Volume 1 Character Presentation


Character profile

Yuuki Akatsuki…  Protagonist.  Private Sword Field High School, Year 1 class A.  Next head of the Yuuki household.  The genius who mastered the arts of all the Yuuki styles, and developed improvements to the existing model, as well as the new model.   Yuuki style’s true nature is to kill an opponent with certainty, it is performed like real combat.  The skills already exceed those of the present skill.  He holds a complete recall ability.  Just by looking at things a single time, he can perform most of them perfectly.  In addition, he can perform parallel thought.  Although there is a sense of guilt to kill a person, he won’t hesitate.   There is the sense of a knowledge otaku, inspect to understand, examine everything, get an appointment with an expert, listen to hard arguments.  Hence, he has gotten no less than the equivalent of a variety of experts understanding and knowledge.

At the age of 16 he died in a traffic accident.   After that, reincarnated.

『Everything』 was the general concept、『Existence』was inherited。 In addition, he could not show the original ability in the previous existence as the environment was not suited.  He was raised by a previous generation『existence』.
Birthday is July 7th, even after reincarnation from a previous life.
He has the appearance of a black haired ikeman.  No experience with women.  Has a reliable blacksmith ability.
Weapon, sword [Crescent Moon].

Yuno…  Possessing the concept of 『The world.』.  She’s made many worlds.

Alfred Arufa …  The previous generation 『existence』.  A good grandfather (ojii-chan).  

13 thoughts on “Volume 1 Character Presentation

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  2. deohge

    With how short your chapters are it’s almost like it is a tease , please make the chapters longer, condensed a lot more of it your chapter


      1. thedefend

        The kanji the mc name has 2 reading. Yuuki akira or yuuki akatsuki. Family name come first


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