Isekai Cheat – V1C5

Chapter 5: Short Story

It’s a short Story (TN: that’s the author’s note)

4 years passed, and I was seven years old
And, I was called genius in the village
It was about one year ago when I caused it


When I was six years old I often come to play with children of the same age.
In this village, when you turn six years old, you’ll be taught of arithmetic and letters at the church.
At that point, since I was able to perform reading, writing, and calculation perfectly, I was recognized by the adults
One day, a hunter’s uncle came back with his arm missing
To recover a lost limb, you need to use Advanced level Recovery magic so they gave up
I healed uncle’s injury as a return for him taking care of me
The villagers who saw it called me genius

14 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat – V1C5

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  2. Mach

    Well this is certainly going fast, but, a little too shallow? It explains nothing… Even NTR baby Meister has short stories longer than several chapters of this <.<


  3. cylinder1

    Why say he is 7 when the entire chapter is about when he is six?
    Thanks for the chapter.
    His status is literally longer.



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