Isekai Cheat – V1C3

Chapter 3: Predecessor and Study 2
Next day


I can’t speak.
As expected.
Or perhaps should I say, why I can understand the words in this world? Normally I should use a skill to do so.
I did not see it before right? let me take a look.
How do I confirm my status? For now let’s try something

『You have learned 【Chantless】』

Akatsuki Yuuki

Lvl 1

HP 10000000000/10000000000
MP 10000000000/10000000000
STR 99999+/99999+
AGI 99999+/99999+
VIT 99999+/99999+
VIT 99999+/99999+
Fencing Lv.15+
Sword Skill Lv.15+
Sword Technique Lv.15+
Body Technique Lv.15+
Archery Lv 15+
.Spearmaship Lv 13
Dark Instrument Technique
Assassination Art Lv.15+
Sign Blocking Lv.15+
Sign Perception Lv 15+
Magic Perception Lv 15+
Magic Operation Lv 15+
Monster Tame Lv.15+
High Appraisal Lv.15+
High Stealth Lv.15+
High Magic Tool Creation Lv 15+
High Magic Tool Creation Lv 15+
High Weapon Creation Lv 15+
Cooking Lv 15+
Evil Armor Technique Lv 15+
Body Reinforcement Lv 15+
Smithing Lv 15
〈Unique Skill〉
Limit Break
Yuuki Style Lv 15+
True Yuki Style Lv 15+
Sakura Sword Flow Lv 15+
Own’s daybreak Lv 15+
Swordsmith Lv 15+
Mineral Fusion and Fission
Metal Fusion and Fission
Special Creation
Basic attribute magic aptitude Fire Wind Water Earth Light Dark Lightning Ice
Fire attribute magic
Wind attribute magic
Water attribute magic
Earth attribute magic
Light attribute magic
Dark attribute magic
Thunder attribute magic
Ice attribute magic
Spatial Magic
Holy Magic
Black Magic
Null attribute Magic
Summon Magic – Summon-
〈Unique Magic〉
Posion Magic
Alchemy Magic
Revival Magic
Nothingness magic
Dimension magic
Time magic
Space magic
Gravity magic
Metastasis Magic
Concept Magic
Cause and effect interference Magic
True Eyes
Complete Memory
Complete understanding
Construction Acquisition
Structure Analysis
Structure Understanding
Parallel Thought
Parallel Processing
Mind Reading
Telepathic Communication
All language Acquisition
Top Rank upgrade
Physical Attack Resistance Lv 15+
All Magic Resistance
All Mental Attack Nullification Lv 15+
All Abnormal State Nullification Lv 15+
〈All Derivation〉
HP Super Automatic Recovery Lv 15+
MP Super Automatic Recovery Lv 15+
Attack Power Super Rise Lv 15+
Attack power 5-fold Lv 15+
Movement Speed Super Rise Lv 15+
Reincarnated one, Transcended one, The one who sees everything, The one who attains truth, Genius, Disaster, The one who rules all. (TN: Genius and Disaster are both read as Tensai)


Ah, it came out.
Moreover, I’ve acquired 【All Language Acquisition】
Rather, where’s old man?

「Oh, you’ve come to」
「Here, food」
『Now then, let’s continue while you’re having a meal』

I face the opposite side of old man while eating.
『First of all, could you let me see your status?』
『Got it.
『Then say 《Visualize》』
『Fumu, let me see.
Fumu, good』
『Then? Is there something?』
『Looking at it, Magic, you can use all.
Practice afterwards』
『Is that so』

It seems like I can exercise some magic.

『Also, regarding the space-time magic, you shouild be careful when using this magic on living creatures』
『Got it』


Next day
For the 7th day of the 7th month, I was registered at the church
However, nothing happened so I’ll omit it.
However, nothing happened so I’ll omit it.

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    HP 10000000000/10000000000
    MP 10000000000/10000000000
    STR 99999+/99999+
    AGI 99999+/99999+
    VIT 99999+/99999+
    VIT 99999+/99999+

    STR 99.999+/99.999+
    AGI 99.999+/99.999+
    VIT 99.999+/99.999+
    VIT 99.999+/99.999+



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