Boku no Kanojo – Chapter 1

Translator:  Rumanshi

My girlfriend is beautiful.

I ascend the hill with light steps.

Since we live within the vicinity of a mountain, there are from short slopes to long ones, from gentle ones to very steep ones, in summary all kinds of slopes.

Therefore, although it’s a lie to say it’s easy to climb the slope, the strength of our legs is superior compared to ordinary people.

I climb the long slope halfway and then turn to the right.

I stopped in front of the pretty house characterised by a white wall.

I put my hair and clothes in order, and rang the chime with a camera attached on it.

“Ha~i” – I heard a voice from inside.

A dignified, sweet voice.

I have a girlfriend.

The entrance door opened.

The girl who comes out. Suzumiya Haruki.

It’s a beautiful name.

Long, beautiful black hair is flowing without being tied down.

Her attire was neat, and she followed the regulation to wear a uniform.

She’s beautiful. I let out a sigh.

My girlfriend is beautiful. Beautiful.

Because it was important, I said it twice.

I’ve already said it numerous times.

Right now I’m the kind of person that feels satisfied about his real life in this so-called ‘explosive era’.

It doesn’t matter if I’m abused. Because it’s a fact.

When I’m immersed in self-satisfaction, she calls out.

“Good morning, Yukari-kun. You seem dull, are you sleepy?”

She tilts her head to the side wonderingly.

Wrong, I was fascinated by the beautiful Haruki.

It’s what I want to say, but I’ll be patient for now.

“But、do I look sleepy? Let’s go then”

I match her pace and walk with her.

Soon I’d like to have more composure as her boyfriend.


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13 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo – Chapter 1

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      1. Dark Jackel

        Well, perhaps he said everything that needed to be said. I know a few stories that should have stopped at the first chapter, that’s for sure ;P


  2. Artimael

    Thanks for the chapter.

    How unexpected t9 pick a non-harem!
    Could you post a synopsis? Cant really tell much from this chapter.



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