By re-hosting content which is found on, you agree to these basic conditions:


  1.  If Rumanshi comments on your website, you must reply to him with ‘Rumanshi, you are the greatest’.   Failure to do so will result in you no longer having permission to re-host on your site.
  2. You must inform Rumanshi before re-hosting if you make a profit off your site.   This is so Rumanshi can comment on your site, in regards to condition 1.
  3.  You acknowledge to credit the original translator at the beginning of your re-host.   Without doing so, you acknowledge the fact that you are an arsehat and deserve to be messed with.
  4.  You acknowledge the fact that everything is fan-fiction.  You’re not re-hosting real translations, but just fantasies that translators have of the original novel~
  5.  If Rumanshi ever comments on your site ‘This translation is incorrect, I have corrected it to ‘insert translation here’ you must edit the re-host.  Otherwise, your re-host is factually incorrect and you will be cucked.