Hahaha, exhausted from doing stuff – so no chapter today, there should be at least 2 chapters this week though.  🙂

I’ll be spending a lot of my time studying for the next ~ 50 days.  This is so I can get into university in the future and get a bachelors degree.  ~_~  It’ll be in the international studies / international business sort of range of things I plan to do in the future, so there’s that.  This study will limit the amount of time I get to write though as my study will have to go through something like this:

Drama – Study plays and learn to bullshit about their usefulness and how playwrights do stuff.  I honestly couldn’t care less about this stuff man, the practicals are already over – why does it still need to be done?  😦

Music – Meh, not a lot of study will go into this.  I have some basic knowledge and the practicals are next week but who cares?  I’ll hopefully get a decent mark for this ^.^

Entertainment – A lot of time will be spent on this, similar to drama.   Our teacher did not provide us very good exams that represent the difficulty of the final one in the year.  Oh well, that’s what self-study is for!

Maths – As long as you repeat the things you find hard you have this subject sorted.  So, it’ll be repetition but I won’t find it too hard, I suppose.  Just remind me to do it~

English – ~_~  I get high marks in creative writing but less in comprehension and reading.  I can sort of do essays, but they’re not at top quality.  So, more time than music, but less than drama or entertainment.

Japanese – Not a subject I’m studying for school, but something I’m studying by myself.  This is where the time where writing ‘THWAFG’ will probably occur.   I’ll be trying to do this as a course in university so yeah~

Well, that’s my stuff to say for today~   The releases will probably go something like this now:

Wednesday – Chapter 5

Friday – Chapter 6

Sunday – Chapter 7

So once every two days should be enough, right?  If I get time I’ll attempt to write enough for a release a day, but that’s not a promise.  These dates are promises~


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