Isekai Cheat Prologue Part 04


Prologue 04

(Pun: Changed Ceremony to Ritual, I’m still confused on materialize/inherit so I will place whatever fits in the context)


「Yes, ritual.」

It seems that a ritual is needed for succession. What on earth could the ritual be?

「What kind of ritual?」

「I’ll just simply bring this in your body」

She gave something like a ball of light while speaking.

「That’s all?」

「Yes♪ Before bringing this, give blood to the ball, apply『All Existence will be inherited』 chant after putting it on the top of your heart.」

I want to ask you if this is actually a ritual. I don’t think it is.

Well then, let’s just end this ritual quickly.

「Got it, let’s begin.」

I received a ball and a knife from her.

First, I cut my finger with a knife and gave blood to the ball

「『All Existence will be inherited』」

I chanted, and took it in my body.

Vast amount of data has flowed in my mind.

Memory, the ability to record such data, to manage them, I organized it inside my head.

「Good job」

She said.


「Next would be explaining the world you’re going to reincarnate in」

Oh right, all I asked is about my reincarnation, I still haven’t asked about the world

「Yes please」

「Yes♪ You will be reincarnated in the world of〈Avalon〉」

「Avalon? That legendary land?」

「No, the name just came up on me, so I used that name. By the way, using earth’s literature as reference, there’s also an elf」

「Is that so?」

I still think it is the legendary land, what will it be?

「In other words、〈Avalon〉is a sword -」

「Swords and Magic type of world?」

「uu, you stole my line……」

「What’s wrong?」

「……No, it’s nothing. Basically, you’re right.」

「Is there no other characteristics?」

「There is. First of all it’s big, it’s smallest continent is three times the size of Earth’s Eurasian continent………」

In summary, the it’s a world of swords and magic, it’s huge, there are a lot of other races, it has a game like system of levels, and the world is still new(But still the history is already long)

「I want to ask about magic.」

「Do it there.」

「What the hell. Welp, it doesn’t matter」

Come to think of it, what about my status?

「Hey, do you know my status?」

「I know it」

「Why I don’t know it?」

「In this place, you won’t be able to see the status, you’re unable to see. Well, it’s different after reincarnating. Do you want to see your status?」

「Yes please.」



Akatsuki Yuki

 Lv 1

 HP 10000000000/10000000000

 MP 10000000000/10000000000

 STR 99999+/99999+

 AGI 99999+/99999+

 VIT 99999+/99999+

 INT 99999+/99999+


Swordplay: Lv.15+ (Kenjutsu)

Sword skill: Lv.15+ (Kengi)

Sword art: Lv.15+ (Katana Jutsu)

Body arts: Lv.15+ (Taijutsu)

Archery: Lv.15+

Spearmanship: Lv.13

Dark weapon arts: Lv15+

Assassination arts: Lv.15+

Stealth: Lv.15+

Stealth Sense: Lv.15+

Magic Sense: Lv.15+

Magic Manipulation: Lv.15+

Monster Tame: Lv.15

Expert Appraisal Lv 15+

Expert Concealment Lv 15+

High Magic Tool Creation: Lv.15+

High Sorcery Tool Creation: Lv.15+

High Weapon Creation: Lv.15+

Cooking Lv 15+

Demon Armour Art Lv 15+

Body strengthening 15 +

Smithing Lv 15

<Unique Skills>

Limit Break

Yuki Style: Lv.15+

True Yuki Style: Lv.15+

Serpent Style Arts: Lv.15+

Akatsuki’s way: Lv.15+

Swordsmith: Lv.15+

Mineral Fusion and Fission

Metal Fusion and Fission

Special Creation


Basic attribute magic aptitude Fire Wind Water Earth Light Dark Lightning Ice

Fire attribute magic

Wind attribute magic

Water attribute magic

Earth attribute magic

Light attribute magic

Dark attribute magic

Thunder attribute magic

Ice attribute magic





Spatial Magic

Holy Magic

Black Magic

Null attribute Magic

Summon Magic – Monster-

Unique Magic

Posion Magic

Alchemy Magic

Revival Magic

Nothingness magic

Dimension magic

Time magic

Space magic

Gravity magic

Movement Magic

Concept Magic

Cause and effect interference Magic


True Eyes

Complete Memory

Complete understanding

Construction Analysis

Construction Understanding

Parallel Thoughts

Parallel Process

Superior Upgrade




Physcial Resistance: Lv.15+

Complete Magic Attack Resistance: Lv.15+

Complete Mind Attack Nullification: Lv.15+

Complete Abnormal Status Nullification: Lv.15+

<Complete Derivation>

HP Automatic Ultra Recovery: Lv.15+

MP Automatic Ultra Recovery: Lv.15+

Attack Power Super UP: Lv.15+

Attack Power X 5 times: Lv.15+

Movement speed Super UP Lv.15+


Reincarnated being, Transcended Being, The being who sees everything, The being who reaches the truth, Genius, Disaster/Calamity, Being who rules everything



「No, it’s not a bug. Moreover, the limit is already broken at level one, what’s this?」

「Like hell I’d know!」

I’m strange it seems.

「Well anyway, how do you feel about your status?」

「What? It’s dangerous」

「It’s good that you’re self-aware. Any other questions?」

「No, there’s nothing else.」

「Is that so? Then, shall we go?」

「If we’re ready then let’s go」

「If that is so, lie down here.」


「Oh, and also, you’ll be sent to my acquaintance on you reincarnation. Goodbye.」

「See you」

「Have a nice day」

When I heard that, my view is filled with light, and I lost consciousness.

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    1. xen

      if it weren’t for that, all of his skills and shit would be summed up with the unique magic/skill “omnipotence”


  3. keizero

    it seems that he was already strong in the real world, he must have fought 100 delinquents and won so that’s why everyone is afraid of him.

    but spearmanship 13 is bothering me.

    i can se he talking “I’m really bad with spears”


  4. Hartesya

    Way broken!
    He’s already entered the realm of gods with that kind of stats.
    He’s so strong he’ll probably crush door knobs to dust when he wants to open doors.
    I look forward to finding out what unique magic, Akatsuki’s Way and Yuki Style are..
    Thanks for the trans!

    Nothingness magic -> Void magic?


  5. superdbgtfan

    yea hes way broken, however i don’t quite understand his objective. is it to see and comprehend everything?


  6. willtellr

    Can some one make a summary for me? There’s some concept thingy that is everything, reason for existence and then somehow he creates his concept? that is everything and all? Wait, what? The only thing I understand is something happened, then he died, then something like a goddess appeared and he did something and now he’s a cheat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pun Post author


      Guy dies, Goddess appears, You’re dead, but you’ll be reincarnated, and you’ll be given a cheat, HORI SHITTO, what are these stats?!

      There you go, your classic reincarnation template.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. just passing by

    i can see the DAICHI guy appearing again in the story(antagonist) and it’s obvious that it was him who was preventing Saegusa Shizuku from telling him what he need to know..

    if the story didn’t have DAICHI(the villain) i would have been jumping around in joy feeling that i found another hidden treasure, but i guess not.. he definitely will appear and then BOOM ruins the fun for me and maybe even NTR’d Saegusa Shizuku or (someone? else)

    ** the comment above is base on me guessing what comes next in the story and i know some of you have noticed some hints on it too **

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Mach

    Just read it… So basically he is reincarnated into a god… I mean… Cause and Effect magic? You can do a Big Bang with just thinking it…


  9. cdalgorta

    impressive… almost Saitama’s level… not quiet, but he is only level 1 so maybe he’ll be able to survive a couple punches(of the normal series) if he keeps on training… xD


  10. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Status is completely normal with the tag of cheat genre, but the dialog make me lol so hard…


  11. xtremeloldude

    that’s quite the status….. imagine if lvling up causes “overflow’ which sets the stat to 1

    thanks for the chapter


  12. a

    just imagine him grabbing some old dwarf jiji’s beard with that strength DDD orrrr in action with some beatifull elves poor girls probably fly to space if not dead:D


  13. Walkstray007

    This character isn’t good enough, upgrade spearmanship from lv.13 to lv.15 and he’ll be “ok”.



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