Sox no updates

Ran out of interner.   My life sucks .   Fuck.  

9 thoughts on “Sox no updates

      1. shadyxlr

        Trust me I know the feeling how do you think I felt with all the online novels I follow… The exact count is somewhere around 320-340ish…


  1. xRciri

    remember when internet was new and if you told your friends about it all they did was say “whats internet?” and when you told them they were like “that will never be a thing”?

    and now look at us, Data Fiends …. ALL OF US

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    1. xias1

      How can you have “friends” without internet?
      You know, Facebook has only existed after the internet had been around already.

      Or what does the term “friends” you use mean?
      Is it something like “guest”, “anonymous user” or “registered user”?


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