.―― Mars is amazing.”

Elisha floated a smile that shows his amazed admiration.

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