Jobless – Chapter 43

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Elisa Hiland

I have arrived at the classroom.

I surveyed the surrounding.

It seems like Elisha has not arrived yet.

Though I think there is still time before lesson starts, from the serious personality of Elisha, it’s hard to think of her coming to class at the last minute.

I wonder if something happen.

Thinking about it, I sat on my our seat.

‘Choukon’, Raphie has lowered her body next to me, on Elisha’s seat.

it seems like she plans to talk to me before the lesson start.


“Mars-san, please look forward to the afternoon today.”

“Afternoon? Did something happen?”

“I wish you would eat Raphie’s handmade bento!”



When did she prepare it?

As we left the dormitory after I changed right after lunch, I don’t think she should have the time to cook.

….don’t tell me she has already prepared it since yesterday?


“I randomly slipped out of class and prepared it.”


…..that’s what happened.


“Raphie, it’s okay that you don’t do to that extent, you know?”

“No, it’s Raphie who wants Mars-san to eat. Also, it’s not like Raphie wants to become an adventurer, so the results doesn’t really matter.”


In regardless she is being surrounded by people who are desperately working hard to become an adventurer, Raphie bluntly spoke.

No, from the other’s point of view, if Raphie is no longer part of the competition, wouldn’t they be thankful?


“Since it’s like this, please do not go to the canteen in the afternoon, okay?”

“…is it really okay?”

“Yes! It’s more important to seize Mars-san’s stomach than taking lesson.”

“If you ended up dropping out, not able to promote, it will be a farewell with Raphie.”



Towards my words, it seems like Raphie got an impact, ~Tou~


“It, it’s fine. Raphie’s results are good enough to promote after all.”


Though that’s what she said, as if agitated due to becoming worried, Raphie’s ears were going up and down, ~peta peta~.


“….well, since Raphie say it’s fine, I will believe you, you know?”

“Yes! I will definitely present a delicious bento for you to eat!”


Raphie who is infused with fighting spirit again.

I wonder what kind of cooking would she make?

I am looking forward to lunchtime slightly.

Time has passed and students are entering the classroom one after the other.

Sail was within that group.

Though realizing me, he tried to approach, he changed his direction, seeing Raphie by my side.

And returned to his seat as it is.

It could be that the experience of being stripped by Raphie remained as a rather bitter memory.

By the time the classroom’s seats are filled up, the bell to signal the lesson rang.

Separating as if regretting, Raphie returned to her seat.

Even though it’s just before the lesson start, Elisha has not come to the classroom.

(…. did something happen?)

If she doesn’t come any time soon, I will ask Lania if she knows something.



Lania entered the classroom.


“Before we start the lesson, I want to introduce you to a transfer student.”


~Waza waza~, the classroom started to get noisy.

Though it’s not for me to say, consecutively for 2 days?

Though I hear that transfer students seldom enter, is it possible that that’s actually not true?


“It’s fine to enter.”


As Lania said that,


“Excuse me.”


A girl entered the classroom.

Stretching her back seam, she stand beside the teacher’s desk, where Lania is standing.

Towards the beauty that can be understood with a single look, I know that the surrounding students swallowed their breathe.


“I am Elisa Hiland.”


The girl that named herself Elisa Hiland.

Being tall for a female, her beautiful silk-like delicate hair is being tied up behind with a black string.

With the gallant intelligent-looking silver eyes and extremely well-featured face, it feels like something that was totally made to match gold.

It’s a beauty that match exactly the words “容姿端麗”.(TL: Attractive face and figure)

It’s my first time seeing this person called Elisa Hiland.

Perhaps, that’s true for the the whole class.

But, I know a person who have similar features as this girl.


“Well then, Elisa. Do take the seat that Elisha is using.”

“I understand.”


Following instructions, Elisa sat at Elisha’s seat beside me.




I called out to Elisa.


“Nice to meet you. I am Elisa Hiland.”


Though she introduced herself again, she gave a smile with that beauty of hers.

That face, as expected, I did not mistake it.

Seeing Elisa’s face from close proximity, I am convinced.

This girl is――


“This is my real name――my real appearance. Mars”


Without doubt, she was my friend――Elisha Haynest.

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