Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 23

Let’s collect mushrooms in the marsh

The next day.
I came to the adventurer’s guild in order to find a quest to replace the medicinal grass collection which was my main one.

By the way, last night I had Carolina wait in a ball with Aphrodite.

Given her circumstances, it would be good to let things calm down before having her live mainly inside the ball when you think about it.

“Oi oi. Look. A new quest is added.”

“It seems to have rained heavily at a marsh in Zumaria yesterday. Monsters has begun to spring up.”

I have heard middle-aged adventurers talk about such a thing as they stand before the guild board.

☆Subjugation-type Quest

●Subjugation of Light Mash

Required R: G
Success condition: Subdue five Light Mash
Reward: 5000 col
Repetition: Possible

Supression of Amoeba Slug

Required R: G
Success condition: Subdue two Amoeba Slugs
Reward: 5000 col
Repetition: Possible

☆Search-type Quest
Collect medicinal table mushrooms

Required R: G
Success condition: Collect 10 medicinal table mushrooms
Reward: 6000 col
Repetition: Possible

The men are talking about the above 3 quests.

The adventurer rank required is G.
Seems like that said suddenly-added quest has somewhat equal payment to the existing ones inside the forest.

I cleared all the medicinal grass for that request earlier too, so there’s no real reason for not accepting this new request right?

Then 2 hours later.
I arrived at the damp ground of Zumaria to handle the quest I had just accepted.

According to the pamphlet I took from the guild, the demon appearing in this area seems to be light mash and two kinds of amoeba slugs.

When I’ve confirmed that there was no human presence, I called Carolina out from the ball.

“A-Amazing! I heard from you before, but I’m really able to freely enter and exit the ball!”

Suddenly called, Carolina eyes grew big with surprise.

“… the divine protection of <> which rules all families. It feels like too much power for a mere human to have.”

“Hm? Did you say something?”

“N-no! It’s nothing!”

When I asked it, I had the feeling that I was being deceived as Carolina waved her hand exaggeratedly.

“Souta, look, look! A Monster Mushroom is coming from over there!”

Light Mash LV ⅖ Grade G

Vitality 21
Physical Strength Value 5
Magical Power Value 11
Spiritual Strength 11

(Numbness powder)

At Aphrodite’s fingertips, there was a Light Mash jumping up and down.

“Caro! I want to see your fighting capability. Is it alright to leave this place? Do not kill that monster but neutralize it, save it.”

“I understand. A monster of that level wouldn’t be a problem, even with my bare hands.”

Declaring so, Carolina peered in the direction of the Light Mash.

The Light Mash was a mushroom shaped monster, with a full length of approximately 50 centimeters.

Since it appears to have become a gigantic mushroom, it didn’t grow any feet.

The monster moved by hopping, like a pogo stick, and the atmosphere was comical.

“Nokou! “

When the Light Mash raises a strange voice, I begin to splurt out spores from the point of its head.

What is it? That attack!?

If that attack is poisonous, it’s bad.
Was it a misjudgement to let Carolina fight this as her first opponent?

Carolina was calm in contrast to my worries.

Suddenly, a strong wind arose from Carolina’s feet.

“This is….magic….!?”

My prediction is right, this wind is attributed to [Wind Attribute Magic (intermediate)] display by the status screen of Carolina.

The numbness powder which the Light Mash shot is being drowned out by the wind.

Immediately after.
Carolina jumped with superhuman strength, like a rabbit, and lands behind the Light Marsh in an instant.

Without wasting a moment, the Light Mash was sent flying by a compact kick.

“Umm. Was that okay?”

“That’s just enough! With this, even if I leave all the fighting to you, there would seem to be no problem at all”

Due to the Carolina’s effort, the Light Mash was at death’s door breathing weakly.
When it’s like this, I can surely put it into the capsule ball.

Monster Employment Data

Light Mash
Book NO. 731
Race: Plant family
Class G
Level 1
Vitality 20
Physical strength value 5
Magical power value 10
Spiritual strength 10
Numbness Powder

Basic species of the monster plant family.
A paralyzing spore attack.
More kinds of spore can be used by reaching higher ranks in the family.

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