Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 1

Episode 1 – Journey and Encounter

One day passed since I left the village.

“Haah, it’s nice weather.”

It takes approximately 2 weeks to walk to Taruka on foot.

Since I’m not in a rush, I practice magic while heading to Taruka.


“I want to fly in the sky.”  

When I had such a thought, a certain thing was remembered.   It went smoothly when I tried to put in practice.  



“It’s a good view.”


I’m flying in the sky – to be accurate;  I am walking.  




Five days have passed since leaving the village and, with the exception of dealing with several goblins, nothing has changed.

This is my present status.



Akatsuki Yuuki

 Lv 15

 HP 24000000000/24000000000

 MP 24000000000/24000000000

 STR 99999+/99999+

 AGI 99999+/99999+

 VIT 99999+/99999+

 INT 99999+/99999+


Swordplay Lv.15+ (Kenjutsu)

Sword Skill: Lv 15+ (Kengi)

Sword Technique: Lv 15+

Body arts: Lv15+ (Taijutsu)

Archery Lv 15+

Spearmanship: Lv 13

Dark weapon arts: Lv.15+

Assassination arts: Lv.15+

Steal: Lv.15+

Stealth Sense: Lv.15+

Magic Sense:Lv.15+

Magic Manipulation:Lv.15+


Monster Tame:Lv.15+

Expert Appraisal: Lv.15+

Expert Concealment: Lv.15+

High Magic Tool Creation: Lv15+

High Sorcery Tool Creation: Lv.15+

High Weapon Creation: Lv.15+

Cooking: Lv.15+

Demon Armour Art: Lv.15+

Body Strengthening: Lv 15+

Smithing: Lv.15

〈Unique Skills〉

Limit Break

Yuuki Style Lv.15+

True Yuuki Style : Lv.15+

Serpent Style Arts: Lv.15+

Akatsuki’s way: Lv.15+

Swordsmith: Lv.15+

Mineral Fusion and Fission

Metal Fusion and Fission

Special Creation


Basic attribute magic aptitude:  Fire Wind Water Earth Light Dark Lightning Ice

Fire Attribute Magic

Wind Attribute Magic

Water Attribute Magic

Earth Attribute Magic

Light Attribute Magic

Dark Attribute Magic

Thunder Attribute Magic

Ice Attribute Magic





Spacial Magic

Holy Magic

Black Magic

Null-Attribute Magic

Summoning magic‘ – Summon’

 〈Unique Magic〉

Poison Magic

Alchemy Magic

Revival Magic

Nothingness Magic

Dimension MAgic

Time magic

Space magic

Gravity magic

Movement magic

Concept magic

Cause and effect interference magic


True Eyes

Complete memory

Complete understanding

Complete Acquisition

Construction Analysis

Construction Understanding

Parallel Thoughts

Parallel Process

Mind Reading

Telepathic communication

All-languages acquisition

Superior Upgrade




Physical Resistance: Lv.15+

Complete Magic Attack Resistance: Lv.15+

Complete Mind Attack Nullification: Lv.15+

Complete Abnormal Status Nullification: Lv.15+

 〈Complete Derivation〉

Pain blockade

HP Automatic Ultra Recovery: Lv.15+

MP Automatic Ultra Recovery: Lv.15+

Attack Power Super UP: Lv.15+

Attack Power X5 times: Lv.15+

Movement speed Super UP: Lv.15+


Reincarnated Being, Transcended Being, The being who sees everything, The being who reaches the truth, Genius, Disaster/Calamity, Being who rules everything.  



The level rose and there is a change.  

I walked for a while and then I saw a carriage that was being attacked by monsters.  As for the monsters which attacked………












There are two Cyclops and three Ogres.   They are superior monsters.  I think it’s terrible to just stand here.  


Ah, one person died.  With this, five people remain?

As expected, there were more than that.  




I say so, then run towards the cyclops pulling out ‘Crescent Moon (Shingetsu)’

The ogre noticed me, then began to run towards me to hit me.   I cut off its arm with my sword, then without change proceed to cut off its neck.



I look towards the person who screamed, and it was a girl around the same age as me almost being hit by the Cyclops.  




I curse,


“《Great Flaming Bullet – BLAZING SHOT》”


The magic was fired.  The magic then directly hit the head of the cyclops, turning the cyclops into charcoal.  To make sure that the remaining three die, I chop off their heads.   

I go towards the girl


“Are you alright?




I am the daughter of Earl Shelben that governs the east border, Lily Eru Shelben.  

I was returning to Talca from a certain territory.   Taking this road in the danger region was fairly safe as usually only goblins and other low level monsters attack.  

However, I was attacked by the superior monsters Cyclops and Ogre.   We tried to escape, but as it was not possible we were desperately fighting back.  

The first was Luke.   He was a young person who became my guard knight 3 years ago, but he was excellent.  

After that, everyone fought desperately but they died.   The fifteen people who were knights became 3 people.   The old man fought to, but it already seemed impossible.  




Losing all power in my body, I sit down.  I had to attack with magic.   Therefore.   I have used too much magical power.  


The cyclops is approaching.  

Cyclops………… It laughed.  


The cyclops raised his arm.  

I am going to die.  I understood this.   


“《Great Flaming Bullet – ‘BLAZING SHOT’》


I heard so.  

The cyclops got hit by magic and it vanished.   


Who?  Is what I thought.  In our group there is no one can use 11th ranking magic of the fire attribute.  Besides the magic isn’t able to defeat a Cyclops in a single blow.   

I looked in the direction where the magic came from and was dumbfounded.   Because a boy the same age as me was able to kill Ogres and Cyclops in a single blow.  


“Are you alright?”


The boy called out.  

I looked at the boy.  Looking at his face, I blush a little in admiration.  

Oh, I need to answer.  

“Y-yes.   I’m alright.”




13 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 1

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  2. Mach

    Well, since he can literally make a perfect world with enough infinite effort… I don’t even know why this novel exists, but I still like it xD (Cause and effect interference magic + time magic only, he can do whatever he wants)


  3. Moostag

    Seriously with his speed upgrades he can move faster than sound and HE DOESN’T NEED TO CHANT AT ALL!! because he has Non-chanting fucking chuunis


  4. naleastie

    Welp, 1st (real development) chapter and 1st flag raised haha! oh mah gad. Won’t he get tired of women, since he’s basically a god that can have anything he wants?



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