Jobless – Chapter 10

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Dormitory of the Jupiter Institute ⑥ – Lania and Elisha

* Mar’s POV *

“Mars, wake up.”


Opening my eyes, I see an unfamiliar ceiling. A slightly strong wooden color..

The position of the ceiling is so close, that if I stand up just like that, my head feels as if it will knock into it.

“Are you awake?”

I can hear a voice from the bottom.

Poking my face out from the bed, I see the already prepared appearance of Elisha.

“Morning, Elisha”

“Yeah, morning. I am going for my meal, what will Mars do?”

It seems like the first bell has already range.

If Elisha wasn’t here, I was about to skip my breakfast.

“I will be going as well, so please wait for a bit.”

I immediately raised my body.

Though I wouldn’t say I woke up well, my brain is rather refreshed.

Having good quality sleep seems to be have removed the fatigue from my body.

I came down from the bed.

“So, shall we go?”

I feel bad making Elisha wait.

Wearing my pajamas, I made my way to the canteen.

Students were beginning to gather in the canteen now and then. Though there were some people who also wore their pajamas like me, most of them were already wearing their uniform.

“Good morning! Mars-san! Elisha-san!”

In a lucid and loud voice, our names were called.

“Good morning, Nirfa. Thank you for the hard work today as well.”

“Nope, it’s a natural thing for a maid to devote oneself to one’s master. And also, this is something that I like to do after all.”

Nirfa who floated an angelic smile, is certainly Miss Perfect.

“What would you like for breakfast?”
Morning’s Menu

  • Cheese Ham Egg
  • Tomato Omelette
  • Baked Potato

“Other than that, there are rice and bread that comes with egg soup.”


I chose ‘Cheese Ham Egg’ and bread.

Elisha chose ‘Tomato Omelette’ and bread.

Comparing with dinner, the breakfast was a lot more simple but, it’s still delicious.

If you are asking how delicious it was, I believe saying that its deliciousness is to the point that you want to become Nirfa’s lifelong partner should be able to convey how supreme the taste was.

When returning to the room after that blessed time ended, Elisha held his pelt bag that has lost some colors in his hand.

“I am planning to go to the school immediately but what is Mars going to do?”

“Please go ahead. Since it’s the first day, Lania said that she will pick me up.”

“Lania…as in Instructor Lania?”

“Ah, that’s right..”

“tte, Crap….”

I forgot that I was told to call her Instructor here.

It’s still fine when still in the dormitory, but if I said it in the institute, Lania is going to get noisy.

“It… It’s fine if it’s in front of me, but as expected, it’s best not to call her without ‘Instructor’ in the institute itself.”

Elisha gave a wry smile perplexedly.

“Lania told me to be careful, so I will try refrain from a slip of tongue.”

“You are still saying it.”

“…I will be careful.”

She seems like she will use force if you take a attitude that makes light of her.

“But… I see. The instructor you said you were acquainted with was Lania, right?”

“Yep. Though, it hasn’t been a month since I got to know her.”

Though I say that, unlike the institute, there are no bells that allows the recognition of time at where I stayed previously, so it’s just judging from the number of sunsets.

“Eh…? You just got to know each other? I was certain that you were acquainted long ago and was recommended, or so I though.”

“Na… I was invited at that time I helped her when she was attacked by monster. That’s why it’s really by chance that I came here.”

Now that I think of it, if it’s Lania, she should be able to deal with that monster but, at that time, I mistook that it was a village girl from somewhere that was attacked so I helped on reflex.

If you think about it, it’s not possible for a village girl to come deep into the forests.

Which reminds me, that monster wasn’t a type that I have seen before.

I wasn’t really bothered about it since it wasn’t that strong, but what kind of monster was that, I wonder?

To me who was reminiscing what happened that time,

“I see… that’s what happen…”

“Is it weird?”

“It’s not weird but, just that, I believe the fact that a instructor who you just met recommended you, shows your definite capability.”

As if appraising me, Elisha’s sight was going up, then down, moving down, then up again, before finally staring at my eyes, ‘jiiii’…

“Don’t tell me, you fell for me?”

“Id..Idiot! There’s no way I would fell for you, right!? I am a guy! I .. I will be going, okay? Before the instructor arrives, you better finish preparing yourself, got it?”

Though it was just a joke, Elisha’s face was colored red, seemingly disturbed, and as if running away, he went out of the room.

However, the words left behind that was supposedly a sharp parting remark, seems to surmise Elisha’s helpfulness.

* Lania’s POV *

I was climbing the stairs of the boy’s dormitory.

In the leather bag on my hands is Mar’s uniform.

(….I wonder if he’s already awake?)

The destination is Mars’s room.

Since his roommate is Elisha Haynest, I don’t think Mars is still asleep.

But, since I am still worried, I went to pick him up earlier than planned.

As I go towards the Mars’s room after reaching the third floor,


I met with Elisha’s eyes who happened to be exiting the room.

“Instructor, Good Morning”

“Morning. Is Mars already awake?”

“Yes. Awake and waiting for Instructor.”

“I see, thanks. Since you are his roommate, I thought you would help him.”

“Well. Uhm… Instructor, umm…”

Seemingly trying to say something from opening his mouth, Elisha immediately closed it.

Seriously…. if you are going to that, aren’t I going to be bothered by it.

“If you have a question, then do say it. I will answer to what I can answer.”

While displaying hesitation, Elisha resolved himself and began talking.

“…. Is Mars my replacement?”

I immediately understood the meaning of those words.

Most likely, he meant the selection members candidates of the next 『Institution Battle Competition』.

“If it continues like this, the results would turn out like that, i think.”

I believe the current evaluation of all instructors including the principal doesn’t have Elisha’s name as a candidate.

I replied disinterestedly in regards to it.

“…..I understand. Excuse me.”

Though having a complicated expression, Elisha gave a simple greetings, and went past my side.

“….if you don’t want that, then regain your ability and show it to us.”

I said it.

If it’s vexing, then do something about your ability.

I said it, harbouring that meaning in it.

Then, at that instant, Elisha stopped his legs.

At least that’s what I thought but, I can hear the sound of him going down the stairs immediately.

As someone who knows Elisha’s reason of entry to the institute, it’s almost like sending ale, even if it appear like this.

As for Elisha, he doesn’t know the reason why I am working in this institute as an instructor.

That’s why this could be just me being meddlesome.

But I would like Elisha to achieve what he wants, ――one’s own future.

Even if it’s a hopeless situation right now.

(…..Whether you achieve your future is dependent on you. Elisha )

Murmuring for the last time, Lania changed her thoughts, and knocked on the door where Mars is waiting.

* Mars’s POV *

――Kon Kon.

Just when I thought I heard a light knock on the door, the door opened without waiting for a reply.

“I brought your uniform.”

Though the bell for the end of breakfast have not ring yet, and I was thinking it will be slightly later before she come, Lania came earlier than expected.

“You are early.”

“Thinking that you might be still asleep, I came earlier.”

“Actually, I wanted to see your face even a second earlier so I got up earlier.”

“That loose-lip, if you say that during lessons, I will burn you to death, you got it.”

(Saying scary stuff with that smile..)

Having crimson hair, she seems to be dyed in red even more.

“Well, that’s enough. I will be waiting outside, so hurry up and prepare yourself.”

The uniform was handed over. A smooth sensation.

A seamless beautiful material.

I put on the seemingly new clothing.

Yosh, with this, preparations is completed.

(From today onwards, it’s the beginning of my school life!)

Holding to the leather bag with lesson tools, I got out of my room.

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