Updates: March

Hello, welcome to the march edition of my updates!  Each month within the first three days, I’ll now be posting one of these.   Depending on how I go, this may be subject to change into a week, or just every so often.

First of all, you should consider following me on twitter:  RumanshiLN
I sometimes post more random updates there and stuff like that.

Next. I, without possessing a job, aim to become an adventurer has a light novel released!  I have ordered it and if you wish to support the author of that, you should check it out!

Following on from that, is the intended schedules for the month.  By now, you should know that Jobless is translated mainly by Yoshiro (trytranslations.wordpress.com), and releases every Sunday!   Thanks Yoshiro!  :3

Other World’s Monster Breeder, or alternatively as RTD affectionately calls it, Pokegod,  releases on Saturday, and recently has been turning up randomly on another day.   That is subject to my own whim, but Saturday is the real scheduled release.

Isekai cheat is subject to the whim of randoms.   RTD sometimes does it, I sometimes do it.  It’s pretty shit though, so don’t expect it to be a scheduled project anytime soon.   🙂

Onto ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’:
I’ve been neglecting this one to produce the others, but I’ll soon be back in business!  The intended release will also be Saturdays and Tuesdays.  Yep, I’m confident that I’ll be able to write two chapters a week!  With the opportunity for bonuses.  🙂

Okay, other than that, please consider contributing to my Patreon.  This is a monthly payment of a small amount.  If you want to you can, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter!  🙂

There’s also the option of Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com , if you want to do a one off donation to sponsor my studies  (Of Japanese, of course) 🙂

Uhhh, I think that’s all for March, to be honest!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and stuff.

3 thoughts on “Updates: March

  1. sfcipher

    Thank you for posting the schedules. That gave us an idea when to expect a new release. Too bad for Isekai Cheat though since don’t know when the next release will be.



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