Escape Prince and Jailbreak Princess – Prologue

Rumanshi:  A new guy decided he wanted to join the lair with his own (translated) novel.    I can’t vouch for accuracy.  Raw:

GenericNewGuy:  I, your father, have gifted a new novel upon you.  Bow before my power.

I was dying while I was asleep.

“By the impact of the truck colliding with the apartment … ….”

That woman explains the cause of my death.

“… …. The second floor, books and magazines that you were stacking in full, collapsed, you could not move, the plastic bottle of carbonic acid that had been put on the top of why the lid was put off was collapsed , I was poured into the nostrils and mouth and drowned. ”

“Very celestial … ….”

I say.

It is a miracle that he died without much suffering.

“No, just careless”

The woman strongly shakes his head.

“Do you understand? I do not even eat a bite of 2 liters of cola and your living creates this death … It is more rare than a ceremony.The woman on the first floor is in a lover ‘ Escaped, a trucker handed emergency by ischemic heart disease was also safe, if you did not even die, it was not a big accident? ”

“In a lover’s house!?”

I was in shock.

It is a lover to a cute female college student on the lower floor.

“Where are you bending?”

“Wow! It was a daughter of a big tits with a clean feeling, such as coming out of Iwate, but staying at the house of Kalesh in a month would be extremely confusing! Anyway believe it Absent!”

“You have nothing to do with her!”

The woman came in front of me and grasped the chest of the sweat. I do not care whether it gets wet with a cola, but it is dragged down from the sitting chair to the floor.

“I am dead! Is not it hot?”


I called a woman.

I hold hands on a black floor, not cold nor hot. A black room, a black chair, among them, the woman was shining white. I can understand that the divine light that I can not see any expression, even if not explained, is God.

It is a goddess.

“Please let me know a bit because I am hard”


The goddess kicked up my face.


Although it is dead, it hurts.

“I was truly a human being who did not even sympathize. The adult magazine and adult comic drowned and found the dead man who found you, screaming and confirmed that the breath is not confirmed while the emergency personnel killed the laugh and died While writing a report, the doctor picked up his booger, the rushed family thrown the baked bone on the SA on the expressway, from the evening to the next morning, the day and the television gave a funny look while making a subtle fun and at the Internet summary site As a stranger to the large amount of lolicon comic books, nobody in your world would mourn you. ”

The goddess restrained his face with a brilliant hand and cried.

“Ali is evenly from Lori to milf”

Actually two or two dimensional photography is about half.

“Did you ask! Your sexual taste !?”

The face can not be seen, but the eyes of the goddess sharply shone.

“Is it sermons until dead?”

I say.

“It is certainly a human being who is not sympathetic to anyone, I have been absent from taking a swimming class at elementary school and stealing girls’ class pants all the time, but I have not regretted it separately It is because of being sexually committed at that time, being scolded repeatedly, being sucked out just because the eyes met with the girl who liked, in the rest of my life I will endure with erotic books and AV I became a human being able to be a person who did not become troublesome by the police until I died.If not having mourning anyone, it is pride of my life that there is no conviction ”


The goddess said.

“Excuse me, I was already dead.”

“… ….”

It is God joke.


The goddess rises while shining.

“You are eligible to incarnate in a different world”

“Reincarnation in a different world?”

Hey, what kind of lanoba is.

“The life born in the world plays a variety of roles in getting some connection with the world and turning the world, that is incarnation.”

The goddess explained.

“But you could not get any ties with the born world, which means that we misunderstood the world where you put the life you are, I’m sorry.”

“I see”

God seems to reflect on admitting failure.

It is splendid.

“In other words, it is said that there is a world where I can live like I am! The world is allowed to sniff the pants of female elementary school pups! The world that girls junior high school students awaken to sex and falls in love with me! School girls There is a world that will match me as a mistake of youth! A world in which female college students accidentally caught me by college! The world that a happy married woman carelessly plays with me The world where a widow in the neighborhood was burned up A world that I can not forget and meet me!

“I hope there is something,”

The goddess said with a barrack reading.

“Was it luxurious? It would be OK even if the goddess stomps with Nico Nico”

I can not see the face but it is a god and should be a beautiful person.

“In order to adapt to another world, your memory will be inherited, please make use of the experience of the past life in the afterlife and I will give you a wish as a feeling of apology for our failure”

“One wish”

Suddenly, I do not have any trouble with it.

There is absolutely the ability that life will be easy mode if you get even this. I had many dreams that if I had it, I could rather lose my life even though I steal my pants.

“Please be a handsome guy!”

I strongly hoped.

“A shallow humanity is out there”

The goddess said to throw up.

“Although it is good, if you do not have such an advantage, you may return to here, doing the same kind of death even if you go to any world.” I do not want to see you again. ”

I will swallow a room where the radiance is black.

Then I will reincarnate in a different world.

I do not know the new parents.

The consciousness awakens where I reach out with crying under the creepy clouds throbbing. It was an unfamiliar old man who picked it up, but it was sold immediately. I took out my silver exchanges with a single coin and I was a normal woman who looked like a catfish and I was made a comfortee.

Because it was a handsome guy?

Even though consciousness awakened, the baby did not stand up or suddenly speak, and in the fifth or sixth year she could not leave the house of the catfish. Among them, I will gradually know the words and circumstances of this world. What seems to be human trafficking as a business, what seems to be profitable because of mass refugees in big warfare, I am one of them.

“It’s seven years old, it’s about time to sell”

One day, the catfish was sold off.

I was always told to hide, but I brought out the naked one in front of an intermediary and said, That was an unexpected word.

“I want to sell this slave to a high price”

If I thought that it was a refugee, I became a slave.

“Looks good on nothing but scratches”

A big man like a bearded troll says.

“I thought it was a golden egg at first sight, I got it as a slavery as a pet,” he said, “I got it when I was a baby.

“As soon as the buyer arrives, what’s his name?”

“It was embroidered like this when we got picked up, see, you can say it yourself.”


I say.

I was severely disciplined as if I was silent until I got permission to speak, so I could not say anything beyond that, but my anxiety spreads. It is sold as a slave. I think I have to escape.

However, the iron ball and the shackle are connected by a chain which can not be moved by the power of the child, and what is unavoidable is already stuck to the body. It is struck with a whip just by accidentally ringing the chain.

“That’s right, I want another push, let’s make it theo · ruble, the name of a royal family that was destroyed in that continent”

“Not bad,”

The catfish stroked my head.

“It’s a face that carries such a perfection, you probably do not think buyers are really pulling the bloodline of the royal family, but there is elegance that makes you think no way.”

“It’s like a favorite,”

“I told you, I raised it from a baby, it also makes me feel like my parents because I was pretty smart and I remembered it, I hope from the bottom of my heart to be bought by people with good payment.”

“There was also a bottomless heart that can not be helped myself”

“… ….”

Rather than being in such an environment, the one who sold it might be better. That way my slave life started. There is no technique to resist children just getting old. I want to be bought by a good person anyway.

“Fu-Ha-ha-ha! What survivors of Luburg! How do you feel that you can affix a mark that will not disappear to the man who banged you! Cry!

“Wow! Ok then! Ah ah!”

Of course, good people do not buy slaves.

The slave’s brand is pushed to his belly.

It was the elderly man who first bought me, who seemed to have served the destroyed royal family but was banished by bribery. One night, I was confessed crying. My wife ‘s mother was seriously ill and she needed money. I was trusted to serve obedience enough to listen to such stories.

I ran into that gap.

Eight years old, the first escape.

It is a sudden thing, I do not think deeply.

Needless to say, it is caught and sold immediately.

Next time I bought me is an asset and I am treated like a canine that my daughter kept like a dog like thing in this world and somehow I get treated like a dog. The first brand is crushed and the second brand is next to it. It increases.

“You are Calpy from today!”


My girlfriend ‘s girl is probably about the same age as I was eight years old. Paintings of CANINI were decorated in the mansion, but of course they were not really alike. I understood that I just fell in love, so I play lightly.

Nine years old, the second escape.

Based on previous reflections, it was planned after carefully examining the escape route and securing exact tools for exit, but my daughter’s mother was aiming me at what mind, ambushed To be laid.

Play for the first time fire.

My wife thought she was a bit worse because she was a beautiful woman, but she got caught in and hurried to her husband soon. Her husband seems to be wary of me in the first place, receiving a fairly severe folding, the entire body is sold off more and more with scratches.

Eleven years old, the third escape.

Because I was an old woman I thought I could get along. In fact, there are no elements to catch up and you can leave the village and succeed in getting to a nearby town. However, if you walk in the city without disguise, it will remain in the memory of many people, and you will be brought back when you flew far enough.

Fourteenth year old, the fourth desertion.

As he was caught by three escapes, he made friendship with the maid of the manor, but as a collaborator, he became a fussome at the stage of splitting, and he gets caught caught. When the newspaper arrives, the heading of the deserted prince is attached.

I thought that I wanted to die many times.

I may be able to reincarnate once again.

It was such a feeling.

Far from becoming a handsome life rather than becoming an easy mode, it is a hard mode that is impossible. Because it is a handsome, the world has stopped leaving me. Perhaps it is no longer possible to reincarnate.

I think that it was killed if it was an ordinary slave.

However, since I was reincarnated in a handsome man, the judgment that selling was more money than always was constantly working. Things that I bought with a high gold price can be sold at reasonable prices, so even if there were various, it was lived.

And I can not commit suicide.

Maybe this is because the goddess has given something to me. Even if I tried to hurt myself, trying to drink poison, or refusing meals, I ended in failure only by accident.

I have no choice but to live.

It seems that Prince deserted Prince’s echoed, and finally I could not sell as a pet slave. It will be used for fruit harvesting work in the farm as a young man’s labor force. At the beginning of my first physical labor, the beginning was completely useless, from a slave of a man working in the same place, – I thought it was oppressed by being oppressed, but I was already mean to it. I want to be free. I struggled with slave work, trained the body, carefully devised a desertion plan. The first thing I decided was not to approach women. I also learn to do something if I tried to make things easier by using handsome as a cause of failure. I have no choice but to put on my own power. Besides my work, I acquire some skills. Most of the slaves in this world are bornless slaves. Many of them were criminals. And I learned by doing thief skill, when I tried it, I seemed to have that talent. Because I steal the technology. I provide experienced flesh as a pet slave to the men with frustration, I get knowledge and information. To escape from the status of a slave, you must first cross the border. And in order to cross the border, a permit issued by the lords is necessary. 16 years old, the fifth escape. And then I meet that girl.

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    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

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