Series Search~ New Novel, START!

Okay, I’m not picking anything up right now.  I’m just looking for novels to add to the stash for later.   We’ll get to the rules now.  Don’t suggest things which do not follow the rules.

  1.  No reincarnation.
  2. No summoning.  (This includes randomly turning up in a different world.)
  3. Male protagonist, please.
  4. Must have a harem.
  5. Cannot have a current translator.   They have to have been missing for four months, or said it can be picked up.
  6. It cannot have ‘cheat’ in the title.
  7.   No Yandere’s
  8. Preferably not R18+
  9. Web Novels, please.  Lazy as f***.
  11. Read the rules above, please.




39 thoughts on “Series Search~ New Novel, START!

      1. Dark Jackel

        Sorry, the only one that jumps to mind is a light novel, Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. The current translator doesn’t seem to have much interest in continuing it…

        Well, but if you started translating it, you’d probably have an influx of whiny bitches on your site as well, so never mind. 😋


  1. bai

    Reading this in chinese baidu page.. not sure if it is translated in EN ornot

    About a guy who is weak in school due to weak heritage, got block to train up due to some reasons, found a door to another world dungeon. He trained there and become OP due to some of the skills he have… mixing + extracting + combining skills.
    Not sure if there is harem but he did bought a pair of elf sisters and seems the original world there are 2 girls interested in him, defending him from bullies.

    sorry for the weak synopsis Orz

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  2. habib

    I found this that Might be worth it.

    weak high school boy with low (life span) living alone. no parents. brothers and sisters are licing abroad.
    harem. ( girls [humans&robots mix!!])
    no reincarnation
    no world travel.
    no time travel.


  3. gregluck

    – Isekai tensei soudouki
    Not summoned / transfered. The souls only affect the knowledge while decision goes to the original mc.
    Harem confirmed at least 3 on the board.
    I don’t even knew if someone translates it, but the manga is good. Can’t find it on novelupdate.

    – Tsuyokute new saga
    MC transfer back in time with full knowledge. Harem, 2 confirmed.
    The translation already stopped about 5 months now.


  4. luislock

    Web novel with no reincarnation/summoning/yanderes? I’m sorry I have no idea what your talking about. Such an item doesn’t exist.

    Lol seriously I have so many web novels to give you but most of them break that rule.


    1. habib

      late bloomer ? there are many titles. lol

      (BUT )Romanshi want them to be Untaken by any TL group.

      Leechers mostly are late bloomer’s.

      Next time please be helpful and provide something.


    1. Mr.Shitsherlock

      Striking while the iron’s still hot, I didn’t get a response from google searching (The Heros Teacher), (Yusha yo no o shisho yo) or (Hero-like your teacher like), which pretty much confirms that there isn’t a translation of it out there at the moment.


      1. Mr.Shitsherlock

        That and, sadly, I just checked on and its rated R15+ for graphic depictions of violence. Bummer that.


  5. Anon

    Would love it if “The Indecent Relationship Between Four Lovers” could get a translator, but sadly it is a light novel ;-;



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