Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 4

Episode 4 Earl Shelben 2
“Then, please wait here.”

I was taken to Earl Shelben’s guest room.

“It’s Kofu.”

I try drinking the Kofu (It’s coffee-ish) and it tastes exactly like coffee.

“No change……?”
“What is it?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

It seems that Kofu isn’t served black. As for me, I was part of the black coffee clique in the previous life.

After a while there’s a knock on the door.

‘Akatsuki-dono, the master is calling. Would you come with me?”

The steward who parted some time ago calls to me. I shall meet the Earl Shelben. Well, I wonder what kind of person he is…


“I have accompanied Akatsuki-san here.”
“Excuse me.”

Lily and an old man are in the room. The old man is probably the Earl Shelben.

“Sit down.”
“Let me introduce myself. I am Earl Taruka Eru Shelben. Please take care of me.” (Tl: Yoroshiku)

He said so and reached out his hand. A friendly and good person. 【Mind Reading】ability made me understand nothing odd was being thought.

“I’m Akatsuki Yuuki. Please take care of me.” (Tl: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.)

I stretch out my own hand and we shake hands. His hand feels like it has grasped a sword for years.

“First of all, thank you for saving my daughter.”
“Not at all.”
“I intend to give you something out of etiquette, but is there perhaps something you want? If it’s within my capabilities, I’ll organise it.”
“There is nothing in particular. If I am forced to say, I want a recommendation into the adventurers guild.
“Recommendation to the guild?”
“That is, you want your rank to be decided on the fact you defeated that cyclops?”
“That’s right.”
“I understand. I’ll handle it.”
‘Thank you very much.”

Excellent, I have achieved my goal.
I wanted to raise my adventurer ranking in one go from this time. Thus, I received the support from the Earl Shelben. I was saved from breaking the ice to raise the problem I had.

For a short while I talked, I then received the letter of recommendation from the earl and left the house.

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  2. iamviruz

    Er, ” His hand feels like a sword that has grasped a sword for years.”
    I think it should be one of the two below so that it make sense? (i don’t refer to raw since i cant read them)

    ”His hand feels like a sword that has been grasped for years.”
    “His hand feels like it has been grasping a sword for years.”

    Thanks for the chapter~~

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  3. naleastie

    Thanks for the chapter~~ welp, I think he’s a lucky fellow. The daughter already fell in love, and his father is not the arrogant type. It will get very interesting 😛


  4. Thibault Berthier

    thanks for the chapter translator sama
    i will just add that it’ll be good to add a “next button” feature if possible ( not really sure you can do it freely with wordpress)



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