Isekai Cheat – V1C4

Chapter 4: The predecessor and Study 3

Two years had passed since my reincarnation, I’m now 3 years old. (TN: Huh?)
And, I can finally use magic.

「Good, Then I’m doing it.
《Space CreationーCreate Space》」

The time is ten at night.
I and Old man went to a different space to practice magic.

「Now then, we’ll be practicing magic, you do know ranking and class right?」

The magic in this world has a ranking and class
In classs, the lowest is Low class→ Intermediate class→ Advanced class→ High class, and it continues to Taboo class→ Courtesan class→ Legendary class→ and God class
In ranking, it’s separated in three from lowest to the highest
Therefore, that’s a total of 15 ranks
Taboo class isn’t separate

「Yeah, I do」
「Then, how far can you be when using it? Try it out for a bit」
「Got it.
《Sun God Spearー》」(TN: Brionac, the spear of Lugh that was said to be impossible to overcome. (Celtic mythology))

I used it at the beginning, my original light attribute God Class Magic 《Sun God Spear ーBrionacー》
Its a magic that I’ve thought for some time

「How is it?」
「It’s good.
It’s wonderful」
「Is that so?」
「That was an original magic just now right?」
「That’s right, but」
「The power is just right and stable」

Apparently, it’s a passing grade

「How about you try compound magic?」
「Got it.
《Great Flame Storm ーBlaze Stormー》」

What I used this time is a fire and wind attribute rank 11 compound magic
It’s a magic that only the top rank of this world can use

「Good, that’s fine.
rather, for you to make this makes me lonely…」
「Well then, do you have another original magic apart from those? How about that?」
「For the time being, there’s one I intend to make」
「Oh, what is it?」
「【Decomposition Magic】」
「Oh, how long until you’re able to use it?」
「I-I’m already able to」

That’s right, I was able to think of some few magic
If there’s an open space, I will be able to use it immediately

「Then, try to use it.
The mark would be this 《Doll Making ーCreate Dollー》」
「Got it.
Then, I’ll do it.

『【Decomposition Magic】has been acquired』

When I used it, the doll disappeared.
To be precise, it’s on a level that the particles has been disintegrated (I think you should remember about a certain underachiever)
This can break down magic too.
There’s another magic named 《Purge》 similar to this. (TN: Yes, author is referring to Onii-sama)

「Fumu, I don’t have any more magic to teach you.
After this is blacksmithing right? You can use all the raw materials I have.
You should do that.
Akatsuki, can you use Item box?」
「I’ll be he handing you all the items I have.
But, never sell those items」
「Got it」

Then, I received Items from old man.

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