Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 3

The third episode: Shelben Earl
Driving the 《Four Wheel Drive》, a large wall comes into sight.
“That’s Taruka?”

The border 『Fortress City Taruka』
It’s a large city surrounded by a wall, seconded only to the royal capital. The city fights the threats of the monsters with the walls and soldiers repetitively. It is a place where many adventurers gather.


Seeing Taruka in the distance I increase my speed heading towards it.


As we go towards the gate, the gatekeeper points his weapon towards us.
“What is it?”
“You, you bastard – What is this!?”
“It’s a Magic Item.”

“What happened? Akatsuki-san.”
そんなやり取りをしていると後部座席からリリーが顔を出してきた。そしてリリーを見た門番はというと……… Lily produces her face from the backseat to make such an exchange. And then the gatekeeper sees Lily………

“You bastard, what did you do to Lily-sama?!”

He’s babbling as such.

“She was attacked by a cyclops, I was incidentally passing by and saved her.”
“Don’t lie! There is no way a bastard like you could defeat a cyclops! Release Lily-sama you kidnapper!”

“What’s with these allegations? It’s troublesome.
“Please wait. Akatsuki-san helped us! He is not a kidnapper!!”
“The kidnapper is threatening you, we’ll arrest this guy so don’t worry. You weren’t murdered, but have you suffered a lot of pain?! You’re alright now, Lily-sama.”

Lily, thank you. And then what is this guy? It seems he’s not listening to the story and instead believing his own delusion?

“It’s different!! Please listen to me.”
“Hey, what’s going on?”
“Squad leader! This person kidnapped Lily-sama! On the contrary, Lily-sama is being threatened!”
“It’s different!!! Please stop it”
“Lily-sama, is it true you are being threatened?”
“It’s different!!!”
“Squad leader, this guy is threatening Lily-sama!”

What is this?
“Please stop it!!! Please stop talking about delusions as reality instead of hearing the story of the person! Firstly, LISTEN before arbitrarily deciding to think badly of someone!”

Oh, Lily snapped. What she’s saying is harsh, but true.

“Lily-sama. can you tell us what happened?”
“Yes…. We headed to Taruka………”
“I see. Was there such a thing? And then, can I hear your side?”
“No problem I………”
“I see, thank you.”
“No problem.”
“And, just then my subordinate was unjustifiable. You may pass through here.”

The squad leader was a good person who understood the story. By the way, I finally got into Taruka…

“Squad leader! Do you believe a guy like that?! Lily-sama is surely being deceived!”

The squad leader snapped.

“You daydreamer! How many times with your reckless remarks have you done a mistaken arrest! I can’t think how many victims there are of your delusions. You’ve done it so many times that nobody believes you. Do you know what the call you around the circumference? 『The walking Delusion』 and 『The annoyance which walks』. Sleep Talk after you go to sleep, you idiot!”

It seems, he’s a repeat offender.
“B-but, I heard that you ask just in case.”
“I only do so in a form!”

Somehow, he seems to be a considerably useless guy. Apart from that, this is no longer relevant.
“Sorry, we need to go.”
“Feel free.”
“Well then.”

I called out to the person who came with the group leader and then we got out of the car. And as I set foot into Taruka.

Are they still not done?

The butler calls out to me.

“What is it?
“Would it be alright for Akatsuki-dono to come for lunch at count Shelbens residence today?”

The count’s residence? There’s meaning in going, huh, well I’m free so it’s fine.

“Sure, it’s no problem.”
“Thank you very much.”
“No problem.”

After walking a while, a huge house (which felt like a castle) came into sight. Is that the count’s house?

“That is the Shelben border counts residence.”

Apparently so. The count is lucky to stay in such a mansion.

“We’re here……………”
“I understand. Oi, go tell master he’s come!”
That explained it for me.

After a bit, a person came out of the earl’s mansion. It was a good looking maid.
“Welcome home young lady.
And you are probably Akatsuki Yuuki-dono?”

“Ah, yes. I am. ”
“How do you do, I am Roti Zarutsu. Master has ordered me to entertain and guide Yuuki-dono. Is it fine for me to guide you?”
“Yes, it’s alright.”

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  2. Seinvolf

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