Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 14

Arranging equipment in the other world.

The next morning.
Checking out of the inn, I immediately decided to go onto the street.

“Heey. Souta. Where are you going? The way I understand it, isn’t the direction of the forest in the other way?”

“Ah. Today’s priority is to go to the store. “

I wander around in the town of Saint Bell, looking for my target store.

【Guild Approved General Goods Store Silver Shield】

Unexpectedly, I was able to find the store I was looking for immediately.

Edgar Martin.
Sex: Male
Age: 31

“Please come in. Welcome to the guild approved general goods store.”

We are greeted as we enter the store by a fashionable and plump middle aged man.

According to the information I got from Chloe-chan yesterday–.

The guild approved general goods store has miscellaneous useful items for adventurers, a so called ‘Jack of all trades’

This country enacts ‘Adventurer Protection Law’ giving this store grace, giving us various tax breaks which lets us offer reasonable prices for commodities.

“Customer-san. What items are you seeking today?”

“Etto. I’m looking for clothes at a reasonable price.”

“……I see. As for that fellow, being prepared immediately sounds good.

Edgar-san who looked at our Earth-shattering appearance, had a look of understanding.

Being truthful…… Preparing clothes was my first priority and I handled a quest in order to get them.

“So-Souta! Is it good to buy clothes for me, I wonder?”

“Ah. It’s only natural? Our present clothes stand out too much .”

At anyrate, I am wearing a high school uniform.
Aphrodite wearing the same clothes from heaven will cause a disastrous scene.

I am tormented by the sense of shame when walking down the street like two people having a costume play on a commuters train.

“Y-yes! As a matter of fact I…… Buying myself clothes, this is the first time!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. In heaven there wasn’t a store that sold clothes. The clothes we wore were always decided by the rules.”

“Certainly. If a god were to wear casual clothes, the atmosphere would be ruined in various ways.”

Aphrodite looked around the shop while her eyes are shining brightly.

As the goddess speaks, the tension is no different to that of a young woman.

I’d never expect her to be delighted coming here.

“Wait. For equipment, I recommend equipment within this area to customer-san.”

Adventurer Clothes | Class F
(For the fledgling adventurer who prefers to wear clothes. Texture is nice and they are easy to move in.)

Adventurer Clothes | Class F
(For the fledgling adventurer who prefers to wear shoes. No special abilities but the durability is high.)

After a waiting a while, Edgar-san recommended the two above-mentioned items.

The price of the Adventurer Clothes is 1500 kol. The price of the Adventurer shoes is 1000 kol.

Regarding the Guild approved General Goods Stores price, professionalism and courtesy, no complaints can be made.

“I like both. There seems to be different designs for men and women…… Is D good with this?

I offered casually, but Aphrodite gives off discontent facial expression.

“I hate such plain clothes! This one is good for me!”

Dancing Demon Clothes Grade E
(Frequently used by women who admire decorative clothes)

In Aphrodites hands are pink clothes possessing a feminine design.
Looking at the label…… I am surprised with the 18,000 kol price!
It seems that with a grade difference of only 1, the price jump will be high.

“No, no! Wouldn’t it be illogical to come here to buy clothes that won’t attract attention if we buy those flashy clothes!?”

“That’s irrelevant! It’s a matter of pride! As a goddess of beaty, It’s impossible to compromise my appearance! ”


She is as troublesome a fellow as ever.

“You idiot. You are originally beyond pretty, plain clothes are just right for you.”


As soon as she heard my words, Aphrodite’s face was as red as a ripe tomato.
“P-pretty…… What are you saying so suddenly!? Perhaps Souta…… Do you look at me with such eyes?”

“……Why are you getting so shy about it? Surely you have heard you were beautiful many times before.”

“I, I’m not shy! It’s just, Souta said such strange things suddenly and I was surprised”

Bashfully entangling her fingers Aphrodite speaks her mind.

“Besides…… Because of the gods lack of relations with other people, there was no praise from the opposite sex either.”
That was unexpected.
For a self proclaimed goddess of beauty, you’d think surely many men have praised her–.

When looking at this reaction, it’s seems that’s not the case.

“It, It can’t be helped. If Souta says so until there, I’ll compromise on the clothes!”

Somehow with a good mood, Aphrodite returns the <<Demon Dancer Clothes>> she is holding onto the shelf.

Above all, it’s good that Aphrodite seems to have understood my point.

At the Guild Approved General Goods Store, we buy a warm blanket and the bare necessities of life, then head to Gassur Forest.


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    Adventurer Clothes | Class F
    (For the fledgling adventurer who prefers to wear clothes. Texture is nice and they are easy to move in.)

    Adventurer Clothes | Class F
    (For the fledgling adventurer who prefers to wear shoes. No special abilities but the durability is high.)

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