Character – Name Suggestions!

Hey guys, what name would you suggest for this character?

Artwork by Mashiro-Yuki

A character who needs a name~

Artist:  Yuki Mashiro 

So basically, this is a character I asked the artist to draw for me.  However, I’m stuck on what name to give her!  So, I’m asking the readers to suggest names for her!  Thank you to all those who suggest names.

8 thoughts on “Character – Name Suggestions!

  1. mumblesalot2

    Oh man I can dream up of good looks for characters but naming them is my bane. I spend 20 minutes alone on my characters names, partly to be unique, partly because its taken but that doesn’t excuse me when this happens in skyrim. Lets give it a shot.

    light blue hair – snow sky and water based names
    yellow/amber eyes – earth and stone
    cute – name must be cute and short

    Lorelei – means beauty and seducer, also favorite name from pokemon red and blue elite 4. User of ice pokemon
    Amy – was thinking the quartz crystal amethyst
    Yuki – why not name after the artist? Means snow.
    Freya – Norse goddess of many things, including love. I keep thinking Norse is cold for some reason.

    Some examples of my thought process.



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