Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 5

Episode 5: Church
Are you aware of jobs?

In this world there are things called 『Jobs』 and『Occupations』. These two are falsely similar.

『Jobs』are those which are suitable for a person。 For example with the job of 『Swordsman』you can wield a 『Sword』but can never master the 『bow』. Naturally, the reverse is the same as well. As for those with large talent, multiple jobs is possible. It is very rare, but there are unfortunate people without a single job. And『Occupation』 is work that has been chosen. For example, an adventurer’s 『Occupation』 becomes ‘Adventurer’. There are people with several.

I’m heading towards the town’s church. In this world, when you turn 10, you go to the church to be awarded a job. Rather than having a job awarded to me, i want to see as to which job is suitable for me. As soon as I turned 10, I headed to Taruka so I have no job.
Thus, I went to the church to be given a job.

I seem to have arrived at the church after walking a while.
It’s around 3pm and there are also some other children here to be given a job.

“Next, please.”

It seems it’s my turn.
There are several steps in order to receive a job.
To begin with a person prays alone, and then after that they drop blood on an identification card. You can verify a job from the identification papers, but the church has a magic item which can confirm various jobs.

I am now giving my prayers.
And then,
“Please open your eyes.”

I heard a voice. When I opened my eyes, what was there was no longer the church but a God’s world. In front of my eyes there was a beauty…… And there was a crowd of beautiful women and handsome men behind her.

The beauty began to tell everything.

“We are the existences responsible to manage this world called Gods. Produced by the concept 『God』. I am called a Demiurge in this world. And, I rule 『existence.』……….”

For a long time they seemed to hold respect for me, I’m rather happy. From now on they will continue to give orders on their own and want to continue to use me, it seems.

“Status hiding Received. Acquired. Title acquired.

“This is?”
“Divine protection. You won’t have trouble with church relations when you have these. <(Divine) Protection of Gods>, with these 2 things, you’ll have top-power with relations in the church. No-one who isn’t a stupid person would hurt you when you hold these two divine protections as it’s said to harm one who possesses them would unleash divine punishment upon themselves. We can only do so much but we pray for your happiness in the future.”
“A, I see. Thank you.”
“Then excuse me.”

When I open my eyes I am in the church. I take a look at the status.

Akatsuki Yuuki
Lv 20
HP 29000000000/29000000000
MP 29000000000/29000000000
STR 99999+/99999+
AGI 99999+/99999+
VIT 99999+/99999+
INT 99999+/99999+

剣術 Lv.15+
Swordplay Lv.15+ (Kenjutsu)
剣技 Lv.15+
Sword Skill: Lv 15+ (Kengi)
刀術 Lv.15+
Sword Technique: Lv 15+
体術 Lv.15+
Body arts: Lv15+ (Taijutsu)
弓術 Lv 15+
Archery Lv 15+
槍術 Lv 13
Spearmanship: Lv 13
暗器術 Lv.15+
Dark weapon arts: Lv.15+
暗殺術 Lv.15+
Assassination arts: Lv.15+
Steal: Lv.15+
Stealth Sense: Lv.15+
Magic Sense:Lv.15+
Magic Manipulation:Lv.15+
Monster Tame:Lv.15+
Expert Appraisal: Lv.15+
Expert Concealment: Lv.15+
High Magic Tool Creation: Lv15+
High Sorcery Tool Creation: Lv.15+
High Weapon Creation: Lv.15+
料理 Lv 15+
Cooking: Lv.15+
魔鎧術 Lv 15+
Demon Armour Art: Lv.15+
Body Strengthening: Lv 15+
鍛冶 Lv 15
Smithing: Lv.15
〈Unique Skills〉
Limit Break
結城流 Lv 15+
Yuuki Style Lv.15+
True Yuuki Style : Lv.15+
Serpent Style Arts: Lv.15+
我流暁 Lv 15+
Akatsuki’s way: Lv.15+
刀鍛冶 Lv 15+
Swordsmith: Lv.15+
Mineral Fusion and Fission
Metal Fusion and Fission
Special Creation
Basic attribute magic aptitude: Fire Wind Water Earth Light Dark Lightning Ice
Fire Attribute Magic
Wind Attribute Magic
Water Attribute Magic
Earth Attribute Magic
Light Attribute Magic
Dark Attribute Magic
Thunder Attribute Magic
Ice Attribute Magic
Spacial Magic
Holy Magic
Black Magic
Null-Attribute Magic
Summoning magic‘ – Summon’
〈Unique Magic〉
Poison Magic
Alchemy Magic
Revival Magic
Nothingness Magic
Dimension Magic
Time magic
Space magic
Gravity magic
Movement magic
Concept magic
Cause and effect interference magic
True Eyes
Complete memory
Complete understanding
Complete Acquisition
Construction Analysis
Construction Understanding
Parallel Thoughts
Parallel Process
Mind Reading
Telepathic communication
All-languages acquisition
Superior Upgrade
Physical Resistance: Lv.15+
Complete Magic Attack Resistance: Lv.15+
Complete Mind Attack Nullification: Lv.15+
Complete Abnormal Status Nullification: Lv.15+
〈Complete Derivation〉
Pain blockade
HP自動超回復 Lv 15+
HP Automatic Ultra Recovery: Lv.15+
MP自動超回復 Lv 15+
MP Automatic Ultra Recovery: Lv.15+
Attack Power Super UP: Lv.15+
Attack Power X5 times: Lv.15+
Movement speed Super UP: Lv.15+
Reincarnated Being, Transcended Being, The being who sees everything, The being who reaches the truth, Genius, Disaster/Calamity, Being who rules everything, creator of God’s, person obeyed by gods.

Protection of the Demiurge, protection of the gods, Respect of the Demiurge, Respect of the Gods, Obedience of the Demiurge, Obedience of the Gods

By the way, I only confirmed the job afterwards.

“You can confirm the job in this room. We are expected to confirm the job. Thus, I’ll end up seeing the job as well. Thanks for your understanding. “

I finish the exchange – I’ll finally confirm the job at last.
The job is inscribed on the status card. I only just noticed, but the level and protection seem to be carved into it as well. Because that doesn’t matter, let’s quickly look at the job.

Akatsuki Yuuki
Lv 20
Race: Human

Job: Person who has transcended the sword god, person who has transcended the god of military arts, Person who has transcended the god of magic, person who has transcended the gods, strongest, Hero?Does it taste delicious? , master crafstman
Divine Protections: Protection of the Demiurge, protection of the gods, Respect of the Demiurge, Respect of the Gods, Obedience of the Demiurge, Obedience of the Gods

What is this?
WHAT!? ‘Hero?Does it taste delicious?’, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN! Besides, I don’t understand it at all. The sister-san has frozen!

“Ano, may I return?
“Ah, yes, please!”
“Goodbye” (tl: Sayonara. Guess we won’t be seeing this sister again >.>)

I swore not to think about it anymore.

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    1. falinmer

      They explained that, a Job is something a person is suited for, an occupation is what they are actually doing, this is why a persons Job can be swordsman, but their occupation is adventurer. This is also to say that someone with the swordsman job can master the use of a sword, but those without it (or relevant job towards swordsmanship) cannot.


  2. Miri-Bell

    No, no, no, It WASN’T A TITLE it was JOB. To be honest it seems more like a joke than a job, though. If it were me I’d think I was being harassed.


  3. xen

    13 chapters not including prologues, and already MC is not only stronger than the gods, nor simply OBEYED by the gods…
    he freaking CREATED them!!!
    i can’t even.

    …and yet i’m still reading this.
    regardless, thanks for the chapter.


    1. xias1

      It´s one “job”:
      “Strongest hero? Does it taste delicious?”

      Like MC got everything neccessary to be the strongest hero but simply got no clue what a “hero” is supposed to be or do as “job”.
      Thus the question “Does it taste delicious?” in the job name like when someone wants to express that one got no clue what´s being spoken about.


    1. imacutemotherfucker

      you know what needed? divined protection of the gods!!! why would need that. he is already powerful. this is madness! (below me going to comment trying to sparta and yes i knew you about to do that)


  4. iamviruz

    So he’s like a Gluttony-ruling Demon Lord? Since the ‘job’ makes him like he don’t care about Hero and only seems to care about food lol.

    Thanks for the chapter~~


  5. spoilerproof

    thanks for the chapter~
    well, that “Hero?Does it taste delicious?” got me. 😀
    I’m waiting for a group of female heroes now….



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